Top 10 Sex Toys For Men (Updated 2023)

Top 10 Sex Toy For Men (Updated 2023)

Every discerning consumer will want the best product for their money, and it's the same when you're buying a sex toy or a female sex doll for men. You definitely wouldn't want a one-time use of the male sex toy you've recently bought because you weren't satisfied or it wasn't up to your standards. Worse yet, the sex toy you got may have broken in the middle of a session and now you have to finish masturbating using your hand.

Instead of wasting hundreds of dollars finding your favorite men's sex toy, why not let us do it for you? Presenting the best sex toys that offer unmitigated sexual pleasure.

Top 10 Sex Toys for Men

Kai - Automatic Male Masturbators Blowjob Machine Master

Kai - Automatic Male Masturbators Blowjob Machine Master

Kai is one of the most popular male sex toys around, with a multi-purpose ability to tease, pleasure, and provide earth-shaking orgasms. At first, the spaceship-like shell makes it seem like an innocuous device, and someone can easily mistake it for a lava lamp or a Bluetooth speaker from afar, but there's no doubt about the male sex toy's potency in the bedroom!

The auto masturbator has an uncanny knack for giving you realistic vaginal or oral sex, thanks to its range of features. Vacuum pressure sucking comes in five modes for range, and there are even 12 vibration patterns to really get you to the point of no return. Speaking of which the inner sleeve is skin-like and grips the shaft well. It's like your favorite person giving you the blowjob of your life!

If you're looking for a male sex toy that can truly satisfy your sexual desires, give Kai a try.


  • Automatic suction technology

  • Twelve vibration modes

  • Nice and tight silicone sleeve

  • Rechargeable

Warrior - Auto Thrusting Stroker Automatic Male Masturbator

Warrior - Auto Thrusting Stroker Automatic Male Masturbator

The Warrior takes male masturbation to a whole new level with a thrusting technology that's super fun. Instead of using old reliable, aka your hands, you can just get Warrior and turn it on and sit back as you experience wave after wave of enjoyment. Part of the fun of Warrior is seeing how long you can last with the rotate and thrusting mode turned to the max!

Hands-free masturbation gets elevated to a whole new level with Warrior. The thrusting alone is worth the price of admission, but Honey Play Box didn't want to stop there. A variety of rotating patterns will surely tickle your fancy, so much so that you'd want another round. The good news is that it's plausible, thanks to a long runtime of three hours. The inner sleeve is lined with pleasure dots so you can feel every stroke and rotation. Fancy a round of wild simulated sex? The Warrior should be more than up to the task.


  • Total of seven thrusting and rotating patterns

  • Long runtime of three hours

  • Portable

Sky - Sucking Male Sex Toys Masturbator Cup Auto Clip Suction

Sky - Sucking Male Sex Toys Masturbator Cup Auto Clip Suction

Sky is another of Honey Play Box's latest auto masturbators for men. The male sex toy contains a revolutionary air suction technology coupled with a streamlined internal and external design. Nerdy description aside, this technology translates to an ultra-realistic blowjob simulation that will make you feel like you're really getting a sumptuous head from your favorite person. Suffice to say, you've never had your penis sucked like this before and the experience alone should be worth the buy!

The non-descript design is perfect for those clandestine solo sessions and when you need to release some steam. Press a button and you can cycle through twelve sucking and vibrating patterns as if you're giving commands on how you want your partner to pleasure you. Sky's highlight is its tight and customized orifice and body-safe silicone to complete the sexual illusion. And if that's not enough, the inner sleeve has interior raised beads to stimulate the shaft and glans.


  • Out-of-this-world blowjob realism

  • Tight canals and pleasure dots

  • 12 vibration and suction modes

  • Discreet design

Hayden - 3 in 1 Sucking Rotating & Thrusting Male Masturbator

Hayden - 3 in 1 Sucking Rotating & Thrusting Male Masturbator

What separates Hayden from the thousands of other male sex toys in the market is its 3-in-1 function, effectively making it a versatile tool in the bedroom. The cool blue outer shell is supremely easy on the eyes, and it's a surefire guarantee that your head will roll back as you satisfactorily cum to completion with Hayden in tow!

The three functions in Hayden are the thrust, spin, and suck, which you can control in a variety of settings. Activate one and concentrate on the realism, or all three if you want a wild orgy in your penis. All in all, there are seven thrusting and rotating modes, and two suction modes. That said, feel free to experiment until you have your favorite settings down pat. With all that motion going around, it's a wonder that Hayden can last up to an hour and a half before needing a recharge. Every stroke is pronounced and will surely cause a sexual reaction from you.


  • Versatile, all-in-one male sex toy

  • Auto-thrusting mechanism for hands-free masturbation

  • Textured inner sleeve pleasures the shaft and glans

  • Easy to clean

Quinn - Anal Vibrator Prostate Massager with Remote Controller

Quinn - Anal Vibrator Prostate Massager with Remote Controller

Getting a male toy up your bum is a serious matter, but you'll be safe with Quinn on hand. Once you experience the pleasures that come with p-spot stimulation, you'll definitely want to bring the prostate massager in your next session. Quinn makes sex so much more interesting, and the addition of the remote control opens up delicious possibilities for your and your partner!

Quinn isn't just a straightforward prostate stimulator- both ends are designed to wiggle and vibrate to ‘double hit' the perineum and p-spot. You might be intimidated by the thickness, but there's a feeling of fullness that adds to the sexual satisfaction. The sex toy for men offers not just one, but seven vibrating and wiggling patterns to ease you in or finish you off. It's also waterproof and can be brought with you if you want to experiment in the shower. With a bit of lube, Quinn brings heightened orgasms to those who need it.


  • Specially contoured to grip and bring hands-free pleasure

  • Dual stimulation mode for the perineum and p-spot

  • Remote control for solo or couple play

  • Waterproof

Faye - Thrusting Blowjob Machine Automatic Male Masturbator

Faye - Thrusting Blowjob Machine Automatic Male Masturbator

Faye comes in with an unusual gun-shaped sex device. This might sound odd at first, but then the handle is actually genius because anyone, even your partner, will be able to hold it as the toy does the job. Another thing is that it's an open-ended thruster, which means the head and part of the shaft will be protruding and exposed to all sorts of naughtiness you or your partner might have.

Part training tool, part solo play toy, Faye is versatile enough to achieve what you really want- a satisfying and climactic finish. The thrusting mechanism isn't just limited to one back-and-forth swing as you'd be able to dictate the pace. Furthermore, there are seven unique vibrations that can really amp up the game and make you cum in less time. Faye is discreet and lightweight- people might think it's a massage gun (and they'd be partly right), but you'd know better.


  • Innovative open-end design

  • USB magnetic charging

  • 7 vibrating and 4 thrusting patterns

  • Easy to carry around

Blanche - Thrusting Blowjob Toy Automatic Male Masturbator

Blanche - Thrusting Blowjob Toy Automatic Male Masturbator

The reason why you get so many auto masturbator toys on the list is well, guys like a hands-free experience. Blanche is just one of the many male sex toys here, but it will promise a world of bliss when you bring it out to play. It's an upgraded version of our earliest auto blowjob toys, and one you definitely shouldn't miss out on.

If Blanche was a woman, she'd be the unassuming sex slave that has a lot of fire from within. She will suck, put her vagina in and feel your hard penis deep within her pussy. The thrusting stroker has ten vibrating and nine thrusting modes depending on how hard or slow you want the play to be. If you're looking for amazing sex without the hassles of socializing and flirting, Blanche is the toy you want.


  • Incredibly textured sleeve

  • Realistic up and down action

  • Has a robust vibrating mechanism

  • Great for beginners

Pipe - Male Masturbation Cup Penis Enlargement Pump

Pipe - Male Masturbation Cup Penis Enlargement Pump

Every now and then we think about just how enjoyable sex would be with a bigger penis. With Pipe, you don't have to fantasize any longer because you'll have a high-quality penis pump for extra length and girth. Pipe doubles as a masturbation sex toy for men as well, thanks to a mouth attachment for a pseudo-blowjob when you want to test your stamina.

Pipe is an electric penis enlargement pump that's easy to use. It's a high-tech sex toy that uses a gauge for scale to see how well you're doing. The entire length runs at nearly 12 inches, with a pump tube of 7.87 inches. It can fit a lot of penis sizes, and the clear tube gives you added visual to encourage you to continue. Guys who want a noticeable performance boost in the sex department should have this in their arsenal.


  • Fits a range of penis sizes

  • Electronic gauge for measuring progress

  • Made with body-safe material

  • Has an extra silicon mouth for blowjobs

Roxy - Clit Tongue Licker & Cock Ring

Roxy - Clit Tongue Licker & Cock Ring

Roxy is the ultimate wingman in the bedroom- the sex toy can provide much-needed support in the girth and rigidity department and even double as a clit licker for that extra tingly sensation. As a dual-purpose toy, you won't be getting an orgasm in itself but you'd be doing your partner a huge favor by bringing in an invisible third wheel.

Wear Roxy and press the power button and the tongue clit licker will go to work. It's that simple, yet super effective in the bedroom.


  • Tongue licker and cock ring in one

  • Vibrating pleasure for him and her

  • Fits a wide range of sizes

Touchdown - Open-Ended Pocket Male Masturbator

Touchdown - Open-Ended Pocket Male Masturbator

Touchdown is an apt name for a sex toy that can help you get to the end zone. It's an open-ended masturbator where you can fit your penis through. Activate the device and it provides twelve vibration options and enhances your masturbatory experience.

Touchdown is small and easy to operate, and you'd get through a solo session with this male stroker in play. It also works as a clit or g-spot stimulator if you have your partner in the bedroom.


  • Small and portable

  • 12 vibration modes

  • IPX7 waterproof

Top Ten Sex Toy For Men FAQs

Why are there so many auto masturbators in the list?

Auto thrusters or blowjob machines have become very popular male sex toys since they were invented. And why not? These devices simulate real sex, such as vaginal penetration or oral sex without the hassles of getting your partner up to the task.

Do these male sex toys require lube?

Yes, they do. As a matter of fact, we wholly recommend following the instructions in the manual that comes with the product. If it says lube is required, then go ahead and lube up! Also, make sure to use the right lube so you won't end up ruining the silicone sleeve.

How can I make the most of my sex toy?

The key to enjoying your newly-bought sex toy is to understand how it works and play with the various settings and see what you like most. Try out new positions, or see how it feels with the thrusting and vibrating turned on.

Can I play with two male sex toys at once?

As long as you can handle it, then why not? Male sex toys come in all shapes and sizes, and some of them are compatible with each other. For instance, you can get an auto blowjob masturbator to service your penis while a prostate massager goes to town on your behind. Charge them both up so you can play uninterrupted.

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