You know what’s cool? When individuals of all ages are given the tools and information to accept and love all kinds of people. 

And while we still have some ways to go when it comes to representing and supporting minority groups and individuals who don’t fit into the ‘box’ that is mainstream society, there are still a few reasons to celebrate.

Take these 10 children’s shows and films, for example. Sure, there are still millions of people who grow up idolizing fairy tales like Aladdin, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty, (that’s a whole different rant on its own) but there has been a big effort in changing the narrative in TV and films today. 

So, let’s give a big thumbs up and a bunch of praises to these incredible shows and films, shall we?

1. Andi Mack

In 2019, this Disney TV show was the first ever to utter the words, “I’m gay,”. In it, we see the character, Cyrus Goodman, go on a journey of uncertainty and self-discovery, until ultimately, he feels confident enough to disclose his sexual orientation. 

We then see him with his first boyfriend, named TJ.

2. Onward

Pixar has a magical way of creating beautiful short and feature-length films. And in their latest piece of art, Onward, they’ve featured their first LGBTQIA+ character—a police officer called, Officer Specter. In this film, we hear her say, “My girlfriend’s daughter got me pulling my hair out!”

Despite this being quite a big moment for Pixar however, some countries may not agree. It’s been said that in locations such as Poland, Russia, and a handful of Middle Eastern countries, the reference has either been completely removed on the DL, or the film is just not being shown in cinemas at all.

3. Out

Another Pixar win, this short surrounds the main character named Greg. Greg has a boyfriend called Manuel—who is being kept a secret from Greg’s parents. 

In a plot twist, Greg and his dog experience a ‘Freaky Friday’ situation, making it even harder for Greg to keep his relationship hidden from his parents. 

Granted, Greg’s “secret” and fear of telling his parents is not the ultimate outcome, but still relatable and shows progress nonetheless.

4. Steven Universe

Steven and his warrior alien family called ‘Crystal Gems’ are a perfect example of how to educate the youth of today. 

These gems openly discuss topics such as homophobia and anxiety in a sensitive and informative way, making it an excellent resource for kids.

5. Danger & Eggs

This show is great for young ones, as the characters dazzle in colorful outfits and impressive storylines. 

This cartoon was created by trans woman, Shadi Petosky, and in it, you’ll be introduced to several queer characters, and learn about different kinds of morals and acceptance.

6. Clarence

This cartoon follows the journey of Clarence, an elementary school student, and his two best friends, Jeff and Sumo. In an episode in 2014, we met EJ and Sue, Jeff’s two moms. What’s also great about this show is, there’s an episode entitled, “Jeff’s Secret”. 

The secret is the fact that he has six toes on one foot, and he does everything in his power not to have his classmates find out. The fact that he has two moms however? No issue whatsoever! Win!

7. Arthur

A favorite for adults and kids alike, Arthur’s 22nd season premier revealed that the childrens’ best teacher, Mr Ratburn, is openly gay. 

The episode also showed his wedding to hubby, Patrick, and it was basically the cutest thing ever.

8. The Owl House

This animated series which airs on the Disney Channel shows Luz, who previously had crushes on male characters, discover romantic feelings for her female friend, Amity. 

The pair go to the school prom together, and so, we’re introduced to this adorable bisexual character in all of her glory.

9. SpongeBob SquarePants

In celebration of Pride Month, Nickelodeon let the world know in a tweet that this loveable yellow sponge is all about the LGBTQIA+ community.

The post showed SpongeBob alongside Schwoz Schwartz from Henry Danger, and Korra from Avatar: The Legend of Korra, with a caption that read: “Celebrating Pride with the LGBTQ+ community and their allies this month and every month”.

10. Sesame Street

Not only did the writer of Sesame Street, Mark Saltzman, reveal that Bert and Ernie were a gay couple, but this show has continously proven to be a vocal supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community. In fact, it’s been said that this show has done more to support the queer community than US president, Donald Trump.

For Pride Month, they tweeted a colorful image of their characters holding hands with the caption: “On our street, we accept all, we love all, and we respect all. Happy Pride Month!”

Isn’t that short but sweet message enough to just warm your heart?!