Though some women are lucky enough to orgasm through penetration alone, for most it's the external, nerve-ending rich clitoris that's key to female pleasure.

Whether it’s a super powerful clitoral vibe you need when others have failed to bring you to climax, or something to help you achieve orgasm during sex with your partner, Cafe Erotica’s on hand to help you select the best clitoral stimulator for you.

The dildo may well be humanity’s most durable invention. Only fire, weapons, clothing and beads seem to have been around longer. Even agriculture is an infant compared to crafted lumps of stone and wood modelled on our junk; 13,000 years younger, to be precise. And that’s only taking into account the ones we’ve found: the oldest known dildo (an eight inch stone behemoth discovered in Germany) dates back 26,000 years, but there’s no reason to assume there aren’t other, older models out there. Archaeologists find them all the time; it’s almost as if people in the prehistoric era found sex a natural, enjoyable thing they didn’t have to be ashamed of.

While kegel balls/Ben Wa balls can strengthen your pelvic muscles and increase your sexual stimulation during intercourse, they can also be used for personal pleasure. This set in particular is made for beginners as the weighted balls are balanced and easy to insert. Check this website to purchase and also includes insertion instructions and the size measurements of the toy.


While some women may be familiar with anal pleasure, many have never tried it. This beginners kit is perfectly suited for all levels of anal play as it features five different toys to play with. Anal stimulation can be extremely pleasurable, however, you’ll need to be entirely comfortable and have lots of lube on hand. I recommend using water based lubricants as silicone lubricants can cause wear on the toys. Starting at just $11.99 anal beads are a great entry to "other" pleasure. The most important things to remember if you’re experimenting with anal toys is to relax, breathe, and trust your body—your comfort and pleasure should be the top priority!


My number one is going to what can only be called “the holy grail of sex toys”—the infamous Eva wand. If you’ve ever watched porn, (just asking!) I would bet that you’ve seen a vibrating wand at least once. While they are advertised as personal massagers to alleviate sore muscles, their powerful vibrations are now commonly used for sexual pleasure. This device has only two speeds—high and low—but boasts reviews worldwide about its amazing clitoral stimulation. While there are additional attachments you can buy, the original wand itself is typically enough to reach a satisfying orgasm all on its own. With the Eva in hand, you’ll hardly remember what day it is anyhow.

Stephen Chbosky once said “We accept the love we think we deserve,” well ladies... I think it’s about time we start accepting the vibrators we think we deserve! Whether you’re newly single or feel forever alone, you deserve sexual pleasure just as much as anyone else.

All the gifts discussed are well under $20 and well worth your time and relaxation. Don't wait for pleasure. Give the gift of self love to yourself.