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Discover the next-gen AI sex toys at Honeyplaybox! Our app controls all your Bluetooth-enabled toys. Elevate pleasure with one convenient app.
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OLY APP-enabled Wearable Clit & G Spot Vibrator

OLY APP-enabled Wearable Clit & G Spot Vibrator

● APP-enabled Design: Intimate happiness, even at long distances ● Discreet & Wearable Design: Offers wondrous outdoor sex play ● Multiple Vibration Modes: 9 vibration intensities to expand your hot spot thrill ● Medical-grade...
Pearl App-Controlled Vibrator

PEARL App Controlled Magnetic Panty Vibrator

● One of the Most Powerful Vibrating Panties: Throbbing vibrations electrify your clit and hot zones like never before. ● App-Controlled Passion: You and your partner can control the fun from anywhere....
JOI THRUST App Controlled Thrusting G-spot Vibrator & Tongue Clit Licker

JOI THRUST App Controlled Thrusting G-spot Vibrator & Tongue Clit Licker

●Tongue Clit Licking: Replicates realistic tongue-licking sensations ●Ergonomic Design: Perfect for unlocking double orgasms ●9 Thrusting Vibration & 9 Clit Licking Modes: Target your G-spot's & clit orgasmic nerves ●App-enabled Design:...
RYDER App-Controlled Thrusting G-spot & Clit Vibrator

RYDER App-Controlled Thrusting G-spot & Clit Vibrator

App-enabled Vibe: Enjoy ultimate pleasure at your fingertips, even at a distance! Ergonomic Dual-end Design: Treats your G-spot and clit to an euphoric dual orgasm. Rich Textures: Enhance friction and...
CUPID  App-Controlled Vibrating Nipple Clamps & Dual Egg Vibrators

CUPID App-Controlled Vibrating Nipple Clamps & Dual Egg Vibrators

Easy and Smart App Control: Experience the ultimate hands-free orgasms and long-distance pleasure with Bluetooth connectivity. 2 In 1 Nipple Clamps and Egg Vibrators: Combining nipple clamps and egg vibrators into...
LILI APP-Controlled Egg Vibrator

LILI APP-Controlled Egg Vibrator

Lili APP-Controlled Egg Vibrator A shining appearance that exudes glamour, flexible string to maximize your enjoyment, and the latest in internet app-control technology…it all comes together in Lili, the loveliest,...

The best sex toys go beyond features and functions. The Honeyplaybox app offers granular control over your favorite Honey Play Box sex toys so you can do and experience more. While it's true that several of our products have a remote control as part of the package, apps can unlock your solo play's true potential when it comes to personalized vibrations, syncing, chat, and long-distance control.

App controlled vibrators take sexy fun to the next level with a discreet way to intensify the settings. An app opens up new possibilities, including being able to control the sex toy no matter where the user is. These features lean towards a dominant-submissive roleplay, where the domi has full reins on how fast or slow the vibrations go. Forgot the included remote and want some discreet solo fun? You can download our app and gain access to your device without having to fiddle with the on-device buttons.

Long Distance Sex? No Problem

LILI is a prime example of what an app controlled sex toy should be. The egg vibrator fits nicely into your erogenous zones, but what happens after that? This is where having an app shines. Pull up your smartphone and you can access its many functions, including customized vibrations and a sync to sound mode. With the app, you can play out your wildest fantasies, including going out in public and having a vibrating egg accompany you on orgasm-filled adventures.

The Honeyplaybox app eliminates the hassles of having several apps open when you're looking for some long-distance play. Instead of having a chat app open while you communicate with your partner, you can simply have the vibrator controlled by app ready and chat while you play. Download the app on two devices and you can both control the vibrations and have the sex toy sync to your favorite music or sound, all while telling them what you want the vibrator to do. This level of interactiveness is what makes CUPID such a fun toy to have.

Try Honey Play Box Sex Toys for App Controlled Vibrators

Browse through our category of app controlled vibrator products, or try Joi Thrust, Cupid, or Lili if you want to dive in and enjoy right away. App control vibrator is taking the world by storm as people realize the potential it brings in long-distance relationships. App controlled vibrating panties can be used in everyday situations, too- when your partner is away on a business trip, or when you're doing some errands and feel naughty, app controlled sex toys are your best bet.

Honey Play Box is your go-to destination for the best long distance vibrators in the market. Our sex toys offer unparalleled experience, whether it's having an intimate moment with a long distance remote control vibrator or sending naughty messages via the Honeyplaybox app. Our sex toys go beyond manual stimulation and add to the quality of your sexual wellness and lifestyle. Shop with confidence and unlock a new way to play today!

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