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  • Versatile sex toy box
  • Super large storage
  • Discreet&elegant design
  • Multiple toys included
  • Durable&practical use

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MUST-HAVE Foreplay Expert Bundle

This bundle gathers a wealth of stimulation to spoil all your erogenous areas and spice up your foreplay. 1. Seduction provides clit sucking and licking pleasure to treat your center of pleasure. 2. Lilian was born with a dual-end to create triple stimulation with its rotating, vibrating, and clit licking pleasure. 3. Nina aims to deliver nipple rubbing and teasing sensation with its ultimate vibration and humped granules. 4. Water-based lubricant was made to reduce dryness and friction so you can live your sex life to the fullest.

- 19%

Feast of Prostate Orgasm - Mega Prostate Massager Bundle with Lubricant

Mega Prostate Massager Bundle with Lubricant Give your partner the ultimate prostate orgasm and listen to their moans and watch them lose themselves to the incredible wiggling stimulation of the prostate and buzzing stimulation of the perineum. Or, experience the surreal thrusting sensation inside their anus. This is the perfect gift for a night filled with moans, love, and the sound of pleasure. Make your Valentine's night one of prostate orgasm and romance.   Quinn - The combination of our newly invented wiggle-motion technology with an anatomically designed configuration creates a sensation of pleasure that mimics expert milking, leading to an explosive release.   Agas - The high-speed telescopic thrusts at 600 thrusts per minute deliver intense stimulation to target your most sensitive nerve endings. It is designed with an anchor-shaped base for safe and secure wear.   Honey Lube - Because the anus does not self-lubricate and the tissue is delicate and sensitive, we highly recommend using a water-based lubricant for easier and more comfortable insertion.

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