The Actual Truth Behind The ‘Rainbow Kiss’

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Vabbing, jizzy jewelry, and other NSFW terms have had their moments of fame and buzz on social media this year, especially on TikTok. 

However, there has been a new edition to these internet-breaking terms, and this term is the new kid on the viral sex terms block.


Ladies and gentlemen, please help me welcome, "rainbow kiss”. The term rainbow kiss comes with different perspectives and different people have mixed feelings about it. Some think it’s outright weird, some say it’s despicable, and even others say it’s bottom line nasty. Just like with anything, people hold different thoughts on it, however, there are some key things that are worth knowing about and bringing to light. This is what  this article will attempt to do.

Have you ever heard the term 'running the red light?’ Just in case you haven’t, it simply means having penetrative sex with a woman who is on the rag or her menses. Well, a rainbow kiss is a level up. Maybe more for those who would like to have a bodily fluid spin to their sex life.

Okay, so what in the rainbow does rainbow kiss even mean?

Could it mean a chick flick type of setting where two lovebirds kiss under a rainbow or kiss until a rainbow appears, maybe kissing with a bunch of Skittles in your mouth, or maybe even applying rainbow colors on your lips? Maybe not.

If you attempt to google the term "rainbow kiss”, you are highly likely to come across a number of rainbow images or a couple of TikTok videos of other people googling the term in the buzzing TikTok challenge. There are a couple of definitions out there, but all of them seem to share one word in common: menstruation. Well, how does menstruation come into the picture? We started with rainbow kisses and now we’re talking about menstruation, where is this even going? Do you feel confused and lost yet? If you do, don’t worry, keep reading and it’ll all make sense.

However, before we fly out to the rainbow world, let’s take a quick detour and explore the various types of kisses that the kissing world has to offer.

Different Kinds of Kisses

Kissing is a normal part of everyday life, and it is a way that humans express affection. Parents kiss their kids, romantically involved partners kiss each other, and pet owners give their pets an occasional peck (hopefully not too much it can be a little gross). 

Here’s a list of some kissing names and terms you might either already be familiar with, or be completely in the dark about. Anyhow, let’s get into it. 

  • Rainbow kiss

  • French kiss

  • Air kiss

  • Peck

  • Forehead kiss

  • Hand kiss

  • Neck kiss

  • Butterfly kiss

  • Cheek kiss

  • Bite kiss

  • Body kiss

  • Lizard kiss

  • Earlobe kiss

  • Nipple kiss

  • Genital kiss

  • Spiderman kiss

  • Top-of-the-head kiss

  • Single lip kiss

  • Shoulder kiss

  • Angel kiss

  • Nose kiss

    Pretty sure you get the 'kisscture’, sorry I mean the picture. There are tons of kisses out there, and they come in all shapes, forms, and fashion. Since our main focus today is on the rainbow kiss, let’s begin by defining what it is and then shed a little more light as we go.

    Rainbow Kiss Defined

    A rainbow kiss as defined by the urban dictionary is when a heterosexual couple has oral sex while the female is on her menstrual cycle, and the man cums in her mouth and he goes down on the woman and gets some blood from the woman’s vagina, and they kiss and mix the contents of their mouths, forming a beautiful rainbow kiss.

    Basically, the term refers to the man performing oral on a menstruating woman in order to achieve this rainbow kiss. The mixing of the menstrual blood color and semen is what creates the rainbow color when mixed together (well sort of), it’s up for debate since some people say it creates a mayo and ketchup kind of color blend. But that’s for another day.

    Now that we’ve defined what a rainbow kiss is, it’s time to get the lowdown on how exactly it’s done, and what it entails.

    How Do You Rainbow Kiss?


    The Naughty Collection - Interchangeable Heads Vibrator

    The Naughty Collection - Interchangeable Heads Vibrator

    Unlike the pretty romantic scene from The Little Pony, the actual act of rainbow kissing might be slightly different in reality. Dr. Wendasha Jenkins Hall, PhD, an Atlanta-based sex educator says the rainbow kiss which typically goes down in the 69 position, likely evolved from the idea of period sex.

    The short version of how to experience a rainbow kiss is: When the female partner is on her menses, the couple performs oral sex on each other, ideally in the 69 position, and then finish at about the same time, and the female keeps some semen in her mouth and the male keeps some blood in his mouth, then the two kiss and it’s a rainbow kiss.

    In case you may want to get the breakdown on how exactly you can go about having a rainbow kiss, and you’re considering adding a little mayo and ketchup sauce to your relationship, then here’s a little more detail on how you can go about it.

    First thing to note is in order for this to work best, the trick is for both people to finish at about the same time, so that neither of you would have to hold the fluids in their mouth for too long. That can either get uncomfortable, or you could end up swallowing before you get to the magical rainbow kiss moment. Essentially, you want to communicate clearly beforehand, and ensure you both consent to it.

        1. Communication

    As mentioned earlier, communication is needed before engaging in the rainbow kiss. You and your partner need to both communicate your thoughts on rainbow kissing, in order for both of you to have full consent to doing it, and you’re both aware of how to go about it and what pros and cons it comes with. Nobody wants to be forced into doing stuff they don’t feel comfortable doing. After all, it’s pleasure that you want out of it, and nothing else.

    Another thing is of course, for the female partner to communicate with her male partner when she has begun her menses, especially if you don’t live together. Once the menses start, then it’s time to get the rainbow party started.

    Alright, so when both of you have communicated and agreed to go for it, and the menses have come, what’s next?

        2. Preparation

    Dr. Wendasha Jenkins Hall, an Atlanta-based sex educator says that you should refrain from brushing or flossing your teeth before engaging in a rainbow kiss. This is because brushing or flossing can create little cuts inside your mouth.

    In her own words she says, "If you have those micro-abrasions and you go down on someone and you come in contact with semen, bodily fluids, or blood, that is a way HIV and hepatitis, and even chlamydia or gonorrhea, can be transmitted.”

    Her expert tip to keeping yourself safe from these infections when performing a rainbow kiss is to not brush your teeth or floss before. Instead, first go down on your partner, then only after you’re done should you wash your mouth out with an antiseptic mouthwash before you brush your teeth. 

    Another thing to note is to prepare yourself mentally, and of course physically. The mental part is getting your mind in a sexual mood and this could be done through listening to romantic music throughout the day, reading a couple of Mills and Boon pages or other erotic material, dirty talk chatting with your partner throughout the day, or anything that gets your mind in a sexual space.

    The physical part would be to just make sure you’re smelling good, maybe take a shower, or do a light 5-minute workout to get your blood pumping (especially for the male partner). 

    Okay, now after you communicate with your partner and agree to doing it, and prepare yourselves for game time, where do we go from here?

        3. Create the Right Mood

    Mood is everything, the vibes just have to be on point. If the mood is dull and uninspiring, it could be a drag to get things going. In order for a good start, set the right mood by putting in place whatever things you need in order to feel sexy or sexual, and put you in that element.

    After all, other stresses of the day can weigh us down, so you could do with a little mood-setting and enhancement. 

    Maybe play those babymaking slow jams, or if you’re the rock and roll type, play some ACDC jams and rock on! If you like the lights turned down low, then do that, as long as it gets both of you in a sexual mood and gets your engines going.

    Quick tip: Try by all means to use darker colored sheets or towels, in order to have less hassles cleaning blood and semen stains afterwards.

        4. Get In Position & Get the Rainbow Party Started

    This is where it all goes down (no pun intended). Now, after you’ve set the mood and the vibes are just right, it’s time to go down on each other. Well, not just yet, sorry for being a wet blanket.

    Firstly before you go down on your partner, you need to have a little dick-hardening and pussy-wettening foreplay to get you all in. 

    Once things start to get steaming, it’s time to go down. But in this case, it’s best you both go down on each other at the same time, in order to finish at about the same time. The best position for this is the 69 position, which has a couple of variations. Some do the 69 position while standing (if you’re strong enough), or laying down.

    Whichever position works best for both of you, that’s the position to go for. When you’ve found the perfect position to give each other oral sex at the same time, then now it’s time to forget about everything else, and eat your partner out till they reach a body-twitching orgasm. 

    Hopefully both people can finish around the same time, and then go in for the big rainbow kiss, and let the rainbow magic happen.

    As glamorous and amazing as this sounds, not everyone is on board with the rainbow kiss. Just like with anything, not everyone will have the same outlook. So what makes other people seem to enjoy the rainbow kiss? 

    Read on…

    Why Are Some People Into the Rainbow Kiss?

    Sadie Allison, PhD, explains that giving a rainbow kiss is a way for some people to enjoy period sex. Dr. Hall says, "Now we’re actually starting to see that there’s some benefits to having sex while yoyu menstruate, like relieving stress or pain from headaches or menstrual cramps.”

    Dr.Hall also identifies some possible reasons why others enjoy the rainbow kiss. She explains that some people enjoy blood play which can take a variety of forms. This may be derived from a fetish for vampires and other mythical blood-thirsty creatures.

    She further explains that some people enjoy the taste or smell of the blood, which turns them on. Whatever the case, before engaging in a rainbow kiss, two consenting adults must have agreed to do it and both be comfortable. 

    Health Concerns

    Whether or not blood or bodily fluids are your cup of tea, it is important to know that any sexual acts that involve exchanging bodily fluids could pose serious health risks. 

    Heather Irobunda, MD, says, semen and menstrual blood carry a lot of different infectious particles such as HIV, hepatitis, and syphilis.

    She also advises that if you’re unsure of your partner’s STD status you shouldn’t be engaging in any rainbow kisses with them.

    Dr. Hall also says that it’s not enough to get one or infrequent STI tests if you’re engaging in rainbow kisses regularly. 

    Here’s a list of possible infections that can be transferred through rainbow kisses:

    • Hepatitis A

    • Hepatitis B

    • Hepatitis C

    • Gonorrhea

    • Chlamydia

    • Diarrhea

    • Syphilis

    • HPV

    • HSV

    • HIV

      Essentially, due to the high risk of infections and illnesses, a rainbow kiss is not to be done with a stranger, or in a one-night stand kind of situation. It must be done with a familiar person, ideally your long-term partner. Frequent testing by both partners also ought to be done, in order to be extra safe.

      Tips and Precautions

      • Do not floss or brush teeth before engaging in a rainbow kiss

      • Engage in rainbow kisses with a familiar partner

      • Practice good oral hygiene soon after having a rainbow kiss

      • Both partners must get tested frequently for any infections

      • Do your due diligence before engaging in a rainbow kiss

      • Avoid a rainbow kiss with strangers or a one-night stand

          Pros and Cons


          • Could potentially relieve stress or headache and period pain cramps (Dr. Hall)

          • Showing comfort with and respect for your partner’s body (Fima)

          • A way for some people to enjoy period sex (Dr. Sadie Allison)

          • Satisfying for people with a fetish for blood and bodily fluids


          • Health risks 

          • Spending money and time on frequent STI testing 


            Now that you get the rainbow picture, let’s run through the main takeaways on the topic of rainbow kissing. The first thing to remember is to engage in this sex act with a familiar partner, and since STIs and other illnesses can arise from this, ensure frequent testing for both people involved. 

            The other thing to remember is to firstly communicate with your partner before going for it, talk it through, and if both of you give a green light, then go for it. After communicating, remember to prepare mentally and physically in order to have some mad fun.

            When you’re ready to go, create the mood to get both of your engines going, and explore each other’s bodies and use some sex toys, until you get to the rainbow magic. 

            Lastly, remember not to brush or floss teeth prior to the rainbow kiss, but do it afterwards. Wash your mouth out with a mouthwash, and brush your teeth.