7 Ways To Sexually Experiment During The Apocalypse

Now is the perfect time to work on the most important sexual relationship you will ever have: the one with yourself. This quarantine season, I want you to go fuck yourself. Seriously. And here is a list of different ways to fuck yourself alone or with partner(s) that could expand your sexual horizons.

1.Explore your prostate! Try some anal.

Butt stuff can seem very daunting if you’ve never dabbled - but there’s a reason toys come in all different shapes and sizes. Buttplugs are amazing for starting small. With some lube and an open mind even the tightest butthole can handle a little penetration. If you’re alone, try masturbating with the buttplug in, you’re in for a brand new level of orgasm you didn’t previously know was possible. Just start small and work your way up. We even have the perfect starter kit for you:

anal toys
Once you’re comfortable with butt stuff, a whole world opens up.
There are anal beads:
anal beads
Vibrating prostate massagers:
Vibrating prostate massagers

And for those ready for a wild ride: pegging. All you need is a harness and a dildo. Dildos come in all ranges of sizes as well. Getting pegged with a tiny dildo is still pegging and its still fucking sick!

2. Try BDSM! (Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadochism and Masochism)

Power dynamics are extremely fun to explore in the bedroom, and there are infinite styles and roles in BDSM that you can try on and tailor to your specific sexual interests. If you have no idea where to even begin, you can always start with some classic bed restraints or handcuffs.

A gentler way to play with control is to use a wearable vibrator with a remote. Wear it around the house and let someone else have complete power over when you feel pleasure. It’s also a *great* way to get kinky while still social distancing. 6 feet!

remote controlsex toys

Accessories are also a great way to ease into the realm of BDSM as well. Wearing a collar can really help you get into sub space and looking like a bad fucking bitch can really help you feel like the Dominatrix you were meant to become. BDSM doesn’t have to be a gimp in a full latex suit getting electrically shocked by a towering woman in spiked pleasers, though that shit is fucking dope. Simply using a flogger, whip, paddle -- or a cult classic: your hand -- to spank your partner can be a lot easier to facilitate and still feel kinky and exciting

3. Dabble in a bit of roleplay!

You are perfect just the way you are. That being said, pretending to be someone else in the bedroom can make things very interesting. And hot. And there are thousands of different roleplay roads to go down. Ever seen an extremely specific porno that made you feel some type of way? Try on a nurse costume and plan out a medical scene. Or maybe just wear a bright pink wig and pretend to be a British escort named Lavender. Don some kitten ears, wear a tail buttplug, and feel cute as fuck. I have no idea what fantasies lay in your head, but you definitely do. And with some cheap costume pieces and an imagination you can make them come true. Or just an imagination works fine. And let’s face it, most of us had shitty childhoods. Mommy and daddy issues abound. If you’ve never tried calling someone daddy/mommy or call you daddy/mommy during sex, you should try it. Taboo is hot. It doesn’t mean you actually want to fuck your parent, it’s just a fun way to make sex extra dirty.

4. Harness your Top Energy: Emerge from the apocalypse with mad strap-on skills.

Before this year, I considered myself a power bottom. Even during lesbian sex, I felt I was such a bottom that I was the one meant to be fucked with the strap-on. While bottoming is an art form, one that I still love and hold dear, I could not have been more fucking wrong. Women are constantly given messaging that their job during sex is to lie on their back; that they don’t fuck, they get fucked. I realized that while I love bottoming, I felt trapped to the role of bottom because of how I had been raised to see my role sexually. The single best thing I did was throw that thinking out the window.

The first time I tried on a strap-on, plastic dick swinging between my legs, I felt a rush of power. I wanted to mollywhop the entire world. A big fear I had before I strapped was that it was extremely difficult and I simply would not be good at it. But I’m here to tell you that if you’re a woman who has had penetrative sex with a penis, you’ve been training in the shadows without even realizing it. If you’ve BEEN FUCKED, you innately will have a good understanding of angles and thrusting that work the best. And nothing, NOTHING, feels better than strapping/pegging your partner, hearing their moans, and knowing that’s YOU back there pounding. 


So go buy a strap-on and a harness, suit up and swang that thang back and forth. Penis envy does not have to ever be a thing because in a lot of ways, fake penises are even better than the real deal. Whiskey dick? Not a problem. You can even get dildos that vibrate! Those who strap know a satisfaction like no other. It’s also an incredible workout on your glutes, so make sure you stretch like a motherfucker beforehand. Have fun!

5. See how many times you can cum in one day.

Some questions, like 'how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop’ - are just worth finding out. Do you know the limits of your body? Quarantine season is also known as the Cumlympics. Plant yourself in front of some porn, read some kink, sub to my onlyfans, or just close your eyes and imagine Zendaya. The more vibrators/toys you have, the better. Switching up the type of stimulation can help you keep getting there. And we’re going for the gold, baby.

And clit-owners, we’ve really got you covered in the vibrator department.

JublieeKongrabbit vibrator

And penis-havers, we’ve got you covered too ;)

male stroker

6. Masturbate in front of a mirror.

Earlier this year, I had a solo acid trip where I masturbated in front of a mirror and stared into my own butthole. It changed my relationship with my body and my genitalia for life. I used to think they were ugly, now I feel blessed to have such a beautiful external reproductive system. Acid is definitely not a requirement for this sexual experimentation. Get to know your body! It might turn you on more than you think.

7. Write your own erotica.

If you’re someone who enjoys writing or journaling, writing your own sexual fantasy storylines out can be quite an erotic experience. You don’t even have to ever share it with the world if you don’t want to, these things can be vulnerable and the activity is for YOU primarily. But you might find a new fun hobby. Or a career path. A lot of erotica out there in the world is extremely poorly written and filled with cliches, so the chances are whatever you write will be comparatively pretty good.


your Orgasm Daddy, Summer Breeze