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Dildos are sex toys intended to stimulate penetrative sexual pleasure. Dildos can be put into the mouth, the vagina, or the anus. The traditional dildo is made to look and work like a penis. But recent innovations in the world of sex toys have made dildos way more exciting and fun. Now, there are endless options for dildos to choose from. There are plenty of different shapes, sizes, materials, and features that are customized to cater to unique and individual kinks.

What’s more, dildos are versatile enough to be used for solo and partnered sex. Although all dildos are great for solo play, there are specific dildos that are designed to elevate the experience of masturbation for you. An example of that would be self-thrusting dildos. You no longer have to strain your hand by manually thrusting the toy.

And for partnered sex, we recommend playing with the remote-controlled dildos. With this feature, you can surrender your pleasure to your partner by having them take over the vibration level or thrusting pattern of the toy. In addition, strap-on dildos are a great option for having fun with your partner too.

All in all, dildos are a staple for many sex toy enthusiasts. It is pretty straightforward and simple to use. For experienced dildo users, you’ll never get tired of this toy, as there are always new variations being released in the market. For beginners, dildos can be a good option too. There are a lot of uncomplicated and gentle dildo options available for you to explore.

The Honey Play Box Dildos

Here at HoneyPlayBox, we strive to leave you satisfied. That is why we have curated a beautiful selection of dildos that will cater to the wants and needs of our customers. Here are some of the dildo types that we currently have in our store:

  • Realistic

These types of dildos are made to look like a real penis. Depending on the manufacturer, some are even molded after the real penis of a famous person. Nonetheless, these dildos are designed with a flesh-like color and realistic veins. This type is usually made with TPE materials, because this material mimics the feel of real skin the best out of all the other materials

  • Vibrating 

These dildos can be operated with a remote control or buttons on the toy and contain an integrated vibrator or motor that offers additional stimulation. They may also have various vibrational patterns and intensities, as well as any shape or size.

  • Strap-on

These dildos are made to be used for penetrating sex with a partner while being secured by a harness. They can be different sizes and shapes, and they might have a flared base to keep them firmly in the harness.

  • Double Ended

These dual-ended dildos can be used by two people simultaneously or by one person for double penetration. They may be straight or curved, and the ends may range in size or texture.

  • Double Penetrator

These are made to penetrate two orifices simultaneously, usually the vagina and the anus. They often have a long, thin main shaft that is meant to be placed into the vagina and a smaller, shorter shaft or plug that is meant to penetrate the anal wall.

  • Self-Thrusting

These are intended to mimic the penis's thrusting motion during sex. The majority of these toys feature a motor that drives a mechanism that makes the toy rock back and forth, simulating the rhythmic action of penetrative sex.

Some of these self-thrusting didos come with a remote control, while others can be controlled using an app on the phone. 

Can I use a dildo for anal play?

Yes. You can definitely use a dildo for anal play, but make sure to choose one that is specifically designed for your anus, since most vaginal dildos come in a bigger size. It’s important to be cautious of the size, especially if you are inexperienced with anal play.

With anal dildos, they are typically smaller and more slender than ordinary ones. Its ends are tapered to make insertion smoother, and its base is flared. They are similar in design to anal plugs. They also have smoother textures to avoid friction and pain when inserted into the anus.

Keep in mind to use plenty of lubricant specifically made for anal sex. Avoid using regular lube if you can because it tends to dry up faster. Also, if you’re a beginner, choose to start with the smallest dildo and just move up from there.


What’s the best material for a dildo?

This really depends on your personal preferences and sexual needs. What is important is that you choose a body-safe and non-porous material. Apart from the material, consider the size, shape, and texture of the dildo that is comfortable and pleasurable enough for you.

But if you must insist, we recommend that you go for a dildo made out of silicone materials. Silicone is a favorite when it comes to sex toy materials, because it is non-porous, hypoallergenic, and quite easy to clean. Its texture is also very realistic to touch. But there is a catch: silicone can be more expensive than other dildos made from other materials. If silicone is not for you, some of the best materials to look into would be glass, stainless steel, pvc, and rubber. 

How do I clean and care for my dildo?

Like with any other sex toy, cleaning your dildo before and after use is very important for your hygiene and safety. Upon receiving the package, make sure that you disinfect your dildo by running it under room-temperature water and washing it with a gentle soap. You can also choose to use a toy cleaner spray instead. Be sure to clean your toy thoroughly, especially after use. You don’t want your dildo to host unwanted bacteria and germs.

Also, avoid sharing toys between partners without disinfecting them. Keep in mind that STDs can easily be transmitted through the sharing of sex toys.