Vibrating Panties

Similarly to a bullet vibrator, egg vibrator and finger vibrator - vibrating pantries are discreet in such a way that it hides in plain sight.
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OLY 2 Pressure Sensing APP-enabled Wearable Clit & G Spot Vibrator - Honey Play Box Official

OLY 2 Pressure Sensing APP-enabled Wearable Clit & G Spot Vibrator

● APP-enabled Design: Intimate happiness, even at long distances ● Pressure Sensing: Features built-in pressure sensors for dynamic vibrations. Feel the stimulation change with your touch – the stronger the pressure, the...
Pearl App-Controlled Vibrator

PEARL App Controlled Magnetic Panty Vibrator

● One of the Most Powerful Vibrating Panties: Throbbing vibrations electrify your clit and hot zones like never before. ● App-Controlled Passion: You and your partner can control the fun from anywhere....
purple wearable clit vibrator for women

Orgazmic - Vibrateur Clitoridien Étanche

Idéal pour le grinding ! Utilisez la pointe pour taquiner, puis placez le jouet contre votre vulve et commencez à grinder. L'Orgazmic est un puissant vibromasseur de stimulation clitoridienne doté...
BIBI Remote Control Wearable G-Spot Vibrator - Honey Play Box Official

BIBI Remote Control Wearable G-Spot Vibrator

REMOTE CONTROL WEARABLE G-SPOT VIBRATOR Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to pleasure yourself with a fruit? Bananas, egg plants, and cucumbers are popular sex toys because they're...
GRETA Wearable Vibrating Panties with Remote - Honey Play Box Official

GRETA Wearable Vibrating Panties with Remote

Perfect Panty Fit: Ergonomically contoured to fit in your panties seamlessly. Wearable & Whisper Quiet: Small and quiet for discreet play, even outside your home. Remote Controlled Vibe: An erotic...

Advantages of a panty vibrator
Similarly to a bullet vibrator, egg vibrator and finger vibrator — vibrating pantries are discreet in such a way that it hides in plain sight.

Because it's designed to be underwear, the added feature of it as a vibrator isn't that obvious to the naked eye!

That means that this is the perfect toy to use when you engage in public play because you don't have to worry about it slipping out of you or worse, getting stuck inside. You'll only have to focus on keeping yourself together so no one would know.

Plus, this is controlled by a remote so imagine having a partner to surprise you by changing up the levels without you knowing.

What are the types of vibrating panties?

There's actually a lot to match everybody's preference!

We have regular panties, thongs, panty teasers, hip-strap vibrators, wireless vibrating panties, and vibrating stroker beads g-string.

Among these, Honey Play Box offers Orgazmic – which is a wearable clit panty vibrator.

Then, we have Lia – which is like Orgazmic but with a remote control.

Lamia is a dual clit and anal panty vibrator which means you can stimulate both holes with one wearable toy!

On the other hand, we also have Manta – which is a remote control wearable panty vibrator. This looks more like a vaginal cup than a panty so the way it distributes pleasure is more focused because of its specific shape.

Where does the vibration come from?

The vibration comes from the portion of the panty right on the vagina. Generally, panties have small pouches of fabric built in there which you can use to either slide in your preferred bullet vibrator or sometimes, it already comes pre-built!

Won't it ruin when it gets wet

Technically, no. As the actual vibrator is made water-proof!

What are some safety considerations?

While it can be exciting to get wild with vibrating panties, exercise caution with using intense mode because it can fatigue our clitoris and render it numb. If in any case it happens, take some time off of it first to let it recover and then come the next time you wear them, make sure to adjust the level from time to time with the remote control.

You also need to be keen on which manufacturer your panties come from because aside from the fabric, you have to pay attention to the quality of the battery. Since you'll be pressing this close to your body, you need to ensure that both of these things are manufactured by a reputable company to avoid any unwanted injuries.

How do you turn it on?

Via a remote control that either comes with the bullet vibrator you slipped in or one that comes with the pre-built panties!

Is it battery-operated?

Yes, they are! Whether that comes pre-built, with a separate vibrator, or a wearable (one that mics the shape of your vagina), they are battery-operated and need to charge for two hours and use for one hour.

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