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A Gem in the Sea of Pleasure: A Review of the Pearl App-Controlled Magnetic Panty Vibrator - Honey Play Box Official
Like a diver uncovering a precious pearl from the depths of the sea, let me show you why I consider this a treasure you won’t want to miss!
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Review: LOLI - APP-enabled Wearable Clit & G Spot Vibrator
If you're looking for a powerful and versatile vibrator, the Oly is definitely worth considering!
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Kai-Honey Play Box
KAI is a unique Honey vibrator that certainly gets the dirty job done. The auto masturbator trumps out vanilla and cheap pocket pussies by having advanced internals.
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The Alvina is a clit licking tongue vibrator that’s designed to simulate the sensation of a cunnilingus which gives toe-curling and leg-trembling orgasms!

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Self Thrusting Dildo Machine Review
The Rahim dildo sex machine is a portable, remote-controlled, self-thrusting dildo designed to simulate the real life experience of having penetrative vaginal sex.
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best rabbit vibrator

Elda combines two amazing things: a g-spot vibrator and clit stimulator! It’s dual-purpose and hits all the right spots!

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The Scioness Sucking and Licking Clitoral Stimulator

The sucking and licking clitoral stimulator will use its cup to suck the soul out of your body, and tongue to bring it back so you could scream moans and profanities

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Do you often get cravings? Try our Crave 3 coming from the long line of g-spot vibrators with rotating heads whose sole purpose is to satisfy your cravings with its rotating head and clit tickler.

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sex toy app

Lili is the new best long-distance vibrator with unique app functions, a perfect pleasure toy to spice up long-distance relationships. 

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Lili App-Controlled Egg Vibrator

Honest review of Honey Play Box Lili app-controlled egg vibrator, this new smart bullet vibrator is a total game changer to your pleasure!

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sky-Honey Play Box
As I get older, I’ve noticed that I’m slowly upgrading everything I use in my everyday life. In the past few yea...
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The Best Blowjob Toys
For most men out there, one of the best feelings in life is the feeling of a blowjob. However, in the usual course ...
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Our Toys section features the best Honey Play Box products reviewed for you. We have a comprehensive list of sex toy reviews just waiting to be read. For those who want to learn more about a Honey Play Box device before they click the ‘buy now’ button, this section is where it’s at.

Let’s say you want to buy a great blowjob machine and have eyes on KAI (which is, incidentally, one of Honey Play Box’s best automatic blowjob toys around). Here, you can learn firsthand what makes KAI so special and how it’s different from other male masturbators and pocket pussies in the market. Or, you want a women’s sex toy for those lonely nights and solo play. Our Toys section can increase the chances that you take home a keeper, and a toy that can provide endless screaming orgasms.

Like any toy guide or review, Honey Play Box authors have put in useful content that is divided into several categories. There are the features and how the sex toy works, a short pros and cons list, and a short guide on how to use that particular device. Included is a battery length and charging section so you’ll know how many sessions you can get from a full charge.

Honey Play Box loves to empower customers so they can make the right decision. Whether you’re buying a sex toy for the first time, or have been a longtime fan of our brand, there’s always something new in Toys.

Honey Play Box strives to keep reviews updated, with new sex toys getting a first look from our authors. Newer tech and features mean improved sensations, and as such you can get an upgrade whenever you switch to a newer sex toy. Stick around and you might discover your next secret pleasure!