What's A Blended Orgasm Anyway?

I’m not sure there’s ever been a better time to refocus on pleasure and to learn more about our bodies than right now. Not just because a global pandemic has changed life as we know it, placing extra stress on our bodies, but also because many of us are working from home and have a little extra time on our hands.

One thing that has come up a lot online is the concept of blended orgasms. In fact, we at Honey Play Box are partially to blame. So many of us received information about vulvas that was unhelpful and untrue, but felt initially liberating. And in turn, we shared that information with others, hoping they'd find it liberating as well. The original concept of the blended orgasm is a result of that.

What is a Blended Orgasm?

The phrase 'blended orgasm' describes a climax where someone's clitoris is being stimulated both internally and externally. These can often feel more intense than orgasms achieved exclusively through one type of stimulation.

Colloquially, we may refer to a blended orgasm as a simultaneous 'g-spot' and 'vaginal' orgasm. This is because we used to believe there were different categories of orgasm, stimulating different body parts. As we've learned more about the bodies of vulva owners, we now recognize the clitoris as this expansive network of tissues and nerve endings. We also recognize that the vaginal opening and walls are not what gets stimulated during penetration, but rather the internal clitoral complex through the vaginal canal. 

So while the concept of the g-spot has been thoroughly debunked, and there is officially only clitoral orgasm, many folks still refer to an orgasm experienced through internal and external stimulation as a blended orgasm.

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How To Have a Blended Orgasm

It's important not to get too focused on achieving a goal here. When it comes to pleasure, being too goal-oriented can distract you from actually relaxing into the experience. Whether you achieve a blended orgasm or not, simply connecting to your own pleasure is achievement enough.

But if you're wondering where to begin, insert a toy or finger into your vaginal opening, or enlist the help of a partner. Then, stimulate your clitoris externally. Some vibrators available here on the site are great for blended orgasms! For example, the Jubilee Clitoral Licking Butterfly and the Risqué Licking Rabbit Vibrator are insertable toys that mimic the feeling of a tongue on your external clit. There are also Rabbit vibrators like the Hypnotic Bunny and the Cottontail 2.0 that vibrate both internally and externally.

We encourage you to experiment with your own body and pleasure to find out what you most enjoy. Perhaps a blended orgasm, for you, may be clitoral stimulation and nipple play. Or butt play and clitoral stimulation. Either way, the concept of the blended orgasm teaches us that penetration isn't the only way for vulva owners to experience pleasure, and that's something we get to keep even as we shed our past pleasure misconceptions.