Liberating Masturbation

Why is it that talking about Sex is considered taboo? There is so much talk these days about it being liberated and free and speaking your mind, but for some reason, it's still a little odd when one of your best friends talks about their intense masturbation session, where they went 7 times in one day – FOR NO REASON!

So what exactly is socially acceptable? Is it okay for men to openly talk about masturbation to their friends or even worse out in public? Does it make it okay for a man to tell jokes doing standup or during a movie? What about a woman who's open about it and does all of the above? The question we have to ask is, does it really all matter and what is the whole point of it anyway? Let us dive in some info!


The Good, the Bad and the Pretty


the good the bad and the sexy art


Is it because we envision them in their bed or even worse sitting in front of a computer with their toes all tensed up and the overly unattractive "OH FACE" - rabidly moving their hand in some weird fast manner in hopes to achieve sexual bliss? Well, realistically yes that is apart of it, but also the fact whether we know it or not beside just giving a good ole rub or tug, subconsciously your Brain is looking to produce dopamine and once that orgasm hits, you're flooded with this neurotransmitter, giving you a feeling of euphoria and bliss, and many more including your overall body system, sleep, learning and basic coordination..etc all which can be read about here from Click - University Health News Effects of Dopamine.




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Let's take a quick look at some data! According to research conducted in Sweden, YES – women love to masturbate too. A LOT, LIKE AS MUCH AS MEN. According to Researchers looked at students between 18-22, 1,566 females and 1,452 males. And according to Mic, approximately 98.9 percent of male participants and 85.5 percent of female participants have masturbated at some point in their lives.



  1. Comfortability with your own body – Our body is the only thing we will be attached to for our entire lives. Not our Husbands, that Tuesday afternoon lunch date or the bedsheets we need to wash after going for an hour with our favorite vibrator trying to find the right spot to let the rivers flow. So, explore your body and appreciate all of its beauty and learn the "insides" and out with self-pleasure. When you're comfortable with your anatomy it will play out both in & out of the bedroom.
  1. The Sex will only get better – Following along the first bullet point and beginning to know your body more and more. This will allow you to become a specialist with your own goodies, giving you the upper hand in the bedroom and allowing for some vocal cords to direct the session on top of some extra action with your hands or your favorite vibrator to hit those spots that may have been found and now nurtured.
  1. It's Great for your Flower – Masturbating is simple and easy to do and helps contract the muscle walls of the vagina and helps keep the pelvic floor incredibly strong and naturally healthy. Kegel balls or Ben Wa Balls are one of the new tools people are using to get these benefits mentioned above, but remember good ole natural masturbation can help when you forgot your buddies.

*Sidenote* If you aren't sure what Kegel or Ben Wa Balls are, try taking at a look at our Kegel Balls here - Strength "N" Love Kegal Ball Set.

  1. Stress Reduction - Everyone experiences stress in some way and stress reduced serotonin and others neurotransmitter in the brain, including dopamine. So what do you do when you suffer from Stress related issues? MASTURBATE! MASTURBATE TO CLIMAX! It's the only solution for battling such a dangerous enemy the Stress Monster!
  1. Achieving "God-Mode" and being able to have Multiple-Orgasms – We hear about this from "Candy" our Popular super sexy friend who has 900k followers on Instagram and guys flock to her or we see it in porn and think "This can't be real", but oh Trust me Sister, its real and though it may seem like some myth in some history book dated back in the Game of Thrones era, multiple orgasms are definitely possible and one of the ways to finding this treasure is through the art of the perfecting of knowing your body through masturbation.


So why does it seem Men Masturbate more than Women?


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Well, we aren't going to break this one down into multiple points, but it's simple to see just by going out for a walk at the mall, turning on the TV or opening Instagram. There is definitely way more sexual enticements geared towards men with the first being porn and these TV commercials, movies and Instagram models showing as much skin as possible to keep men coming back. This naturally gets men riled up and when men get riled up, we all know what happens.  When taking a look at some of the things men can get turned on by, wait…first, let's take a look.

  1. The following parts of girls which can make men horny - are as follows:
  2. Lovely arms (in sleeveless dresses)
  3. armpits (underarms)
  4. Cleavage
  5. Bra linings in transparent dress
  6. Panty linings
  7. Tight leggings
  8. High shorts
  9. Any decent butt shapes
  10. Any decent view of boobs


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 So who masturbates more?

Men possibly masturbate a lot more due to all these outside sources of sexual enticement where women are always put in the tightest and most revealing outfits and the perfect sexual poses to induce sexual excitement.

Women do indeed masturbate on average almost as much as much as men but at around ages 20-39 compared to those ages 18-20 or those over 40, according to psychology today on "How Common is Masturbation, really?


The Verdict

simpsons verdict


Masturbation, whether you are a Man or a Women is not as much dependent on the actual Sex you are, but more dependent on your own personal and social experiences. So, if you're a hermit sitting inside a log cabin with not much else to look at but trees and a lake, you're probably less likely to want to be wanting to masturbate. Now if you're someone who is constantly having sex and exposed to various sexy men or women around you, providing enticing eye candy in various ways all on top of a good sex life, you're probably much more active both in the World of Masturbation and Sex in general.



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