Why You Should Use The Best Penis Masturbators Instead of Just Your Hand

The beauty of having access to all of the Honey Play Box penis masturbators is that you can choose the perfect partner for your mood at any given moment and find the maximum amount of arousal in every fantasy session you enjoy. Masturbation has come a long way since the Stone Age, and Honey Play Box has all the best devices to satisfy your physical desires.

Did You Know The Original Dildos Were A Simple Rod of Stone or Wood?

Archaeologists have discovered dildos that date all the way back to the Stone Age, and we should all take a moment to be thankful for the early people who figured out the value of penis masturbators, because without them we never would have evolved to the glorious moment in history we all live in right now.

Whether it was a caveman trying to reach climax with a piece of fur in his prehistoric home, or an Egyptian Pharaoh working his way toward a monumental orgasm as his pyramid was being built by turning cotton lined pottery into his favorite sex toy, the urge to do more than your hand can accomplish on its own has always been there, and thankfully the best masturbator devices have evolved quite a bit!

Almost Anything Is Better Than Just Your Hand

Masturbation is a natural, healthy part of human sexuality. It's time to overcome barriers and explore the wonderful world of penis masturbators. You can certainly pleasure yourself without assistance but there are many reasons why using a stroker can improve your penis health, endurance and sexual performance.

  1. Using a penis masturbator can help to increase circulation for your penis, which is essential for maintaining healthy erectile function. When you use a masturbator, you're essentially doing a form of exercise for your penis. The muscle and tissue of your penis gets a workout, and like any other form of exercise that means practicing with your masturbator will improve your performance with any future partners as well.

  1.   Using a masturbator is a great way to practice lasting longer during sex. If you're someone wants to please your lover, using a masturbator can help you learn to control your arousal and prolong their pleasure. You can experiment with different strokes, speeds, and pressures to find what works best for you, and because you're in complete control, there's no pressure to perform or worry about disappointing a partner. It's the perfect practice playmate.

  1. Using a masturbator can simply be an enjoyable way to explore your sexuality. Masturbators provide a new level of sensation and variety that you just can't get from your hand. Once you have used your hand a few hundred times, having a penis masturbator adds a whole new level of variety and creativity to your quality playtime.

Let's take a look at the top 5 Penis Masturbators we have for you:

The Warrior – Is Always Ready To Fight For Your Sexual Gratification


At first blush, the Warrior Penis Masturbator may seem sort of intimidating, and it should. That's a lot of power to put in your hands or the palms of your lover as they work the Warrior up and down the shaft of your dick seeking out the best orgasm of your life with you. Once you become accustomed to having a string, automated stroking device  handling your penis, you won't want to go back to using ye ol' hand.

When Your Penis Shouts Touchdown You'll Know You've Already Won


Whether you are watching the big game on television or getting some private time in before opening your tailgate at the game in person, you'll always feel like it's 4th and 1, as you edge closer and closer to victory with the Touchdown Penis Masturbator. All it takes is a few tries to discover why so many fans of hardcore ejaculation agree this toy is their true MVP.

Kai 2 Is Your Automatic Sucking Vibrating New Pal

Kai2 Vibrating Male Masturbator

Everyone needs a pal like Kai. That easy go-to lover who is always D2F and answers your call or text on the very first ring. That's why we have the Kai 2 Penis Masturbator on offer for you right now, hoping to step up and become your new best friend. All the sucking and vibrating you crave, without any need to return the favor when you are done using Kai 2. This is the perfect device for your fantasy one-sided relationship and the limitless number of climaxes Kai gives you every month proves it.

Thrusting Blowjob Machine – The Name Says It All

Faye thrusting male masturbator

Sometimes marketing executives lose site of what's important and they attach silly names to simple devices. NASA famously built a very large array of telescopes and when asked what to name the project, they responded perfectly by naming it the VLA (Very Large Array). This famous sex toy follows a similar trajectory with the world's simplest and most accurate name. The Faye Thrusting Blowjob Machine is ready to suck you from start to sticky finish of all your penis masturbation adventures.

Magic Eggs Are Easy, Discreet And Come In A Full Set For Your Pleasure


You are home looking to get an orgasm out, but you've got visitors. You want to keep your mechanical lovers handy without arousing suspicion. That's what these Magic Eggs Penis Masturbators do best. Just pop them in your pockets and pull them out anywhere you go, when you have a spare moment and an urge to reach the pinnacle of erotic success. As it turns out, these Magic Eggs will do a lot more for your beanstalk than Magic Beans ever could!

The Bottom Line About Masturbating With Your Own New Penis Masturbator

So there you have it. Playing with your brand new Penis Masturbator is safe, healthy, and fun as you explore your sexuality alone or with your lovers and take your sex life to the next level. Any one of the five great options we listed are perfect for your collection, but we think you'll quickly understand that the only thing better than one penis masturbator in your collection is having many of them. Save on shipping by increasing your order and turning your ordinary sex toy box into the Honey Play Box it really ought to be!

Tina Young

Tina Young has always been passionate about exploring sexuality and empowering others to explore and express their own sexual desires. She is an experienced sex toy reviewer, examining people’s relationship with pleasure and the expression and fulfillment of their desires through sex toys. Tina is also a sex coach, helping individuals understand, express, and become comfortable with their own sexuality.