Hayden Product Review

Pleasure comes in all shapes and sizes. While generally, we have sexual partners that can help us get that much-desired orgasm, not everyone has the social effort, energy, or even the dedication to invest in mental and physical energy. If you're like me, chances are you've looked for some quick ways to get the same pleasure from all sorts of things.


Hayden - 3 In 1 Sucking Rotating&Thrusting Male Masturbator

Today, I want to share with you my story about this amazing product that gave me ungodly pleasure without having to invest any energy to go out and socialize that I can use anytime. Presenting Hayden, the Rotating Male Masturbator & Automatic Stroker. I got this item from Honey Play Box, which is a brand I definitely trust when it comes to these things. They offer a variety of items from automatic thrusting masturbator to sex dolls, but for today, we'll be focusing on the Hayden and how it helped me get the benefits of pleasure and orgasm while costing me less than $70.

What is the Hayden?

If you will search for the item, the complete catalog name is Hayden - Rotating Male Masturbator & Automatic Stroker. It comes in this bright Blue color that can be a bit easy to notice so if you're very secretive about these kinds of things, you better make sure that you hide it properly as it is easy to stand out even in the comforts of your bedroom (Trust me on this!). While it also does look like your average handheld blender due to its simple function buttons that are located in the middle of the device that has the following purpose: power button, movements, and sound. The buttons are pretty straightforward when it comes to functionality so it should be easy to understand and use even for beginners.



sex toys

What sets Hayden apart however is the key features and how this really packs a punch. For starters, it has a realistic orifice so when you insert your penis you get this soft but firm feeling that resembles the real thing! It comes with 7 different rotating and thrusting modes that you can adjust with a press of a button. Lastly, it also has a textured sleeve inside that gives that tingly sensation that honestly helps in making you cum quickly.

How to use the Hayden?

If this is your first time buying a blowjob simulator, it is a pretty straightforward item to use. While I will always recommend that you read the instructions carefully, especially for device maintenance and clean up, usage however is simple.

I would recommend that you have a water-based lub on standby to lessen the friction that can be sometimes painful if you know what I mean. To avoid that, any lube is advisable. If you have extra preferences with a lube such as warm or cold, just go for it. After placing the lube carefully on your penis and inside the device, you can first insert your penis into the device just to get things settled in first. The lube should be able to help with the friction. Once in, just press the power button and the default speed will be done. Take your time to get used to the sensation before jumping into other modes. It may be a bit awkward but once things settle down, that's when it starts to feel great.

Once you're settled in this male blowjob machine, start to experiment with the different sensations and speed modes available. Feel free to explore different positions or angles that give out the biggest pleasure for you. There are no fixed placings for this device, to each his own to do whatever you want until you find the best combinations and angles for you.

General Features

Raised Bumps/Textured Canals


general features

Some masturbators have different features to simulate different sensitive portions of the shaft. This device highlights the raised bumps along the deep tunnel so you never run out of pinpoint sensations in each thrust that you make. To be honest this feature makes this device incredibly sensational (at least for me). You don't really get used to the feeling which is great since you always feel a surprise pleasure point in each and every use. It makes this device hard to get used to as it adds to the thrill every time.

Suction Modes

Aside from the 7 rotating and thrusting patterns that give you different pleasure combinations, what is practically unique with this automatic male masturbator is that it has 2 unique suction modes that you should definitely try. What's great about this blowjob simulator is this suction mode that combined with the different patterns, gives you that ultimate realistic blowjob experience.

Encased Hard Shell

Encased Hard Shell


On the practicality side of things, the Hayden comes in this premium ABS material that makes this incredibly durable and safe for use. Generally, for this price range, you can easily get not-so-durable devices that can get cracks from the usual wear and tear. So Hayden really gives you that value for money even from a durability standpoint.

Pros and Cons:


  • Powerful combinations

Personally, this is by far my favorite automatic blowjob machine mainly due to the combination of thrusting and sucking sensations. Not to mention that this device packs up a punch in terms of strength so if you're into that hard play mode, this device comes with a range whether from soft and slow or fast and hard. It's a good combination to have especially if you're exploring the different ways you can pleasure yourself.


  • Easy to clean

One of the aspects people often forget is clean-up and device maintenance, as this is how you make sure that your device stays with you for a long time. The Hayden is easy to disassemble and only requires washing after use. It doesn't have any special requirements so even your usual soap should do the trick.


  • Noise

While I understand that it comes with a lot of power, the device isn't really discreet sound-wise. You can hear a machine whirling around making noise whenever you try to increase the power setting. This can be a bit distracting especially if you're trying to focus on yourself and your thoughts. If you live with other people, there's a chance that the machine can make curious noises so try to play music or video during use to hide the noise.


  • Color

The device comes in this bright blue color that makes it stand out easily whether in the bedroom or in your closet. If you have a snooper around, it might be easy to find. I personally would prefer a black color that gives off a luxurious vibe to it instead of the bright blue that makes the device more of an announcement and easy to be spotted.

Personal Story

Now that we have discussed the different aspects of the device, I would like to share my personal story when it comes with Hayden. So this is pretty much my third time purchasing from Honey Kiss Me as I have purchased a sex doll torso and thrusting male masturbator. However, this time around I was quite missing the blowjob sensation, especially the sucking feeling that you don't get anywhere else. So while browsing along the website I stumbled upon the Hayden that was just priced at $69. I was kinda worried about the price since it felt a little too cheap that it might have compromised on quality. Luckily, as I write this down, I can affirm that it doesn't.

So I ordered directly from the website and received the package in roughly a week which isn't bad considering that my address is pretty far. I always commended Honey Kiss Me for always making sure that my packages are discreet. I have other people living with me so I don't really want them to know about my personal business. What you'll notice are general details without any hint of a masturbator.

After cleaning and reading the general instructions I proceeded to charge the device. For a full charge, it takes quite a time of 4 hours and with that, you can have a total of 1.5 hours of playtime. To be honest it really cut in the excitement considering that 4 hours is like 2 movies. But if you're not gonna use it for more than an hour you can cut the charging time.

Once ready, I locked my doors and proceeded to place lube in the device and on myself. Upon insertion, you'll feel this tight tingly sensation that is already pleasurable from that point and I haven't even turned the device on. Once I felt settled with the device, I turned it on. What immediately stunned me was the sucking sensation that I haven't felt on other devices. I had to stop it so I wouldn't cum so quickly. After the feeling settled down I started to experiment with the other modes and altered the speed and power. It's pretty easy to navigate around and find your pleasure points. I think the raised bumps definitely helped in maintaining the high pleasure level of the device. Took me just 20 minutes to cum in the device. Overall, I was definitely satisfied with my purchase and would like to recommend it to anyone looking for an electric blowjob machine.


If you're in the market for a male stroker or men masturbating toy, Hayden should be part of my personal top 3. Pleasure-wise, you'll definitely get tons of ways that you will never get used to. It's easy to disassemble and clean making it pretty convenient when it comes to using. For the price of just $69, it's a real steal considering the different functions and durability that you get. There aren't many downsides aside from the noise and in my opinion, there can be easy fixes at home for those problems.