Food play; the art of sex and food in bed (Beginners short guide)

Did you know the relationship between sex and food exists in more ways than you can imagine!?!? You may not have thought of this before, but eating food and having sex are remarkably similar science-wise. Food makes us happy, no doubt there, and sex? Even if the sex wasn't that great, it also gives some pleasure and happiness. But why is that!? Okay, short and straightforward answer, our brain is perfection; jokes aside, both food and sex are physically connected in the brain's limbic system; this part of our brain controls how we feel. NOW, this means your brain links food and sex in the same lane and gives your senses the same types of reactions. These reactions have to do with the neurotransmitter called dopamine which our body creates and uses to decide how we feel pleasure and what makes sense of happiness in our life. With this in mind, dopamine can provide us with a strong feeling of reward. So, for example, shopping, getting good food, and having sex - all these things can trigger the release of dopamine or a dopamine rush, which is why food and sex are linked together not only as a fetish but as the foundation of human nature and its basic needs.

food sex

Food has always been closely related to courtship; feeding your partner is part of the species' history; this is commonly called courtship feeding; an example might be an adult bird feeding another one to gain their love and the right to mate. Eating with your partner is generally seen as a bonding or intimate moment to gain trust, love and lure the other to be the "chosen one."

We can see the action of eating or feeding as erotic depending on the way we do it; make sure to take time to look as sexy as possible as it can get messier, but let's talk more about it later on.


Now that we have created a tangible link between food and sex from a scientific perspective let's talk about food play. I'm aware this can be an overwhelming topic. The question here is, what is food play!? In simple words, this is the action of bringing food into the bedroom for foreplay or just intimacy between partners. If you're a newbie to food play, worry not. I'm here for you! Thinking about where or how to start might be a little frightening; therefore, I have created a short guide on succeeding with your significant other while putting food play into work.

food play sex

Safety should be your number one priority when exploring new ways to spice up your sex life, so let's talk about some things you might want to consider before trying food play.

  1. Ask your partner about any food allergy; honestly, the last thing you want is to go to the ER because you didn't know this info. Emphasis on anaphylactic shocks isn’t just a significant boner killer but also can be dangerous AF.

  2. Keep the food away from your genitals; it sounds tempting to put particular food around your or your partner's genitals and then lick it, but this can cause skins irritations and possible infections such as yeast infection. If you still want to try this, make sure it is for a short period and deep clean yourself afterward.

  3. Prepare beforehand; talk to your partner about the limits and agree on things before you do this; consent is the key to a great sex life with someone else. Never do anything you or the other person doesn’t agree to. Prepare a list of food you consider best and go shopping together as a way to foreplay the foreplay. Also, remember, food play can be messy, so make sure you prepare for the cleanup.

Let’s move forward with things you should expect or do to enjoy this new sex play.

  1. Set the mood; think about what food makes you aroused when thinking about eating it, feeding your partner, or simply playing with it. Find some sexy music, light up some candles, use petals and fragrances to create a sensual and sexy atmosphere.

  2. Choose the menu; Consider that smell, taste, and texture will all play a part in your way into the world of food play. Still not quite sure what to bring into the bedroom? Look no further. In the next section, I will list the best food to use and the ones you should avoid.

  3. Be creative; this may allow you to explore even further new ways to light up your sex life. Get creative by trying roleplay, for example. Do you have a naughty fantasy? Try being a house cleaner cleaning up the fridge, and getting your boss into helping you. Be the sexy shop clerk selling food to a client; anything goes as long as you can imagine it. Speaking of creativity, play with your partner’s senses, don’t be afraid to use food as a way to get into your partner's skin. Imagine getting ice or an iced strawberry and simulating kisses on their body, gently pressing it and running it through their most erogenous areas, feeling kinky? You can try sucking and licking food out of their body.

  4. But, above all, have fun; the importance of the foreplay is to play and prepare for a fulfilled sex sesh.

Here is a simple list of the most common food perfect for the job on the menu that you might want to use or avoid.

The food you can use:

  • Edible underwear/candy underwear; a bra or a thong made from candy or gummies that your partner can eat while you're wearing it; it also comes in a candy necklace form.

  • Lollipops; to boost that oral sex sensation, you can use a Lolli.

  • Playing with the temperature is an ideal form of food play, so consider using ice, popsicles, breath mint to create a cooling sensation Note that some mints are more potent than others, though, so tread lightly.

  • Whipped cream; it's impossible not to think of Chris Evan's private zones cover on whipped cream for that teenage movie back in the 90s; you can spray it on your partner's neck, chest, navel, or inner thighs.

  • Honey; is fun to lick and has a sweet taste; good for this kind of game.

  • No matter which forms of chocolate, chocolate belongs to this list, either placing small bites to eat without hands or melting readily to lick. However, you might want to be careful not to drop it because the stains cannot be pleasant to the eyes.

  • Strawberries and grapes; can be frozen and used to play with your partner’s senses or at room temperature to feed your partner mouth to mouth or Cleopatra style; these are real gems during food play.

  • Champagne; is elegant and sophisticated; its bubbly texture and sweet light taste will be sure to tease your partner's senses.

  • Sushi; there is a Japanese game in which you place small sushi bites on the other person’s body, eat it without chopsticks or hands, but be mindful of not ordering wasabi, or that will be disastrous taste.

  • Cake or small sweets have you watched the film "glorious"? Glory and Niko use the cake icing and put it on their bodies to lick it; you could try it out and fantasy that you're recreating a movie.

sex magic and food


The food you should avoid:

  • Personal recommendation: keep it sweet and simple, and light; don't use spicy food as it can hurt your genitals and burn other areas of your body, resulting in a bad experience.

  • Champagne is excellent; hard-strong liquor is not so much; the idea is to have fun, maybe get a little tipsy, but if you use hard alcohol, you risk getting drunk, and that won't be a fun experience.

  • Phallic shape veggies; I don’t recommend using DIY dildos; they look tempting and good but could do more harm than good. Anyhoo, if you insist on using them, then be careful, use condoms, and don’t use veggies or fruits that can easily break inside your queen v.

And to finish this fantastic foreplay, why not jump into the shower together? Take your time helping your partner clean and get clean yourself with their help. It will significantly help minimize any risk of infections and be a good excuse to have some action in the bathroom. Remember to be safe while practicing any form of sex, have fun and explore your limits to the limit.