Lube is oftentimes seen solely as an aid to curb vaginal dryness…but really, it’s a magical creation that can enhance all kinds of fun! 

Want to keep going all night long? Lube! Want to enjoy a bit of anal play? Lube! You simply cannot have enough lube, whether you’re flying solo or having trysts with a partner. 

Which is why we’re going to dive in and tell you a few things about lube that you may not already know. 

Using Lube is Not a Negative Thing

As mentioned, lube is often seen as something needed by those who have trouble producing natural lubrication. No. Adding a dash or more of lube to your sex life is not a negative thing. It’s actually an added bonus to give you that extra special touch. 

Frankly, using lube makes you that much more the wiser on how to enhance your pleasure.

Anal Adventures

Basically, the first rule to enjoying anal is to have lube. We don’t produce natural backdoor lubrication, so having enough lube is imperative. If you’re unsure of which anal lube to use, you might want to try a silicone-based one, as it stays slicker for longer. 

The downside of silicone-based lube however, is that there’s a risk of it breaking down condoms. In this case, we suggest using a back up birth control and being honest with your partner about STIs. 

Hand Jobs and Fingering

Lube isn’t just used for sex! It’s a perfect addition to hand jobs, as it removes the annoyance of spitting on your hand every few minutes, giving you more space to have fun and experiment. 

Lube is also an added pleasure product for any kind of fingering to reduce friction and to ensure that things are nice and wet for maximum sensation.

Dry Humping

Sure, you may not have enjoyed a bit of dry humping since your teenage years, but actually, it’s been said that the vagina responds more to pressure than friction. For that reason, a little over the pants humping could sometimes be more pleasurable than actual sex. 

To really get it going however, a bit of lube applied to your intimate bits will amp up the experience without giving you any kind of underwear rug burn!

Enhance Your Foreplay 

Body-safe lube can also be used to give your partner a warming massage. This is because it heats up during body-to-body contact. A massage is a great way to create sexual energy and tension, and to induce a feeling of relaxation, which in turn, can lead to better play time.

Pro tip: Inform your partner before massaging them with lube, as it can cause that ‘hot ice’ feeling on their skin, which may not be a sexy surprise.

Perineum Pleasure

Want to boost the orgasm? If your partner has a penis, place a bit of lube on the perineum, that extra sensitive spot between the scrotum and the anus. Right before climax is achieved, tap your finger on the spot. Absolute bliss? Correct.

Our Top Picks: 2 Personal Lubricants You’ll Love

1. Water Based Personal Lubricant

This lube is suitable for sensitive skin, and contains no glycerin or parabens. It’s hypoallergenic, and reduces friction yet maintains that level of stimulation and sensation.

It washes off easily with water, is condom-safe, and is compatible with most sex toys. Choose between Honey Adult Play’s 4 Fl oz water-based lube or an 8 Fl oz water-based lube, depending on your needs.

2. Aqua Lube, Natural

For something quick and easy to carry in your bag or purse, Aqua Lube comes in two different sizes, either a 2 oz bottle or 0.1 oz packets, making it travel-friendly. It’s also 100 percent water-based, FDA-approved, works with all sex toy, and contains no alcohol, petrochemicals, GMOs, or silicones.

This organic personal lube has been created using a thicker gel formula, yet doesn’t compromise on sensation and pleasure.

So, are you ready to make a splash?