Love Hamma Review

When I was told by a friend that there was a sex toy in the shape of a hammer, I couldn’t believe it. I got excited as this was the first time I’d heard about a toy with such an intriguing design, and of course, I immediately went to get it. Upon receiving it, I first noticed the box, which was not discreet at all. It has everything about the toy written all over, which as a personal taste, I do not like, but I overlooked that as I saw the hammer, an actual hammer in the box as a sex toy. It was mind-boggling, to be honest.

lover hammer

What is the Love Hamma?

Sooo, let’s talk about Love Hamma. The toy is out here looking like a real-life hammer; it is designed with the intent of the handle being a vibrator, while the head/ears, usually used to drive in or pull out nails, are meant to be a clit stimulator or to be used anywhere in your body.

My first thought was, "wow, it will be such a good toy for roleplaying like the actual pornos with the handyman coming to help you out and you paying them with something else than money" I actually did an entire movie plot on my mind. I wanted my boyfriend to stop playing games (it was our day off) to do that. I didn’t have to ask him twice.


The Experience...

NOW, let’s talk about the experience. Like I said before, when I got the toy, I was eager to try it because the look was so fascinating, something you don’t think can work as a toy; never in a million years would I imagine a hammer as a sex toy could exist, and yet I had it.

Regarding creativity and looks, I can give this toy an 8 out of 10. I can see it working for any BDSM, roleplay, or erotic play, but the functionality was slightly disappointed.


The Vibration

First off, Love Hamma is advertised to have vibration from the head to the handle; however, the vibration comes from the middle of the toy, where the motor is; this is highly uncomfortable because when you’re holding it, instead of having a pleasant time, your hand ends up having cramps due to the strong vibration. For me, that’s a big nono.


The Handle

The handle can be inserted inside your vagina or assh0le the length is excellent, and the buzz is okay if you pair it with other toys. In my case, I felt it wasn’t too powerful, and I needed it to help, so I used it with Madame hitting my clit, and that orgasm was so good that I enjoyed it a lot.

If you previously talked to your partner and both consent to play hard, it would be BDSM fun. The head is super hard, you would think it would be soft, but it’s hard. It can be used in your clit but be careful not to hurt yourself.

Honey Play Box

The Rabbit Ears

The rabbit ears are silicone and soft. They can be used anywhere in your body, but the vibration is not so strong tbh, I love rabbit ears and was slightly sad because I was picturing a pleasure like the one I get with my Elda rabbit vibrator.

The toy is good but is not bendable. The vibration is not as strong as it should be, or at least not where it should be. The design is fun, and paired with other toys, I see it as a good fit; However, I wish it was something more simple, like with Elda that has both G and C spot stimulation at the same time.

The Rabbit Ears

The Material

Love Hamma has been made with soft, medical-grade silicone, has an exciting design, and is, as advertised in the box and website, 100% IPX7 waterproof, which is excellent if you want to enjoy a solo time in the shower. It requires 3 hours to be fully charged, and it will give you 60 minutes of complete pleasure once it is. This, in my opinion, is a lot to wait for, considering what it does, and there are other toys like my Lilian that take less and offers so much more. Worth noting It comes with a 12-month warranty if anything happens, but remember it is NOT an actual toy. Be careful, or the silicone can be damaged.

Final Thought

This toy has been designed to give the ultimate sex tool for roleplaying and foreplay; while for stroking your G-spot and pleasuring your clit, I think there are better toys that are less expensive and more efficient.

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Wrote by: Kat A. 

Honey Play Box Editorial Team