Some may question, “Is masturbation healthy?”. And the short answer is yes! There is zero shame in getting your rocks off! In fact, the ecstasy one experiences when they feel their own body and bring themselves to climax is just a small drop in a much bigger ocean. Great news, right?

So, besides the obvious (sheer pleasure), there are a ton of other benefits of solo masturbation. Whether you’re a regular solo masturbator, a weekend player, or just getting started, here are the reasons why you should totally enjoy your solo play time!

Physical Benefits of Solo Masturbation

When it comes to the physical benefits of masturbation, one may enjoy a slew of healthy and happy side effects such as:

  • Reduced stress and tension
  • Better sleep
  • An elevated mood
  • Short-term pain relief
  • Relief from period cramps
  • A lower risk of getting prostate cancer
  • Assistance in strengthen one’s pelvic floor

But today, we’re going to focus on the mental and emotional benefits that solo masturbation has to offer.

Emotional Benefits of Solo Masturbation


Masturbation allows you to explore and learn more about your body. This kind of self-discovery has been linked to positive emotions when it comes to body image and self-love.

Additionally, it’s been found that when one feels more comfortable and confident in their own skin, and are able to make themselves orgasm, it translates to more positive experiences with themselves and with a partner. 

According to Planned Parenthood:

“When you know what you like when it comes to sex, your comfort with sex increases. And when your confidence and comfort levels are high, it is easier to let your partner know what you like.”

Confidence and self-love leads to experimenting and thus more pleasure. It also encourages better communication with your partner, and communication is the key to understanding one another not only sexually, but in all facets. Confidence and embracing your sexuality go hand-in-hand with non-judgemental attitudes, and open discussions.


When you take your pleasure into your hands, you’re empowering yourself. It’s true what The Center of Sexual Pleasure and Health has to say when it comes to solo masturbation:

“Experiencing masturbation can be very empowering, giving a sense of independence because you rely on yourself for pleasure, and don’t have to worry about feeling ashamed for your turn ons and fantasies.” 

Spending time with yourself, touching and being kind and sensual with yourself, leads to a personal and private moment that’s emotionally self-affirming. And as you continue to get better acquainted with your individual sexual and physical traits, you have the ability to increase your sense of self-confidence.

Better Partner Play

During your own hands-on exploration, you’ll begin to learn about the things you like and dislike when it comes to sexual pleasure. You have the freedom to try techniques, create an ambience that makes you feel comfortable, and to use different kinds of sex toys for various kinds of stimulation. 

During solo masturbation, you can experiment with clitoral stimulation, g-spot stimulation, anal play, prostate massage, and so much more. You could even try different styles of toys that create double the pleasure, such as the Jubilee clitoral licking and sucking vibrator that stimulates the clitoris and the g-spot. How’s that for a win-win? And what happens when you find your bliss? You’re able to relay that to your partner(s). 

And while fumbling around awkwardly with a new partner and learning about their bodies can be great, guiding each other to absolute euphoria is always a bonus!

Learning That it’s About the Ride, Not the Destination

So often, it’s believed that sex is when a penis enters a vagina and climax is reached. This kind of thinking is outdated and untrue. Sex is anything you believe it to be. Sex is being sensual with yourself, it’s massaging and caressing your partner, it’s touching, kissing, licking, entering yourself or another in such a way that pleasure is experienced.

And while achieving orgasm is fantastic, when you masturbate, you learn that sensual touch, and feelings of arousal and pleasure is equally as tantalising. 

Experimenting with your body leads to enhanced feelings of happiness, and that is what sexuality is about. Play with yourself, or with others, to enjoy the ride, not just the destination (i.e. climax).

Your beautiful body is capable of so many pleasurable things. And there’s no better time than the present to embrace it!