Self-love never goes out of style! It doesn’t matter where you’re from, what your relationship status is, your size, height, orientation, or other! Because even though there are people who live completely different lives to us, having different cultures and customs, and various personality traits or physical traits, love is a universal language. And while love was made to be shared, it’s also something to personally embrace. 

Self-love is simply the foundation that can lead to getting everything we want. Because when we start loving ourselves, we won’t stand for anything less than what we know we deserve. Basically, it all starts with ourselves. To nourish, explore, and embrace ourselves is like watching a beautiful flower bloom from what was once a mere handful of seeds. 

So, today, we’re going to talk about five ways to embrace some super sexy self-love!

1. Fvck Yourself

Whether you’re single, in a relationship, married, or have multiple partners, there’s still nothing more satisfying than being able to get ourselves off exactly the way that we like it. And so, self-love in the bedroom begins with exploring and appreciating your body. 

Find out what you like, what feels great, different toys, different positions, various aids like porn or audio content. There’s a technique out there that can take you from zero to hero in a short amount of time… go find it!

2. Get Creative

Self-love means adoring and appreciating yourself, on the inside and out. And whichever gender you identify with, you have parts of yourself that you love. We encourage you to get creative! 

By this, we mean taking out your pen and pencils and drawing your intimate parts. This can bring about a true feeling of empowerment, as well giving beauty standards a big f-you! 

So often we strive to look like those we see in films, porn movies, and in magazines! But guess what? Even the “beautiful” people you see on Instagram and in magazines have most likely been airbrushed. The true beauty is adoring what you have. 

If drawing or painting isn’t your vibe, you could do a photo series, or even write a poem… an ode to your private parts, if you will.

3. Write an Erotic Story

You don’t have to be the world’s best writer to indulge in a bit of writing! And by talking about and getting caught up in a piece of work that truly penetrates your biggest kinks can be so freeing. In this way, you’re able to get in touch with what you find pleasurable, and find new ways to accept and or embrace it.

And if you’re not into writing your own words, you could even copy a plot of one of your favourite sexy movies, or perhaps even something you lived out once. This will assist you in connecting to the aspects of your sexuality that bring you the most joy!

4. Go to (Sexy) School

There’s always something to be learned and embraced, sexually, even if you believe that you’ve been there, done that. But actually, there are so many interesting facets and ways in which one’s sexuality and self-love can be nurtured. 

One way would be to enroll in some kind of sexy class. This could be doing a pole dancing class, doing an online course or workshop, working with a sex coach who can help boost your sexual confidence and sexuality, or even finding a mentor who can guide you on something you’re intrigued about. Remember, confidence is sexy, so you can never go wrong with a jolt of self-love.

5. Get Dressed

We just said it: confidence is sexy! So, picture a moment where you're about to go out on a date or out somewhere special solo, with friends or family. What are you wearing, and how do you feel? Clothing has such a powerful ability to bring about or remove confidence, which is why we encourage you to dress up in ways where you feel comfortable and sexy. 

You may absolutely love that slinky short dress or skinny jeans, but perhaps you know that you’re constantly going to be worried about whether the dress is riding up or not, or if you feel your trousers are just a bit too tight. Or, you may adore your new pair of sneakers, but there’s a high chance you’ll get blisters and you’ll end up feeling self-conscious or not as fun as if you were to have chosen comfortable shoes. 

Clothes really do have the power to build one up or tear one down, so learn about the styles that you love, and wear clothes you love with confidence!

We know you can totally rock these five things; they’re not only easy but also really fun! And remember: self-love never goes out of style!