Charging Cable

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Charger USB Cable - Honey Play Box Official

Charger USB Cable

1. Mag-Connect(Sku: CH-07-01), the USB cable is suitable for Scioness, Succion, Adele, Angel, Fiona Plus, Alvina, Crave 3 2. MagLink(Sku: CH-22-01), the USB cable is suitable for Joi, Joi Pro, Lili, Warrior, Joi Thrust, Sky, Nina, Touchdown, Agas, Pineapple 3. PowerDC(Sku:CH-22-02), the USB cable is suitable for Gale...
Replacement Charging Cable - Pin Style 2.5mm Connector - Honey Play Box

Câble de charge de remplacement - Style épingle 2.5mm Connecteur

CORDON UNIQUEMENT, PAS D'ADAPTATEUR MURAL NI DE BANQUE D'ALIMENTATION INDUITE.Cordon de charge de remplacement pour nos vibes Seduction, style lapin, mini baguettes et doubles godes. Ce cordon de charge ne...
Don't worry about losing or damaging the charging cable, you can always find the right one for your product here.
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