- 59%


Targeted rolling G-spot stimulation: The tip of this G-spot vibrator has a built-in rolling bead, offering an intense pin-point accurate massage to your G-spot, making you moan in seconds! Intense clit vibration: The cute and flexible tail of this toy is equipped with 9 intense vibration frequencies. It will massage your clit tirelessly, providing precise and powerful stimulation that you'll want again and again! Wearable & remote control design: Dolphin is wearable, meaning you can put it in your hot spot and take incredible pleasure with you wherever you go! With the remote control function, you can use Dolphin as part of an erotic game with your partner, or you can take the reins yourself and discover the joys of solo play! Double pleasure:  This amazing toy has dual motors, making it perfect for targeting both your G-spot and clitoris and giving you amazing internal and external stimulation. Discover a 2-in-1 toy that will give you endless pleasure sessions! 9 rolling and vibrating modes: Choose from a variety of vibration modes that will get you going again and again in ways you'll never expect! Enjoy the waves of pleasure and immerse yourself in the most intense and memorable climaxes! 100% waterproof: Dolphin is completely waterproof, making it easy to clean and allowing you to take it into your shower or bath to enjoy the wonders of water play.

£63.00 GBP£26.00 GBP
- 60%


ROTATING ROSE TOY & THRUSTING VIBRATOR An authentic piece of rose toy can't be more classic when you mention a feminist sex toy. It's never too late to own one rose toy with dual-end, which gathers two types of stimulation in one and experience orgasmic pleasure with a romantic floral sense to liberate your instincts.

£73.00 GBP£29.00 GBP


REMOTE CONTROL WEARABLE G-SPOT VIBRATOR Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to pleasure yourself with a fruit? Bananas, egg plants, and cucumbers are popular sex toys because they're easy to find and discard, but they're also hard to sanitize. With Bibi, you don't have to worry about your safety or health, just about fulfilling your fantasies with a premium sex toy you can use again and again!   FEATURES OF THE REMOTE WEARABLE G-SPOT VIBRATOR This banana-shaped G-spot vibrator delivers 9 vibration intensities directly to your G-spot at any time, and anywhere. Because of its discreet size and design, you can take your new toy anywhere, giving you the rush of forbidden pleasure! This banana will stay in the right place, fighting snugly onto your vulva until you remove it. It won't ever fall out of your skirt or panties in public. Enjoy all the pleasure without fear of embarrassment! SPICE THINGS UP WITH THE WEARABLE G-SPOT VIBRATOR With all its amazing features, you might have overlooked Bibi's waterproof design, but don't make that mistake. The fact that this amazing toy is waterproof means you can take it to the shower, hot tub, pool, or beach and get wet in all the best ways. Have you ever wondered what it's like to orgasm underwater? With Bibi, you won't have to wonder anymore! For more spontaneous fun, you can hand Bibi's remote to your partner and let them control the vibration intensities and your pleasure. Bibi's body-safe silicone ensures your health and safety and feels great during every insertion.   HOW TO USE THE CLIT G-SPOT VIBRATOR  Step 1 - Before use Apply one of Honey's lubes onto BIBI, then insert its long end into your vagina. Step 2 - Pleasure Turn on the BIBI. Explore different settings and feel the magical sensation build! Step 3 - To be continued Now, trust your instincts and intimate desires. Discover the fun of solo play, or engage in the spontaneous mystery of remote control play with your partner.  

£9.99 GBP


  • Best Seller
  • Multi-Mode
  • Clit Stim
  • G-Spot
  • Waterproof

£47.99 GBP


£42.99 GBP


  • Tailor-made curved body
  • Robust teasing tongue&vibrator
  • Ultra-powerful vibration
  • Extra-soft&flexible material
  • Waterproof design

£25.99 GBP
- 23%


  • Dual-ended design
  • Tongue-like licking
  • Multiple vibrating patterns
  • Premium&flexible silicone
  • Waterproof design

£71.00 GBP£55.00 GBP


  • Innovative sucking sensation
  • Tongue-like licking stimulation
  • Angled head for accurate G-spot hitting
  • 9 vibration & licking patterns
  • Not Submersible, Gently Rinse with Toy Cleaner and Wipe Clean

£79.00 GBP – £88.00 GBP


  • 2 in 1 licking & sucking
  • Oral sucking toy
  • Multiple powerful modes
  • Superior & safe material
  • Not Submersible, Gently Rinse with Toy Cleaner and Wipe Clean

£71.00 GBP
- 24%


  • Rotating&vibrating G-spot stimulation
  • Realistic, tongue-licking clit pleasure
  • Innovative ergonomic design
  • Superior&body-safe material
  • 100% Waterproof

£48.00 GBP – £67.00 GBP


  • Rotating&vibrating G-spot stimulation
  • Realistic, tongue-licking clit pleasure
  • Innovative ergonomic design
  • Superior&body-safe material
  • 100% Waterproof

£71.00 GBP – £81.00 GBP


  • Smart App-controlled egg vibrator
  • Interactive sex pleasure
  • Multiple vibrating settings
  • Supple&elastic material
  • Waterproof design

£55.00 GBP – £63.00 GBP
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