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Suction cup dildo is a sex toy that provides user with the opportunity to experiment with different positions. Shop now.
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ALGER 8 Inch Black Thrusting Vibrating Dildo - Honey Play Box Official

ALGER 8 Inch Black Thrusting Vibrating Dildo

8-INCH DILDO BLACK THRUSTING VIBRATING DILDO This is no ordinary dildo. Imagine a best-endowed penis armored with the most dynamic motor, Alger thrusting vibrating dildo is a true masterpiece to...
Ezra - Black Dildo with Suction Cup 7 Inch - Honey Play Box

Ezra - Gode Ventouse Texturé 7 Pouces

Reines des tailles, réjouissez-vous ! Le gode à ventouse de 9 pouces est équipé d'une impressionnante base à ventouse pour une variété d'utilisations, y compris la masturbation mains libres lorsqu'il...
IDALIS 8 Inch Thrusting Vibrating Dildo - Honey Play Box Official

IDALIS 8 Inch Thrusting Vibrating Dildo

$99.99 – $111.99
8 INCH THRUSTING VIBRATING DILDO It’s late. You’re horny, thirsty, and all alone. Maybe you have a partner, but why reach for a phone and then wait for a reply...
Storm - Fantasy Dildo Monster Dong 9 Inch - Honey Play Box

Storm - Gigantic Massive Fantasy Best Realistic Sex Toys Dildo with Suction Cup Monster Dong 9 Inch

Dye the storm into a dreamy tie-dye color, at least we used this unique dildo to show this effect.In addition to spectacular visual effects, this dildo also has an impressive...
Sullivan - Fantasy Dildo Monster Dong 7.48 Inch - Honey Play Box

Sullivan - Real Realistic Suction Cup Gigantic Fantasy Dildo Monster Dong 7.48 Inch

Stunning size plus the shape of the monster tail, this wild-style dildo will surely satisfy your expansive adventurous wish.In addition to spectacular visual effects, this dildo also has an impressive...
realistic dildo

Oscar - Massive Gigantic Realistic Suction Cup Best Sex Dildos 8 Inch

Description Ever dreamed of a longer, harder cock? The Oscar dildo knows exactly what you want and is there to give it to you anytime you need it. This massive dong boasts a sensational 8" of total length and...
medical grade silicone dildo

Kano - Best Silicone Strong Realistic Suction Cup Sexual Dildo 6 Inch

Description  Spicing up your intimate time by throwing yourself into the company of this hyper-realistic tough looking dong. With an insertable length of 6" and width of 1.8", Kano, the strong...
best realistic dildoes

AMARE - Handsome Silicone Realistic Real Suction Cup Dildo for Sex 5.5 Inch

Description  Sleek and smooth, Amare is undoubtedly handsome in looking. Rightly sized without an intimidating girth, this handsome dildo is perfect for those new adventurers. At the bottom are a pair...
best skin silicone dildo

Zeke - Sexy Realistic Suction Cup Real Dildos for sex 6.5 Inch

Description  Sexy, stunningly sensational, this realistic dildo is designed with everybody in mind. 6.5" in length, 1.6" in width, not too thick or too long, Zeke, this sexy dildo is rightly shaped...
dildos with suction cups

Ken - Big Balls Silicone Realistic Suction Cup Real Sex Dildo Ding Dong 6.5 Inch

Description  Realistic detailing meets lifelike ergonomics and a pair of super-sensational balls. Those three elements combine to create Ken, an ultra-realistic dildo. Boasting an insertable length of 6.5" and width of 1.7",...

What is a suction cup dildo?
These are basically regular dildos with a suction cup on the bottom. The cup secures the dildo to a flat surface, allowing for a hands-free experience and greater versatility in terms of positioning and angles during use.

Suction cup dildos are made from a variety of materials, including silicone, PVC, TPE, and other body-safe materials. The materials used for these toys can vary in firmness, texture, and durability. Many suction cup dildos have textured surfaces, such as ribs, bumps, and ridges, which can provide extra stimulation and improve the user's experience.

Suction cup dildos can also vary greatly in appearance, with some models designed to look realistic, while others come in bright colors, unusual shapes, or with additional features such as vibrating or remote control options. 

Many suction cup dildos are also waterproof, allowing them to be used in the shower or bath. Suction cup dildos can be a fun and versatile addition to any sex toy collection, offering hands-free stimulation and a variety of sensations.

How do I use a suction cup dildo?

It is quite simple, but here are a few steps to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience:

  1. 1.Choose a flat, smooth surface -  suction cup dildos work best on flat, smooth surfaces such as walls, floors, or shower tiles. Before attaching the dildo, make sure the surface is clean and dry.

  1. 2.Lubricant - Apply a water-based lubricant to the dildo to make insertion easier and to avoid discomfort or injury.

  1. 3.Insert the dildo - Insert the dildo gently into the vagina or anus. Be careful not to force it or cause pain. Move the dildo in and out slowly, adjusting the speed and depth as needed.

  1. 4.Attach the dildo - After inserting the dildo to the desired depth, press the suction cup firmly onto the chosen surface. The angle or height of the dildo can then be adjusted to your liking.

  1. 5.Have fun - Once you've secured the dildo, you can enjoy hands-free stimulation or use your hands to stimulate other erogenous zones or your partner's body.

  1. 6.Cleaning - After use, thoroughly clean your suction cup dildo with warm water and soap, or use a sex toy cleaner. When not in use, keep it in a cool, dry place.

Fun and imaginative ways to use a suction cup dildo

Suction cup dildos are extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of creative and fun ways. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. 1.Shower play - Suction cup dildos are great for playing in the shower. Simply attach the dildo to the wall, turn on the water, and enjoy the ride!

  1. 2.Pegging - Suction cup dildos can be used for pegging, which involves a woman using a strap-on dildo to penetrate a man anally. The suction cup base keeps the dildo securely in place while in use.

  1. 3.Multiple partners - Suction cup dildos can be used to simulate group sex scenarios by having one partner use the dildo while the other engages in oral sex or manual stimulation.

  1. 4.Role-playing - Because suction cup dildos come in a variety of shapes and sizes, they are ideal for role-playing situations. A suction cup dildo can add a new level of realism to your play, whether you're pretending to be a doctor or a naughty schoolgirl.

  1. 5.Sensory play - For sensory play, suction cup dildos with textured surfaces can be used, with the bumps and ridges providing a new level of sensation and stimulation.

  1. 6.Erotic furniture - Create your own erotic playground by attaching a suction cup dildo to a sturdy piece of furniture. For an even more intense experience, combine it with other toys such as bondage gear or vibrators.

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