ASMR, aka Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, is a combination of positive feelings and a static-like tingling sensation on the skin. It’s the body’s response to auditory and visual stimuli. 

The term ASMR has been labelled quite accurately, with the words holding very true meaning:

  • Autonomous, aka spontaneous
  • Sensory, aka sensation
  • Meridian, aka a peak or climax
  • Response, aka a triggered experience

And if you’re new to the world of ASMR, here are some examples:

  • Whispering
  • Scratching
  • Crunching
  • Typing
  • Page turning
  • Tapping
  • Brushing
  • Manipulating fabric

What’s the Point of ASMR?

The best way to describe an ASMR experience, is when you visit the hairdresser and you feel them gently massaging your scalp, or receiving a relaxing body massage or facial. These kinds of activities can reduce stress and anxiety, help induce better sleep, and could almost be considered meditative. 

And while there are many different genres and types of ASMR, today we’ll be focusing on the more erotic and seductive side. That is, ASMR sex.

According to psychologist and clinical sexologist, Mal Harrison, inherently, ASMR is not a sexual notion. It’s something that triggers the pleasure centres of the brain, bringing about a happy, content, and relaxed state, something similar to eating your favorite dessert. 

In this case, many of us are not sexually aroused by eating our favorite dessert, but because our pleasure zones have been activated, we are more predisposed to feeling horny or arousal. This could then lead to sex or self-pleasure. 

The thing that Harison too mentions, is that those who frequently use ASMR are less likely to experience these feelings of arousal. In fact, for regular users, these kinds of sounds are often used solely for relaxation and happiness. But for those who do not frequently use ASMR, even the slightest action or sound could induce erotically-charged energy… such as how one moves their mouth, lips, or tongue.

How Can You Get into ASMR to Induce Arousal?

If you’re a newbie and interested to see how ASMR can get you feeling aroused, start off by listening to various different sounds, preferably with headphones. In this way, you can see if ASMR brings about any positive triggers or sensations. 

If so, you can move into a more physical space by lightly touching or tickling your skin, which has been said to induce relaxation even more so than ASMR. 

You could also start watching videos of individuals performing ASMR, as we mentioned that even the way in which someone’s mouth, lips, or tongue moves, can be erotic. 

An important thing to note when it comes to sexuality, is that there’s way more that can be enjoyed as opposed to the usual kinds of sexual activity with a partner, aka kissing, touching, oral, intercourse. 

The trick to avoiding a boring sexual routine is to shake things up, and bringing ASMR into the picture can evoke a new kind of eroticism that you’ve never experienced before.

So, if you’re hoping to use ASMR to enjoy a more varied, new, and or heightened sex life, be it alone or with a partner, take the time to listen to different kinds of audio and watch different kinds of videos to find something that evokes a positive response. 

On the other hand however, according to ASMR researcher, Craig A.H. Richard, Ph.D, some people may not be able to experience ASMR at all. In this way, despite the audio or video, there is no response. Some people may even find AMSR to be quite annoying, and so feelings of calm and relaxation are not achieved, but rather, the opposite.

For that reason, don’t be despondent if you either take a while to find your best trigger, or if you don’t experience a positive response at all. We’re all individuals with different preferences and capabilities. That’s not to say that there aren’t other notions out there that could revamp your sex life!

How to Have ASMR Sex

If you’ve successfully found your trigger(s) and feel that you’d like to use these in your sexy time, there are a few ways you can do so.

Whispering: When with your partner, you could whisper erotic things, such as your kinks, or what you want to do with each other.

Focus on Sounds: During play time, focus on creating sounds that are erotic, such as the noises that are brought about during oral sex.

Tickle the Skin: You could write words or draw pictures on your partner’s skin, softly and seductively, using your finger.

Use ASMR in the Background: During play time, you could have some of your favorite ASMR sounds on in the background. There are many erotic ASMR sounds, such as moaning, that you can use.

Fancy diving into the world of ASMR erotica and ASMR sex? Sounds like a ton of fun, tbh!