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We’re going to open the door to the world of gay sex and let’s dive into some positions that can make your gay sex life even more fun and exciting!
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Spice Up Your Intimate Moments: Pleasurable Positions for Deep Penetration
When it comes to sexual pleasure, exploring different positions can add excitement and variety to your intimate experiences. If you're interested in deep penetration, here are a few positions that can enhance it.
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Cowgirl on a Chair
In this guide we will  show you the six breast kissing positions that will leave you and your partner feeling oh-so loved from head to toe!
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Good Oral

Enhance intimacy with our guide to sex positions for people with disabilities. Adapt popular positions and explore new ones with expert tips. Improve your sex life NOW.

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5 Sex Positions for A-Spot Stimulation
Ready to discover the ultimate pleasure zone? Our guide to 5 sex positions for A-spot stimulation will help you take your sexual satisfaction to new heights.
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Twerking on the Dick
Five new variations of the cowgirl that are as good and fun and wild that you can try as soon as you or your partner get home and hit the bed running!
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10 Challenging Sex Positions from Behind to Shock Your Partner, Dare You? - Honey Play Box
Penetrating, or getting penetrated from behind is so much more than the old classic doggy style, we are going to show you 10 challenging sex positions from behind to try with your partner!
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In the world of sexual metaphors, oral sex is the third base that leads up to the goal. We've listed in this article the best pussy eating positions that’ll give her O-worthy satisfaction.

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Shower Sex
Fortunately, shower sex is sometimes a better idea than actual sexual activity ... Shower Sex Guide - Water Sex Positions, Pleasuring Tips.
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Best Sex Positions to Burn Calories - Honey Play Box
If you’re looking to burn a ton of calories while still reaching the big O, look no further than our guide below.
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Lesbian Sex Positions
Having sex with another woman is fantastic and really rewarding. In this blog, we’ll provide you with the 5 best lesbian sex positions that I personally tried!
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anal sex positions
Anal sex is special because it can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of gender. But, while it may be fun, accessible...
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If not for sex positions, making love would be tedious and boring. The Kama Sutra alone has dozens of sex positions you can try, which shows you what you’re missing if you’re just doing regular missionary or doggy style. So why not shake things up a little by giving our Positions section a visit?

Sex positions can breathe new life into an otherwise stale sexual relationship. Fortunately, the human body is very flexible, which means that the average person should be able to do medium to complex positions with a good amount of effort. Some of the best ones include lying down, bending over, or even standing up while getting a glorious torrent of water (in the shower or bath).

To make positioning easier, you may need to stretch a bit or exercise those muscles. A quick 5-10 minute session should be enough to try a new sex position.

So, if you’re up to the task we have several blog posts for your viewing pleasure, including crazy sex positions and calorie-burning sex positions to burn that unwanted fat. Instead of being a plain listicle type, we show you how it’s done and what kind of sex toy will fit right in. You might love the idea so much that you’ll be excited to share and do it in the next bedroom session!

Like our other sections, we strive to keep these pages updated with newfound sex techniques to bring even more pleasure to couples. Make sure to check in every now and then so you can learn something new and exciting. Also, for those who are bringing in sex toys for the first time, we have a guide to bring that pseudo third wheel into the picture seamlessly. You’ll never be left wanting ever again.