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Albert - Anal Bead Trainning Kit - Honey Play Box

Albert - Anal Bead Trainning Kit

Whether you are a beginner or a skilled person, these three-piece anal plugs can meet your needs.This unique spiral anal bead design is from shallow to deep, layer by layer,...
Power Play Collar & Leash - Honey Play Box

Power Play Collar & Leash

Take your sexy sub on a walk. This collar and leash set looks and feels luxurious and sexy. Secure the collar around your partner’s throat, and adjust easily with buckled...
Nipple Clamps Short - Silver Tassels - Honey Play Box

Nipple Clamps Short - Silver Tassels

Nipple clamps, top of the must-have kinky foreplay for everyone!A pair of elegant silver tassel nipple clamps. Adjust clamps to the tightness of your choice and explore the pleasure of...
Pheromones Sex Wax Candle - Honey Play Box

Pheromones Sex Wax Candle

Set the mood and enjoy a relaxing massage. This sex wax candle is made from natural oils and will not burn your skin. Infused with light fragrance, moisturizing massage oil brings...
No Peeking Blindfold - Honey Play Box

No Peeking Blindfold

Try out sensory deprivation play, and heighten all other senses. We mean all senses! This luxurious and stylish vinyl patterned blindfold features an elastic strap for a secure and adjustable...
Ur Mine Ball Gag - Honey Play Box

Ur Mine Ball Gag

Supple, sexy and strong bondage gear. This breathable ball-gag makes for the perfect sub-accessory, featuring adjustable straps for comfort and an easy chew that will keep you drooling. Communication with...
Kinky Play Wrist Cuffs - Honey Play Box

Kinky Play Wrist Cuffs

Restraint can be a luxurious experience. Feel the gentle caress of the soft and inviting fabric of fine lace as they secure around your wrists. These sexy cuffs come with...
Soft Spreader Bar BDSM - Honey Play Box

Soft Spreader Bar BDSM

A more comfortable and versatile spreader, the soft spreader bar bdsm features four comfy Velcro cuffs that are fully adjustable for the perfect fit. Easily and securely restrain your partner...