5 Best Positions for Shower Sex & Tips

Shower sex evokes images of hot, steamy sexual interactions and bodies pressed hard against glass doors.

Now, I love the idea of having sex in the shower as much as the other person does, but then you might find that it quickly turns awkward the moment you realize that bedroom positions don’t work.

I learned this the hard way, but have long since understood what to do after several trials and errors. Luckily, my partner has been patient the whole time, and it was fun to explore different shower sex positions together.  

To save you the trouble of expending energy trying to make shower sex work, we’ve come up with a list of the best shower sex positions you can try.

Five Best Shower Sex Positions

Standing Doggystyle

Standing Doggystyle

If there’s ever an unofficial standard position for shower sex, it’s the standing doggy style.

This one is pretty easy to do- have your partner turn around and face the wall, then penetrate from behind. Continue with the dirty deed until both of you reach orgasm.

The beauty of the standing doggystyle in the shower is the many variations you can do. For example, you can have your partner spread her legs apart and her upper body pressed against the wall, or through a glass door with a mirror. This way, you can see both the front and back views for extra visual stimulation.

You can have your partner bend down and have her hands touch the floor as you deliver the goods, or hold onto a flat surface for extra stability.

This shower sex position is favorable for both parties as they can get equal stimulation. You can also do something else while pounding your partner, like reaching from behind to massage the breasts, or having your partner lend an extra hand.

One-Legged Ballet

One-Legged Ballet

The one-legged ballet is called such because your partner will be having one leg up the whole time. It’s one of the trickiest sex positions in shower (you know, because of all the water and soap), but the risk of injury can be prevented if your partner is against the wall.

To start, have your partner get one leg up and make it easier for you to penetrate. If the balance keeps getting out of whack, consider using a shower stool or something similar so the feet will have something to rest on.

Once your partner is ready, you can go ahead and penetrate. You’ll be in a position that’s similar to missionary- facing each other. Your partner can wrap one arm around you to keep steady, or grab a handful of hair if the situation calls for it.

Your hands will have the freedom to do what you want- cop a feel on one or two of your partner’s breasts, or reach around and grab their butt towards you. There’s actually a good chance that both of you will finish at the same time.

Oral Worship

Oral Worship

Oral worship is a fancy term for oral sex done in the regular position- you’d be standing up while your partner is kneeling down and giving you pleasure, and vice versa.

In this position, it’s best to have the shower turned slightly down or away from the giver. It’s definitely not sexy when your partner is getting her eyes, nose, or mouth constantly assaulted by a gush of hot water, and there’s a slight risk that they could be in danger of drowning.

On the other hand, if you’d be the one to give your partner oral stimulation then you can assume the same position and eat them out.

Everything you can do in oral sex should work in the shower, be it inserting your finger into your partner’s clit and finding the g-spot, or your partner cupping your balls and alternating between sucking and stroking. In the same manner, you can hand-guide her head to your cock or have your partner grab a handful of hair when you reach that ‘sweet spot’.

Down But Not Out

Down But Not Out

Sitting or lying down is a nice change of pace after frantic shower sex, and this is perhaps the most relaxed shower sex position you can experience. Feel free to sip a bubbly, take a snapshot of your partner in action, or even use your phone if you’re so inclined.

Here, you’ll be sitting or lying down while your partner goes to town. They can do a reverse cowgirl or a good ol’ wet and sloppy blowjob. There’s a certain amount of freedom to be had, and you both will be encouraged to come up with zany ways to spice up your shower sex.

‘Down but not out’ is best when there’s a bathtub involved. You can choose to fill it up with warm soapy water or leave it empty. And if that’s not enough, you can use the edge of the tub as a makeshift chair and assume any sitting sex position you desire.

With a showerhead, you can have your partner sit or lie down with her legs spread while you double-team her.

Mutual Masturbation

Mutual Masturbation

Mutual masturbation is basically self-play but with an audience. Similar to the ‘down but not out’ position, you and your partner can do it while standing, sitting down, or while you stand and she’s kneeling.

Instead of lube, it’s better to use soap and lather up. Too much water can make masturbating difficult, so lower the shower head or turn it off altogether. You can make the water hot to generate some steam, then both of you can go to town and finish at the same time.

Mutual masturbation can become foreplay before you go to other sex positions in shower. You can stop if you feel like coming, then wait a bit and proceed to standing doggystyle or oral worship, for example.

This position is best for those who want to explore and try something new. It’s relatively safe and there’s less danger of slipping due to forceful contact with each other.

Bonus- Use a Sex Toy or Gadget


Sex Toy

The shower or bathroom is an excellent place to play with sex toys. You can complement your shower sex adventure with the addition of, say, a vibrator for her and maybe a masturbator for him.

That said, don’t be afraid to use bathroom or shower items as props- with the right pressure, the shower head can be a superb companion for stimulating the clitoris. You can soap up and use a body scrub on nearly every part of your partner’s body. You can even put up a show with a smartphone and send it to your partner.

Essential Tips for Safe Shower Sex

Keep the Floor Clear of Debris

Before you start, it’s best to clear the bathroom and shower floor of anything that could cause an accident. This means removing shampoo bottles, razors, skin care products, and things off the floor so you both can move around and do the shower sex position you want. Additionally, you’ll want to put in a shower mat or floor grip to keep your hands and feet steady during intercourse.

Use Soap Instead of Lube

While intimate lubricants are great for sex in the bedroom, they might prove to be too slippery in the shower. However, you can turn to soap or shampoo, which is another kind of lubricant that does its job well. You can apply it to genitals and even lather up to make things sexier. Afterward, it’s easy to wash off and both of you will be clean.

The Shower Head is Your Best Friend

You may already know the ‘wow’ factor of having a pressurized stream of water on your clitoris or ass can bring. That said, the good ol’ shower head is a versatile toy both of you can play around with if you want to bring multiple experiences to the table. If you don’t have it yet, now is a good time to think of investing in one.

Clean the Drain First

You wouldn’t want to be stepping on fallen hair, toenails, and other crud that gets collected in the drain, would you? Landing on icky things can ruin the atmosphere pretty quickly, and clearing out the shower drain beforehand should only take you five minutes at most.

Take It Nice and Slow

Shower sex beginners should prioritize safety above all else. Feel free to experiment with how you both want to stand and how you want to do the deed. Try the easiest shower sex positions first before moving on to more adventurous or daring styles. There’s plenty of time to have fun and familiarize yourselves with this new and exciting escapade!

Get Wet and Wild With These Five Ways to Have Shower Sex

If you’re wondering, ‘is shower sex worth it?’ then the answer is a resounding ‘yes!’

Sex in the shower is a fantasy nearly every couple has, and if you haven’t tried it yet then you’re already missing out on an exciting way to spice up your sex life. So go and prepare yourself for a deliciously wet ride!