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Les dernières jouets sexuels innovants pour les débutants et les experts.

Babs - Silicone G Spot Rabbit Vibrator


  • Clit Stim
  • G-Spot
  • Vibrating
  • Multi-Mode

Black Rider - Versatile Silcone Penis Ring


  • Beginner
  • Travel Size
  • Waterproof

Himan - Couples Vibrating Penis Loop


  • Vibrating
  • Multi-Mode
  • Remote Control
  • Couples
  • Waterproof

Squidward - Remote Control Vibrating Cock Ring for Couples


  • Vibrating
  • Multi-Mode
  • Remote Control
  • Couples
  • Waterproof

Archer - Fantasy Dildo Monster Dong 6.3Inch


Get ready to fulfill your fantasies with this large shape,the fancy tie-dye styles can make your body and eyes pleasing. The large size will suit your needs and shoots out...

Alexander- Fantasy Dildo Monster Dong 6.7 Inch


This dizzy design that's the perfect shape to stimulate your G spot or P spot!Every shaft and every head is carefully handwork with exquisite detail to give you the most...

Melonworm - Fantasy Dildo Monster Dong 6.7 Inch


The thick texture of the melon shape makes you enjoy the night like never before, it delivers a soft and realistic feel for a better than real experience. Spreading wide...

Duke- Fantasy Dildo Monster Dong 5.31 Inch


Super storm is coming! this huge waistline will make your eyes light up! The rib texture and a small raised dot on the head can perfectly flirt with your G-spot....

Heyman - Fantasy Dildo Monster Dong 8 Inch


Show your pride with this fantasy dildo monster dong that boasts 8.1" of insertable length.Its satin textured premium silicone feels smooth and comfortable as you ride.The realistic head and veiny shaft...

Moline - Fantasy Dildo Monster Dong 8 Inch


Let your passion go and make some free love with our Earth and Fire tie-dye style dildo. Splashed with purple, white and golden,this silicone dildos is truly unique,got rid of...

Hadley - Fantasy Dildo Monster Dong 6.7 Inch


Incredibly supple, silky and perfectly flexible, each is textured into a sensational pattern of raised swirls mixed with wavy ribs. An incredibly strong suction cup at the base lets you...

Masaki - Tentacle Dildo Monster Dong 7.48 Inch


New design, this realistic dildos has been hand painted to produce the earth and fire texture. There have many circle around the dildos,its firm, sculpted contours are perfect for any...

Storm - Fantasy Dildo Monster Dong 9 Inch


Dye the storm into a dreamy tie-dye color, at least we used this unique dildo to show this effect.In addition to spectacular visual effects, this dildo also has an impressive...

Sullivan - Fantasy Dildo Monster Dong 7.48 Inch


Stunning size plus the shape of the monster tail, this wild-style dildo will surely satisfy your expansive adventurous wish.In addition to spectacular visual effects, this dildo also has an impressive...

Britt - Bendable Vibrating Wand in Blue


This soft, silky and bendable wand gives you a new understanding of vibrators. Covered by a whole piece of liquid silicone, seamless and non-toxic, which enables it come into contact...

Millie - Bendable Licking Vibrator


Combining the eye-catching fashion shape and the unparalleled tongue licking vibration function, this ergonomically designed double-headed liquid silicone vibrator is destined to become a favorite of girls once it is...

Naughty U - G Spot Rabbit Vibrator With Bunny Ears


Compact and powerful, this g spot rabbit vibrator with bunny ears bends its body to the most to tease your g-spot and clitoris with 7 vibration modes.Features in body-safe smooth...

Dobby - Wearable Vibrator With Remote Control


  • Vibrating
  • Clit Stim
  • Multi-Mode
  • Remote Control
  • Waterproof

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