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Blindfolds and gags are adjustable for most people to heighten the submissive partner's sensitivity. Gags& Blindfolds Browse Today!
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No Peeking Blindfold - Honey Play Box

No Peeking Blindfold

Try out sensory deprivation play, and heighten all other senses. We mean all senses! This luxurious and stylish vinyl patterned blindfold features an elastic strap for a secure and adjustable...
Ur Mine Ball Gag - Honey Play Box

Ur Mine Ball Gag

Supple, sexy and strong bondage gear. This breathable ball-gag makes for the perfect sub-accessory, featuring adjustable straps for comfort and an easy chew that will keep you drooling. Communication with...

Which blindfold material is suitable for first-timers?
There are many types of material for blindfolds such as a tie, silk, linen, fur and velvet. But for first-timers, your best bet is going for either silk or linen. More than that, these materials should be used in simple structures like a tie or scarf so that it's easier for you to use around yours or your partner's wrists! That doesn't mean that as you gain more experience in using blindfolds, you're no longer allowed to use the simple stuff. We beg to differ! Any kind of blindfold could be used as long as it follows your sexual preference!

Where can I use a blindfold or gag?

The most common way to use a blindfold or gag is by using it on you or your partner's eyes and mouth. Its purpose is to temporarily rid you of one particular sense or capability so that your focus can redirect into the remaining active senses and heighten their sensitivity, making it much more electric when the sensual touch of a hand makes contact with your skin. In cases where you use different materials, it can add an additional level of sensation that tickles you all the way to your core. Honey Play Box offers a multitude of blindfolds and gags such as the Open Up O-Ring Gag and the No Peeking Blindfold.

Would I choke from a gag?

Ball gags are designed to prevent this very instance but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't practice safety measures. It's very important to establish some safe signal before wearing the ball gag, this will ensure that the second you or your partner feels uncomfortable, they can tell you right away. For example, it can be a strong tap on the thigh. You should also avoid using a ball gag when you have a cold. Since the purpose of a gag is to restrain your capability to breathe through your mouth, adding a cold will make it hard to breathe. Finally, don't allow yourself or your partner to be left alone with a ball gag as you or they may not know how to take it off.

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