Meet Angel – A Triple Tease G-spot Stimulator

The orgasm is a powerful moment that gives you access to extremely effective magick. Whether your orgasm is a brief spasm or something that goes on for much longer, there are moments within the orgasm where reality blanks out. This moment of pure ecstasy is a powerful trance.

Extract from Adventures in Sex magick by Damon Brand.


Before we start with this toy review blog, let me share the weirdest thing that happened to me with it. You see, the name given to this magnificent toy is Angel. Now, not even in my wildest dreams would I imagine one of the toys I've got would have my ex-lover's name… I swear to God it was so incredible I had to call him and tell him how laughable the coincidence was. And yes, as you're guessing now, it is evident that we got back together thanks to my new Angel. After this little experience, let's get to business.

From experience, it can be a little overwhelming when you don't know what to expect. I received the toy but couldn't put it to the test the first few days after getting it. Look, I was ready, but at the same time, I didn't know what would happen. Honestly, I was a bit afraid when I finally decided to use it; allow me to explain, it was the first time I saw a toy intended for the G-spot, and not only that, but it was also the first time I owned a toy that would stimulate the clit with a "tongue" at the same time. Was I ready to play with myself to that extent? I have always been a scaredy-cat when it comes to sex toys which is ironic because I love to pleasure myself until I'm fully satisfied, something that usually takes a few hours to accomplish, but I had to, no, I wanted to try it, why? Curiosity and a je ne sais quoi that drawn me to it despite my reservations.

  As I sat on my bed that day, So many thoughts were flooding my mind as I opened the box, but what can I say more than doing so was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I don't lie when I say I reached glory with this toy. -don't try to guess why; I'll tell you right away- I noticed the toy was designed to ignite your whole body with totally new sensations, as it is a 3 in 1 -yes, you read that right TRIPLE- multivibrator; this makes Angel one of its kind when it comes to G-spot/Clit stim toys. The moment you get the toy out of the box, the first thing you see are the three separate buttons to control it, making it much more intense when you use it. So well-made that one vibrator simulates a finger tapping on your G-spot, the other one mimics a dick hitting you up; finally, the third one -my favorite so far- feels like a flicking tongue, caressing and gently stroking on your clit with it first mode, be careful, as it might be a little too strong as you explore the other modes available, but be aware you might get addicted to this small but incredible toy.

Usability and ooohrgasm-o-bility

This toy was a surprise for me in a good way, obviously, since I wasn't expecting much as I had never tried one of these before. Still, as soon as I inserted it inside me and turned the multivibrators on, a wave of pleasure filled my whole body, and it took me less than 5 minutes to reach an -out of this world- climax. Usually, it takes me a few minutes, around 20 or so, to get there, but Angel made me curl my toes and cry as I came. It almost made me squirt. I came so hard I wasn't expecting it at all. However, let me give you a tip that worked wonders for me.

Put some lube on the "tongue" for a more authentic experience, and try to go slowly with the modes as it could be a bit much for those who have little to no experience with this kind of toy. You can use it as a foreplay toy since it lets you stimulate other body parts.



  The word is discreet, and it's entirely suitable for Angel. It comes in a rigid, elegant black box that has the company's name ideally for gifts; inside has an instruction page, the toy, and a USB charging cable. It's worth noting that it has magnetic charging, gets the cable close to the port, and snaps on, EASIER THAN EVER!!


G-spot Stimulator



made with silicone, and it's waterproof, which guarantees a pleasurable time in the shower; it's also completely flexible, so you can adjust it as you wish. More importantly, it lets you sit down on it, which makes it perfect for reaching an ooooh-some orgasm


made with silicone

Overall, Angel provides unique sensations with its three independent motors, elegant and discreet packaging, and minimal noise. Angel is the perfect toy to start your path to explore the G-spot and Clit stimulation you ever wanted to try.


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Wrote by Kat A.

Honey Play Box Editorial Team