The First Time - An Erotic Story

An Erotic Story

She was nervous for this date in a way she’d never been before. All day at her desk, she’d been thinking about him, thinking about the way his dark hair fell slightly into his light eyes when he laughed, thinking about how beautifully his biceps flexed when he stretched. They hadn’t done more than kiss yet, but that was all she’d done with anyone. She’d never wanted more than that really, until she met him.

After work she rushed home, the metro journey seeming to take twice as long as it usually did. She was desperate to look good for him, to impress him. She wanted him to want her like she wanted him tonight. She got dressed carefully, choosing an emerald green silk dress that clung to her in all the right ways. It showed off her chest wonderfully, the delicate skin leading to her breasts highlighted beautifully by a simple necklace that dangled just low enough. Enough to draw his eyes where she wanted them, she thought. She wore beautiful black lace underneath, with sheer stockings to highlight the shape of her legs. A hint of mascara and lipstick and she was ready, her hair coiffed perfectly, a few curls falling loose around her neck.

Again, the taxi seemed to take much longer than it normally did, she’d been to this restaurant before and it had never taken this long. Her stomach was full of butterflies as she thought about seeing him again, and she smiled despite herself. He was waiting outside for her, even though she was early herself. The perfect gentleman. He spotted her from inside the taxi and rushed to open the door for her. He took in her legs first, and then the rest of her as she stepped out of the taxi. She’d never looked this good for a date before. And she’d said she wanted to take things slow, had she changed her mind? If not, this was the most colossal tease, he thought.

They exchanged pleasantries and a chaste kiss on the cheek before they went inside. He pulled her chair out for her and they made small talk while they decided what to eat. He was charming, as always, and she was charmed by him. The conversation deepened as they ate and drank and he became bolder, with small touches. First, grazing her fingertips as they waited for the main course, then a hand on her thigh under the table while they shared the last of the wine. It took all her restraint to not beg him to keep touching her. To tell her that his hands on her was all she wanted at that moment.

The bill came, and despite her protestations, he paid in full, not even allowing her to see what she imagined would be quite a sizable cheque. They stood to leave the restaurant and she wondered when she should say it. Unless she made the move, he would be too polite, too kind, to suggest he came back to hers. She’d told him already how it would be her first time, how she needed to take things slowly. That had changed within ten minutes of their first date. This was their third, which all sources said was the perfect time to make things more… Physical.

He leant in, for a kiss goodnight, but she moved her head to whisper into his ear instead.

"You could come back to mine… If you’d like that…" her whisper trailed off, suddenly filled with anxiety that she hadn’t done enough, he may not want her.

"Only if that’s what you want," he replied, stroking her waist gently, enjoying the feeling of her curves under his hand.

"I really do," she said, blushing deeply at the admission.

 He didn’t say anything else, but hailed a taxi for them, and in short order they sat in the backseat together. She slid up against him and placed a hand on his thigh. Not too high, but high enough. She squeezed slightly as she stroked. He kept his hand firmly on her waist, gently moving the fabric with his caress. He loved the feeling of silk, and it took a lot of self-control to not move his hand up higher with each stroke. He had noticed the way the dress hugged her breasts, and he couldn’t wait to take it off her.

Eventually, they arrived at hers. She took his hand and led him to her apartment, and the minute the door shut, their careful movements, their discipline, slipped away. She had planned to light the fire, offer him wine, but at that moment, she just needed more of him. He pushed her against the closed door and kissed her. She melted against his lips before returning his kiss with equal enthusiasm. Their hands moved with reckless abandon as their tongues met for the first time. She clutched his shirt in her hands, pulling him closer to her, he pushed her dress up, revealing her stockings and bare thighs above. He reminded himself to be careful, this was her first time, but he had to have her. He grabbed her legs and pulled them around his waist. With ease that surprised her, she moved her arms around his neck and let him carry her to her bedroom.

He sat her gently on the edge of the bed, and, keeping one arm wrapped around her, used his other to unzip her dress. She stood and it dropped to the floor. He took her in, all her curves perfectly accentuated by the lingerie she was wearing for him. She walked to him and started unbuttoning his shirt, which soon fell to the floor. She stroked his muscular chest gently, and the caress drove him wild. He laid on the bed and pulled her on top of him. She straddled him with newfound confidence, feeling his bulge straining the fabric of his suit trousers between her legs. He reached up and stroked her breasts, feeling her nipples over her thin lace bra. She started to moan as he touched her, she’d never felt like this before. She leaned back to push her chest out to meet his hands and started to grind slightly on him despite herself. He reached behind her to undo her bra and let it drop onto the bed. He pulled her down to him, kissing down her neck and to her now bare breasts. She moaned and squirmed against him as his tongue moved across her nipples, one then the other and wrapped her legs tightly around his. He flipped her over and moved his kisses down her body. As his lips moved down her stomach, his hands moved her underwear and he cast them aside. She didn’t fully understand what he was doing, all she knew was that his stopping would kill her.

He kissed her thighs, peppering them with gentle bites that made her wriggle in a delicious way, before working his way to her waiting pussy. Instinctively, she spread her legs for him, and he started moving his lips along hers. She was wet, and in all ways ready for him. He moved his tongue across her clit, and she bit her lip to hold back a moan even the neighbors would hear. He continued working there, flicking and circling her clit while she writhed at his touch. He carefully slid two fingers inside her, stroking her g-spot. She could barely contain herself and smiled a little at the effect she was having on her. She felt herself building, and started begging him not to stop. He complied, and she felt waves of pleasure wash over her body as she tensed and untensed rapidly. No one had ever done that to her before. She felt totally spent, but knew it wasn’t over.

She had to return the favor, at the very least. He returned to her side at the bed, and gently kissed as she recovered from the earth-shattering orgasm. She came round enough to start returning his kisses and realized he had taken off his trousers and boxers while he was on his way back up the bed. His dick was large, or at least, from her limited experience it was, and she wanted it inside her. Before that though, she wanted to make him feel as good as he’d made her feel. It was his turn for kisses that worked down his firm torso, with slightly less gentle bites that made him almost growl. He gasped sharply as she took his cock in her mouth. She’d never done this before, but on instinct, started sucking, moving slowly up and down his shaft, wrapping her tongue around him and gently cupping and stroking his balls with her free hand. She looked up and him between strokes and could see on his face how much he was enjoying this. She kept going, increasing and decreasing her pace to keep him on edge. She became more confident, taking more and more of his impressive size into her mouth with each stroke.

Suddenly, he pulled her off him. She was confused, but he moved her up the bed and onto him. She lowered herself onto his dick, cautiously, wondering how painful it was going to be, but found that she was just filled with an immense pleasure that she’d never experienced before. He guided her hips up and down on him, and soon she found her rhythm. She kept riding him, with her hands placed firmly on his chest as he stroked her nipples and grasped at her breasts. She was moaning wildly now, never having felt like this before in her life. He lifted her again, lifting her off his cock and laid her on the bed. She spread her legs again, and he slid inside her, filling her again.

This time he went harder, grabbing her legs and holding them up and she grasped the bedsheets, helpless to his powerful thrusts. She felt herself cumming again and his dick brushed her g-spot with every thrust, and he kept going as he watched her become overcome with an orgasm once again. He slowed for a minute to drop her legs and kiss her softly, before returning to long, hard thrusts into her. Not much after her, he let out a loud, long, shuddering moan and she felt his cock spasming inside her as he finished as well. He pulled out of her and cleaned himself up quickly.

He laid on the bed next to her, watching her as she gathered herself. She found herself a little embarrassed at how brazen she had been.

"Was that OK…?" she was barely able to stammer out.

"Baby, that was amazing", he replied as he ran his thumb along the curve of her face. He rolled so he was facing her and kissed her cheek delicately.

They laid there for some time, both unable to speak, breathless and overcome by the situation. He held her hand, and she gripped tightly, unsure how to express just how he had made her feel.

After a while, he got up, and started to get dressed. She knew he’d have to go eventually, but she couldn’t fight the wave of disappointment that suddenly came over her.

"You don’t have to go," she said, her voice low.

"I do, my darling, but," he checked his watch, "maybe not just yet."

He helped her get under the covers of her bed, and got in next to her. They shared some more kisses, more touches, enjoying each other before they would eventually have to part.

"You know we can do this again?" he asked, softly, "if you want to?"

"I really, really, do," she replied, pulling him towards her and kissing him deeply.