About App

Remote Play

Rekindle long-distance relationships

Remote Play grants access to vibration controls for anyone you
invite to join. The invited party doesn’t have to download the
mobile app, simply share the link, and they will have access to
take over the control of your pleasure.


Vibe to the pressure intensity

Honey Play Box toys are built-in with a pressure sensor, the
greater the pressure, the stronger the vibration. Connect to
 the app to control your experience with your fingertips.

Personalized Vibrations

Free touch for preferred


Discover the number of
calories burned during

The HoneyPlayBox APP uses
advanced AI to estimate the
calories burned during play.

*The app can calculate
calories burned for play
durations of at least
5 minutes.

Sync to Music

Vibe to your favorite music

Vibe to the sounds around you
and enjoy rhythmic pleasure in
sync with your favorite music.

Download the HoneyPlayBox App