It’s been said by a handful of experts that around 70 to 93 percent of all communication is non-verbal. That is, the way in which we move our body, our gestures, eye contact, and facial expressions. Basically, it is everything that we do that doesn’t include verbal speech.

What does that mean? Well, these different non-verbal factors play a key role in understanding human beings. From the way someone folds their arms to the smile on their face, can say a lot about how they feel and perhaps how they feel about you.

And so, there’s something to be said about one’s body language when it comes to feeling and recognising interest, attraction, and sexiness

Positive Body Language

Positive body language, for example, is when two people move closer together, creating less space between the two. It could also include leaning in closer whilst talking, having their feet pointed in one’s direction, uncrossed legs, and extended eye contact.

Negative Body Language

This would, for example, be the opposite of the things mentioned above. When there is a noticeable distance between two people, their body and feet are not pointing in one’s direction, and their legs are crossed, could indicate negative body language i.e. someone does not feel comfortable, is angry, or is perhaps not interested in another.

Researching Sexy: What Does One’s Body Language Reveal?

Whether you’re in a relationship, starting to date, casually hooking up, or been married for a number of years, our body language plays a big part in finding out whether one is intrigued or attracted to another person. In this way, two people can actually learn from each other and gain insight into whether there’s an attraction or kind of endearment. 

Here are 4 different non-verbal cues that may indicate that you’re interested in someone, or they’re interested in you.

1. Mirroring

Mirroring is a non-verbal cue that involves one person copying another’s movements and mannerisms. It could also involve mimicking someone’s speech patterns and attitudes. 

In a study of couples currently in a relationship, it was found that mirroring brings about feelings of comfort and emotional availability, and increases feelings of arousal and desire

2. Open and Expansive Body Language

When someone displays open and expansive body language, research shows that it can potentially increase your romantic attractiveness, especially upon first impression. 

An example of this kind of body language would be to use big expressions, having your head held high, and stretching your arms out across a table (if you’re sitting at a table, that is).

3. Reading the Eyes

While this one is beyond our control, it is still an interesting fact and perhaps even the most authentic form of body language.

When a person’s pupils are dilated, it often means that they are interested in something or someone. Of course one should always take lighting into accounting, but should you or the person you’re with have dilated pupils, it could be a sign of intrigue.

4. Secrets in a Smile

When someone sports an authentic smile, it is a sign that they’re truly happy and shows strong confidence. And what we’ve recently learned in a wide survey, is that confidence is sexy

An authentic smile can too encourage others to smile, which can brighten their mood and create a bond. That person may see another as a source of happiness, and associate them with good and positive feelings.

But of course an authentic smile is just that...authentic. We cannot fake an authentic smile.

How to Spot an Authentic Smile

There’s one solid indicator that lets us know when a smile is authentic or fake... crow’s feet. During an authentic smile, we use the muscles around the eyes and cheeks which, in turn, produces more prominent crow’s feet. 

Interestingly, it was found that individuals who had deeper crow’s feet in their childhood photos were less likely to divorce later as adults.

So, while verbal communication is extremely important, try to keep an eye out for non-verbal cues. The latter may just give you more information than any spoken words ever could.