Honey Play Box Debuts ‘OLY’ A Powerful, App-Controlled and Wearable Vibrator

LOS ANGELES — Honey Play Box has introduced the OLY, a powerful app-controlled, and wearable vibrator.

OLY is a dual vibrator that targets both internal and external stimulation, resulting in a deep and fast climax. With its petite body, OLY is a wearable toy. It's so small and sleek that it fits perfectly inside a pair of panties, allowing you to use it on the go without anyone knowing! Users can even sync it with the HoneyPlayBox app for interactive play, making it a truly smart toy.

"We believe that good things come in small packages," said a rep. "Which is why we packed two kinds of stimulation into one petite, amazing toy! Don't be fooled by its cute appearance and size, OLY is actually one of the most powerful wearable vibrators on the market. It surpasses all the competition, and the fact that it can do that while still fitting comfortably in a pair of panties is remarkable."

OLY can be controlled remotely with the HoneyPlayBox app, which enables limitless play scenarios.

"With its smart, app-controlled design, you can wear it wherever you go and let your partner take control, or you can transform long distances into intimate romance with OLY," the rep added. "OLY is a toy you simply have to try for yourself."

For more information, visit Honey Play Box.

F Inglewood - Honey Play Box

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