My Experience with Sky

My Experience with Sky

As I get older, I’ve noticed that I’m slowly upgrading everything I use in my everyday life. In the past few years, I’ve bought a new TV, a better office chair, a new mattress, a fan for my room, new glasses, and I even splurged and got a new shower head. Life’s too short to put up with lesser products and, if you’ve got the money for it, you should upgrade whatever you can.


And, a few weeks ago, I had an epiphany. If I’m willing to upgrade my mattress to get a better sleeping experience, or my office chair to get a better work experience, why can’t I upgrade my masturbation experience?


What followed was a search of available male masturbators which, in turn, led me to discover that there is such a thing as a blowjob simulator.


Now, blowjobs were always my favorite form of stimulation during sex, but not every woman I’ve been with wanted to give me one and there was always the risk that the ones that did agree wouldn’t be very good at it.


However, if I had a machine that could simulate a blowjob, then I wouldn’t have to worry about that ever again, I could just experience the joys of a blowjob whenever I wanted, as many times as I wanted. Why had no one told me this was a thing?


Now that I had discovered blowjob simulators, I had to find the best blowjob simulator that money could buy.


I found many toys, but my search for the best blowjob toy led me to Honey Play Box, a company with a wide variety of sex toys for everyone, each one packed with enough features to satisfy its user for a long time. They also have blowjob toys for men, of course.


Their selection of blowjob simulators was varied, interesting, and tantalizing, but I found that I gravitated toward one toy in particular: Sky, an intense suction and vibration, automatic blowjob machine.


What drew me to Sky was its sleek design and its features. Its twisting outer hull, white premium finish, and uniform design made it look seamless, unbroken, and smooth. Sky looked like it was crafted from a single piece of white marble. Sky didn’t just look sleek and modern, but it was also packed with a wealth of features, including 12 vibrating patterns and 4 sucking modes, creating 48 combinations with 16 pleasurable sets of programs. For the price, that many features packed inside such a stylish package was too good to pass up.


So I bought Sky and, before I knew it, it arrived at my home in a discreet package, with the postman and my neighbors never finding out that I had just received a male blowjob toy that would give me unparalleled pleasure.


Sky was incredibly easy to set up. As a matter of fact, you can pretty much use it right out of the package, if you have lube.

Everything about my new blowjob machine felt premium, quality, and well made. I had already researched how to use Sky, as Honey Play Box’s page for the product included a helpful video that showed how the product was made and how it could be used.


Now, unlike other blowjob masturbators, Sky provides auto blowjobs. This means that you don’t have to thrust into it or get yourself in awkward positions in order to use it and enjoy it. The great thing about Sky is that you can lean back, hold it in place, and let it do all the work. That is the ultimate blowjob fantasy, and you can’t get it with other blowjob toys for men. Most of these toys require you to do all the work, to lean in, thrust, and struggle to keep things going. But Sky truly is the best blowjob simulator, giving you that delicious feeling of lying back and receiving a blowjob from someone with serious oral sex skills.


So, without delaying it any further, I decided to enjoy my new blow job sex toy. I drew the blinds, dimmed the lights, lit a few candles and incense, and took a shower. I wanted to be in the best mood, the best space, and relaxed to experience all the pleasure that Sky would give me.


Most sex toys for men have to be used with lube. This is because sex toys don’t lubricate themselves. So, to enjoy Sky, I applied some of my favorite lube into its sleeve and began foreplay with my hand to get myself hard enough to enter Sky. Some people use condoms with sex toys to make them easier to clean, and make the experience as smooth as possible. But I decided not to use a condom during my first time with Sky. I wanted to experience all the texture, stimulation, and vibration intensities and patterns with as little between me and the premium toy as possible.


Now that I was hard enough to begin the blowjob, I decided to imagine myself in the best blowjob setting possible. I imagined myself going out to a bar or club, having a great night with my friends, and locking eyes with a beautiful woman on the other side of the room. I’d walk over, start talking to her, buy her drinks, and we’d grow closer and closer as we were seized and pulled together by the invisible web of attraction. Then we’d go back to my place and undress each other, kissing each other’s hot skin and pull off each other’s clothes in eager anticipation of the pleasure to come.


Next, the woman would push me toward my bed, force me to lie back, and kiss her way down my stomach and toward my crotch.


I turned Sky one and positioned it just above my hard penis, imagining the woman’s open lips lingering there for a moment, just before starting the blowjob.


Then I lowered Sky and inserted my shaft into it. Immediately, the default vibration and suction patterns rocked me with intense pleasure and stimulation. The sensitive skin of my penis experienced a wide and varied canvas of textures, movement, suction, and layered pleasure. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I had no idea that Sky would provide such an intense, intricate, and complex pleasure experience. And, the best part was that it felt like a blowjob. The suction provided by Sky was strong but pleasurable, and all the movement, vibration, and texture inside the blowjob simulator’s inner sleeve really felt like I was being pleasured by someone’s mouth. Someone who was incredibly skilled.


The thing about blowjobs is that you don’t know what you’re gonna get. They’re not exactly an experience you can count on, with many people being adverse to them, especially during the first time together. Even if you do manage to get one, the person giving the blowjob to you might have never given one before. They might drool too much and slobber all over your crotch. They might use their teeth too hard and bite and pinch your skin. They might suck too hard and make things uncomfortable. They might just lick without applying suction. They might pull back too hard and make themselves gag. So many things could go wrong and make the experience awkward, uncomfortable, and unsexy for both of you.


But with Sky, all those worries fell away instantly. This was, without a doubt, the best blowjob I’d ever had, the best blowjob in the world. I reached up and changed the vibration setting, and I was hit with another wave, another kind, another level of unique pleasure that I wasn’t ready for. I almost ended my session right then and there, the change was that great.


I changed the suction mode, and the whole experience changed drastically. The toy was advertised as being able to create up to 48 combinations, and I thought that the difference between them would be subtle, but I was wrong. The pleasure just hit differently, it moved differently, felt like a person was giving me a blowjob and had changed their method slightly, to keep things fresh and keep me right on the edge. It was perfect. If you’ve ever had an amazing blowjob, you know that you need that variety, that change, that dynamic feeling that the person at the wheel is being playful and wants to surprise you. Some blowjob toys are monotonous, just giving you the same vibration and the same suction nonstop, like a vacuum cleaner or cheap dildo. But Sky was different, it’s a dick sucking machine that has a wealth of variety, playfulness, and dynamic pleasure. It really feels like you can personalize your own pleasure, and it can be different every time.


I was in heaven. This sex toy blowjob was so much better than I had hoped, and it was about to get even better. I changed the vibration and suction patterns one last time, and the new combination drove me over the edge into an explosion of white-hot sexual bliss.


Without a doubt, I can say that Sky gave me the best blowjob that I’ve ever had, and I still can’t believe that I can relive that moment again and again, whenever I want. The best blowjob ever is right there, in a box, just waiting for me, right at my fingertips. And I had only just scratched the surface. There were 12 vibrating patterns, 4 suction modes, 48 combinations, 16 different sets of programs. It still blows my mind that such a versatile and state-of-the-art machine can exist, and it blows my mind even further that I have one right in my room.