It’s Been So Long-An Erotic Story

It’s Been So Long

I was so tired after a long day, sometimes I feel like my boss won’t leave me alone just for the sake of being petty.


I go into my apartment, throw my backpack on the table, take my shoes off, and lay down on the couch. There’s no good series right now to binge watch, nor a movie that peaks my interests, I just feel like resting for a bit.


I start to close my eyes. Little by little. I even start to feel that delightful cold when you’re so sleepy and about to undergo the sweetest nap.


But then, a beep. My phone wakes me up, darn it! I forgot to turn off the notifications. I take a quick glimpse at the screen, and there it is…


"Hey! :)"


My heart starts beating fast, I can’t believe it. It’s my classmate back from high school, no way he’s texting me right now. How did he find my Instagram handle? What does he want? I need to calm down, he’s obviously not interested in me, he might need a favor or something, like old acquaintances do…


Oh, but it’s so hard to not hyperventilate and start acting all nervous as the young teen I used to be. My biggest crush of all times, texting me after all these years. We shared so much back in the day: gym class, AP calculus, the school’s fundraiser… I always felt like there was always something pending between us, but I could never really tell if he was into guys or not. Felt like I blew off my chance.


And that has been killing me ever since, why didn’t I ask him? What’s the worst he could say? "Nah, man, I’m into chicks." "I only see you as a friend." At least, I would’ve known better and moved on. But that uncertainty eats me up inside, I dream of him constantly, I even fantasize with him. Oh! The amount of times I’ve touched myself to the idea of his beautiful face moaning, breathing on my back. Sometimes, I even feel I’m grabbing him firmly with my hands, when I’m doing me.


"Heyy" I answer back. "Long time, no see. What have you been up to?" I ask. Minutes pass by and I don’t get a reply. Why do I always do this? Why do I get my hopes so high over the simplest of stuff?


I get up and start walking around when he texts me. "I know! Just moved back to the city and was wondering if we could chat?".


I feel like I’m dying. He wants to go out with me? Who cares if he’s just looking out for an old friend? At least I’ll get to see him, and maybe ask him the question, if he ever had feelings for me.


"Relax" I tell myself. "It’s just a boys night out, a normal evening."


"Was wondering if you feel like coming over this Friday? I’m having something of a housewarming thing going on" he says. "Sure, I’ll be there".


Days pass by and I don’t feel the constant weight of my excruciating job on my back as I would normally do. I’ve been looking forward to this weekend. My co-workers even notice this and ask why am I so happy all of a sudden. I didn’t even realize I’ve been walking with a smile all week long. Finally, Friday arrives and I go home as fast as I can for a quick wardrobe change.


"What am I thinking?" I stop to ponder for a while. "Why do I feel I’m going out on a date? It’s just a housewarming party, there will be other people there…" But, it would feel so nice to go on a date, for a change. It’s really been so long since the last time I felt another man’s touch on my body…


I rush down to his address, not so far away from where I live. I got there in 35 minutes, got into the elevator and finally reached his floor. I knock on his door, and he opens it. I’m starstruck.


The last time I saw him, he was 18, now he’s a man. I have mixed feelings, nostalgia as I can still see his young puppy eyes which would stare into my soul and warm my heart; but I also feel this new curiosity of what has he gone through all these years? What has changed in him? What has remained.


He looks basically the same, but with a gorgeous jawline and a delicious stubble beard. I didn’t remember him being taller than me, I like that… And his smile, always my favorite thing about him, hasn’t changed, not one bit. "You made it! Please, come right in!" He says.


As I walk in, I notice I’m the only one here. I’m confused, and turn around, just to see him staring directly at me. But this time… This time, I’m sure his intentions are different.


"When I moved, I always felt I couldn’t be true to myself." He said. "I felt like I couldn't fully let myself go and be open to the one person who was there for me. And that was you."


As he is saying all of this, I’m speechless. Is this real life? "All I could think of was coming back, and making up for the lost time. There is no heartwarming party, I just wanted an excuse to have you here. I’m sorry if-". As he finishes muttering those words, I slowly walk towards him, and kiss him softly on his lips. He kisses me back.


We move towards a couch and start making out, as the passion keeps on growing with every kiss we share. Eventually, I take the initiative and kneel down in front of him, as he is still sitting. I open his legs and start to unzip his pants. He is very nervous, his hands tremble and his breathing increases. I simply look at him in a way that calms him down while my hands start going into his trousers. Finally, I reach into his crotch. I feel how it starts getting harder while my fingers wrap around him.


I start stroking him, gently. Can’t believe I’m finally doing this, how many sleepless nights have I ever dreamed about me holding it in my hands. Up and down, slowly yet firmly, I keep on pleasuring him for a while, we’re both enjoying this, without breaking eye contact. Eventually, I find my face very close to his tip. "Well, I’m already down here, might as well…". My mouth slowly opens, and my tongue sticks out, barely skimming the surface of his skin. He moans. I like the sound of it.


Little by little, I start to put it inside my mouth. Oh my God, his taste, his texture, I’m in paradise now. I’m sharing all the love I have for him with this act. This is the only thing I want in my mouth, and I show that to him, by pulling my A-game and alternating between giving gentle strokes with my hands, and moving my lips all over it.


Time passes, I know it has, but it feels like I just started. I don’t want to say goodbye to his magnificent piece. But he eventually gets up and gives me a look, I know what he wants, and I want it too…



My pants are down now, and I notice I’m also really hard, as a rock. But no, I don’t want to stick it in, I want him to be inside of me. He bends me down in a tender way, I’m in all fours, on his couch, waiting for him to to come over.


He gets behind me and starts kissing me on my cheeks while he caresses my behind with his fingers. It feels so sweet, and so good. There's a constant pulsation on my parts, I can’t handle it any longer. But he takes his time, he’s in no rush whatsoever. He starts massaging  my behind for the longest time, until I start to beg him "Please, I want you, I need you.". He likes that, he smiles… Ah! That smile, even when I’m like this, I feel my heart melting.


Despite thinking it was only going to be a housewarming party, I came prepared for everything. I hand him a small tube of lube I carry around for special occasions. Occasions like this one. He pours it, and introduces his fingers with ease. He is very careful, trying to please me with gentle stimuli and delicious massages. I grow eager, can’t wait to feel something other than his fingers back there.


He places his hip very close to mine, and slowly starts pushing against me, I’m ready. I move backwards, against him, and next thing I know, he’s in! He feels so warm, and despite him being so big, it feels so good. He is very hard, but his skin is so soft, it’s like he was massaging me from the inside. He starts moving, going in, and out, and in, and out.


We find our rhythm, he grabs me by my waist and keeps on penetrating me with the most wonderful movements. I, in return, know when to tighten so he can feel the tight grip around him. Not only that, but I also move in the opposite direction as him. When he pushes against me, I push against him until I can feel his hip bones against my butt cheeks. And when he moves away from me, I move away from him, so he can feel the complete stroke.


We do this for who knows how long. Time doesn’t matter, but then! I feel something. He grabs me tightly from my shoulders as he loudly moans. He is climaxing, inside of me. Filling me up with his warm delicious love making juice. I feel it, it’s wonderful. Just right when he came, I did too. I reached a climax unlike no other in my life.


After we’re done, we lie on the couch. We’re spooning, he embraces me and holds my back against his chest. I feel safe, I feel like a lifetime of desires have been fulfilled tonight. He gently kisses me on the back of my neck. After a long period of silence he says "I can see myself doing this on a regular basis."


I smile back "me too", I say. And we share a long passionate kiss.




by Gustavo Soria.