Would we do whatever it takes to have better sex with our partner? Well, we want to empower couples and tell them that nothing is lost. The strength is in you and you should only apply the advice we will give you in the following lines.

Let's be direct! The secret is to talk to your partner about it. Is that it? Come on! Are you guys serious? Calm down, people! The question here is not what to do, but how to do it. The secret must be properly applied to have better sex with your partner. Of course, also have more sex than usual.

What does science say about it?

According to a study by the Journal of Sex Research, the sexual life of couples improves substantially when they spend some time talking about sex.

The idea is to talk about how we like it, what we like and how often it can be. Additionally, this study reveals that couples who have better sex live their lives to the fullest as couples.

In fact, women enjoy this kind of thing a lot. Talk to them about how they like it, what sexual codes to use (we'll talk about that in another post), and what kind of things they like to do.

How to prepare the discussion of these topics for better sex?

This part is just as important as the sex itself.

Did you know that today's social dynamics are killing the desire for healthy sex?

This study concluded that couples today are threatened by the phenomenon of millennials. In fact, even Amazon is involved in this issue. WTF? Yeah, Amazon! It turns out that they released a gadget (LoveSync) that tells your partner whether or not you feel like having sex. Isn't it easier to talk about it?

We thought we'd seen it all, but yes, society still surprises us.

Why do couples let everything cool down in bed?

Letting sex life cool down in marriage is a way to create a gap that eventually is impossible to overcome. The intimacy between two people who love each other and share their lives is pure chemistry. However, it is normal for it to change over time. But this does not disappear completely. So there is work to be done.

Taking care of one's sex life is almost as important as taking care of one's emotional relationship. All of this, as they complement each other and form a single stronger and more solid. Therefore, it is important that we work to strengthen the sexual experience during life as a couple. Having more and better sex depends exclusively on couples.

Eat on guys! They should talk about how to have better sex

Stimulation becomes stronger if forms and motifs are shared. Let your imagination run wild and show that mutual desire is not clear. Talking about sex is an exercise that involves many things. First is to show some interest and the second is having great communication (Got the point?).

Many marriages claim that they stop having sex because they don't "understand" the other person's needs or desires. So they prefer to leave the peace when the solution is as simple as talking openly about what they want to do in bed.


That's why you have to kiss more often

How many times a week do you kiss your partner? And don't think it's a goodbye kiss that lasts just a few seconds. No! We mean those kisses that seem like hours and hours.


Those kisses are full of passion and emotions of all kinds (French style in da house!).

Kissing is the erotic act with high quality. Why stops in marriage? If this happens to you, it's an early announcement that intimate life will go through a crisis at any moment. Don't let that happen. Remember that one kiss may be enough to change everything.

Benefits for Couples if they have better sex

If you have a better sex life, you can have the key to these doors:

You become more creative: During the previous game is when you can use all your creativity and play with the senses through caresses. Also kisses, whispers or flavors that are ideal to reach orgasm.

Improve your mood: You'll feel happy every time you have a meeting with your partner. Thanks to sex, a series of hormones are released that affect mood. This puts you in a good mood for hours or even days.

You find out what you like and don't like: Through sex, you can also know what she likes and doesn't like. You can also identify the areas of your body where you feel most satisfied. That is, where your partner should sow joy with their tongue (or other partner fetishes).

For God's sake, they must experience! As a couple, you need not be afraid to experiment with new ways of loving. That is to say, from the place where they will have intimacy, until with the sexual positions that they like more.

It gives you a good dose of pleasure: You do it with pleasure and you feel alive. We don't mean to say that you reach orgasm and G, X and W points; but your five senses are on the surface because it generates that your feelings also come to the surface.

It is important that at every meeting you feel comfortable that what you do in bed is right. To do this, you must know your partner, because with a simple touch or a look you are how you will begin to experience.

¡There is more!

Sex frees you from stress: Several studies have shown that sex reduces stress levels. All this, because the chemical reactions produced by the body relax you. It even helps to improve the quality of sleep and nervous tension. If you are very stressed, a good dose of passion can be your best medicine.

Because you can do many new things: Having a night of passion shouldn't be a simple act. You should always move on, learn to put aside the fear and taboos and get the sensual and kinky person inside you.

You can enjoy orgasms: There is nothing comparable to the sensation that orgasm creates. A sublime moment when the breath stops, the tingling begins to travel to your body and you feel like you are touching the sky with your hands. Without a doubt, this is one of the best benefits of having sex with your partner.

You create a special connection with your partner: When it comes to intimacy, it's not just the physical contact with the partner. This emotional connection generates attraction, desire, understanding, tenderness, and love - all in one! Not even Hp can match my friend!

The best way to create this connection is to have good communication about your sexuality. In other words, they can tell each other what they like and don't like in privacy. The idea is that you enjoy those moments together.

The secret is also to understand each other's needs

Men say women never want to have sex. Women say they do, but they won't do it (the popular headache).

Understanding each other's situation is important so that there is no misinterpretation of each other's denials. If you're both tired, first take a relaxing bath and take it easy. Haste is the eroticism’s worst enemy.

Let's hope you enjoyed all this valuable information. Let's go! Go have sex and be happy.