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Mutual Masturbation Positions You Can Try

We’re going to take you down a journey to mutual masturbation – it’s different positions and how it can be maximized for the best non-penetrative experience ever.

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If not for sex positions, making love would be tedious and boring. The Kama Sutra alone has dozens of sex positions you can try, which shows you what you’re missing if you’re just doing regular missionary or doggy style. So why not shake things up a little by giving our Positions section a visit?

Sex positions can breathe new life into an otherwise stale sexual relationship. Fortunately, the human body is very flexible, which means that the average person should be able to do medium to complex positions with a good amount of effort. Some of the best ones include lying down, bending over, or even standing up while getting a glorious torrent of water (in the shower or bath).

To make positioning easier, you may need to stretch a bit or exercise those muscles. A quick 5-10 minute session should be enough to try a new sex position.

So, if you’re up to the task we have several blog posts for your viewing pleasure, including crazy sex positions and calorie-burning sex positions to burn that unwanted fat. Instead of being a plain listicle type, we show you how it’s done and what kind of sex toy will fit right in. You might love the idea so much that you’ll be excited to share and do it in the next bedroom session!

Like our other sections, we strive to keep these pages updated with newfound sex techniques to bring even more pleasure to couples. Make sure to check in every now and then so you can learn something new and exciting. Also, for those who are bringing in sex toys for the first time, we have a guide to bring that pseudo third wheel into the picture seamlessly. You’ll never be left wanting ever again.