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Power Play Collar & Leash - Honey Play Box

Power Play Collar & Leash

Take your sexy sub on a walk. This collar and leash set looks and feels luxurious and sexy. Secure the collar around your partner’s throat, and adjust easily with buckled...
Rose Scented Wax Play Candle - Honey Play Box

Temptasia Bougie Renard Roux

Temptasia Bougie Renard est parfaite pour explorer de nouvelles sensations avec votre partenaire. Cette bougie sensuelle est composée d'une base d'huile de soja de qualité supérieure qui fond à basse...
Domme Leather Flogger - Honey Play Box

Domme Leather Flogger

Perfect for kink newbies, or those looking for a travel-friendly size, the Domme Flogger is crafted from luxurious leather. With a comfortable handle, soft suede is great for thuddy impact...
No Peeking Blindfold - Honey Play Box

No Peeking Blindfold

Try out sensory deprivation play, and heighten all other senses. We mean all senses! This luxurious and stylish vinyl patterned blindfold features an elastic strap for a secure and adjustable...
Over the Door Restraints - Honey Play Box

Over the Door Restraints

Have a door? You’re halfway there. The Over the Door Restraint Kit will fit on just about any door jam and turn any room into your personal playroom. Comfortable and...
Penis Shaped Novelty Soap - Honey Play Box

Penis Shaped Novelty Soap

Lightly scented novelty soap in the shape of a phallus.  Makes a great gift, and is great for bachelor / bachelorette parties, or just to jazz up the space behind...
Strap Me Down - Bed Restraints Kit - Black - Honey Play Box

Strap Me Down - Bed Restraints Kit - Black

Restrain and immobilize your partner with the Strap Me Down Bed Restraints Kit. An incredibly versatile bedroom bondage kit ideal for beginners and experts. Comfortable, adjustable cuffs and sturdy straps...