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DEMON Anal Vibrator & Vibrating Cock Ring - Honey Play Box Official

DEMON Anal Vibrator & Vibrating Cock Ring

Remote Control Prostate Massager with Ball Loop Ever wondered what it feels like to have a P-spot orgasm? Experience it with Demon prostate vibrator: it is the perfect male toy...
Balle - Vibrating  Stretching Voice  Masturbator Cup - Honey Play Box

BALLE - Vibrating Stretching Voice Masturbator Cup

This vibrating and stretching masturbator adds a voice function, whether you want to enjoy the privacy of being touched or being shaken alone, you can experience an unexpected pleasure. It...
bullet vibrator & vibrating cock ring

Grandeur - Bullet Vibrator & Vibrating Cock Ring

Versatile multi functional, Grandeur! The Grandeur's range of abilities include stimulating the clitoris or penis with an open c-shaped silicone tips. Vibrators are for every body and every anatomy, but...
Caress - Vibrating Perineum Stimulation C-Ring - Honey Play Box

Caress - Vibrateur Périnée Stimulation C-Ring

Faites passer vos rapports sexuels au niveau supérieur, en caressant vos testicules et votre périnée tout en restant plus dur, plus longtemps. Le Caress Vibrating Perineum Stimulation C-Ring est télécommandé...
Remote Controlled Vibrating Dual Ring - Honey Play Box

Anneau Pénien Double Vibrant Télécommandé

Vous parlez de polyvalence ! Notre double anneau vibrant télécommandé peut être utilisé comme un anneau de bite vibrant, conçu pour être porté avec les anneaux extensibles enroulés autour du...
Albert - Anal Bead Trainning Kit - Honey Play Box

ALBERT - Anal Bead Trainning Kit

Whether you are a beginner or a skilled person, these three-piece anal plugs can meet your needs.This unique spiral anal bead design is from shallow to deep, layer by layer,...
Armor Hero - Cock Ring Penis Sleeve - Honey Play Box

ARMOR HERO - Cock Ring Penis Sleeve

There are many methods to extend your pleasures, and using Armor Hero is absolutely one of the simplest and most effective ways. Cover the glans with the head end and...