How To Do Penis Massage? An Ultimate Guide

Before we start this topic, many of you might have the stereotype that the purpose of penis massage is for masturbation orgasm. Although the result of penis massage is to help men better control their ejaculation and their libido to enhance stamina, the process of penis massage is a journey of healing, meditative sexual and spiritual experience to get the pure feeling of pleasure. Penis massage might bring you to have a better sex experience with your partners and enhance the relationship between you guys, which will provide more satisfaction to your relationship mentally and physically. This article is aimed to illustrate the benefits of penis massage and explain the basics.

How To Do Penis Massage An Ultimate Guide


Firstly, we will discuss the purpose of penis massage from the mental and physical perspectives. From a physical standpoint, penis massage helps your man to control ejaculation and libido better to lengthen the duration of sex. The common sense of penis massage might be regarded as "masturbation," but the point, in reality, is to stay at the edge of orgasm instead of reaching climax. Before and foremost, you always have to talk about this and reach a mutual consent. Let's talk about what edging is? It's a skill that pulls somebody back when they're nearly orgasm by stopping stimulation continuously. It contributes to making men long-lasting and extending pleasure. However, Penis massage not only increases sexual stamina from a mental perspective but also provides advantages, like deep relaxation, increased intimacy, and the creation of a spiritual experience. Now it's time to introduce you to Lingam massage, which is known as a variety of Tantric massages, which includes massaging the penis and area around the penis, like the testicles, perineum, and prostate. Lingam massage aims to help you or your partner establish sexual and spiritual pleasure.



Secondly, we will move to the next stage, the instruction of Lingam massage. Let's review what Eleesha Lockett, who published a guide to Lingam massage on Healthline in 2020, indicated as some techniques:

Get your mood ready

Creating an atmosphere and mindset with a positive vibe can help to build up the emotional mood before the massage. You can achieve this by decorating the bedroom. For instance, create a warming and inviting atmosphere by setting up fresh, clean bedding, dimming the light, lighting some scented candles, play some relaxing music. Just do whatever you like as long as it makes you both relaxed and comfortable.

Get your oil ready

During the massage process, you will need a large amount of massage oil to decrease friction and intensify the sensation. Use body safety or any plant-based oil you can find. A scented oil will be great for reducing anxiety and relaxing your emotions. Some natural oil, like olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, etc., are also recommended.


Start with the peripheral area

Move your hand slowly across his neck, shoulders, and back like a typical body massage, and then move along his pelvic floor to his lower abdomen, upper thighs, and inner thighs. If you know your partner's erogenous zones, massaging these areas might intensify his sensation.


Move down to private areas

Now his body is prepared to go deep down to more sensitive areas; dig down to his testicles first, and try to be as gentle as possible when you massage this area. Then, explore his perineum and take some time to massage. Afterward, it's time to move to the bottom of his penis shaft with gentle stroking movements. The whole process tries to be very soft! There are 5 stroke methods to give him an unforgettable experience published by Hakima Tantrika on Sexography in 2020.


Screwdriver Stroke

Use two hands to encircle his penis, do not use too much force to squeeze it. Then, turn them in opposite directions gently.


Screwdriver Stroke

Shiatsu Stroke

Begin with the bottom of his penis and press it with your thumbs and index fingers. Then, let go, move up about 1 cm and repeat the movement. Remember, the point is not to allow him to reach orgasm or cum. Also, whether his penis is soft or hard during the stroke does not matter. In fact, he might be more sensitive when nut.  


Shiatsu Stroke

Foreskin Stroke

The foreskin is a layer of skin surrounding his penis at the head of his penis. Use the fingertips of your thumbs and index fingers to circle the area of the foreskin and move in both directions gently.


Foreskin Stroke

Skiing Stroke

Hold his penis with two hands, and imitate a skiing motion to move up and down from bottom to tip with your thumbs and index fingers. Try the movements at different speed and observe his facial expression to see which speed he enjoy the most.


Skiing Stroke

Prayer Stroke

Interlace your fingers like holding hands, and place his penis between them. Open your thumbs and slide them up and down along his penis; you can adjust the speed and strength during motions.


Prayer Stroke

Move inside

According to your man's situation, decide whether to move more deeply into the prostate or not because for some people, prostate stimulation can make them gain more pleasure. To find the prostate insert your finger into his anus; using the tip, move it forward 2 inches inside the rectum. If you cannot find it by your fingers, that's why sex toy companies invented prostate massagers to make your life more convenient. Pick one from the HPB product collection to spice up your massage.



"Edging can improve male stamina, and incorporating the 'stop/start' method in the bedroom can help both partners achieve greater sexual satisfaction and enjoy longer-lasting sessions," says Harrison (Fielding, 2020).


If you had read through the "why should we do penis massage," you already had a brief knowledge of edging. The most significant thing is that penis massage is for healing, meditative sexual, and spiritual experience. If you pay enough attention to him or know him well, you should be able to predict whether he's near to orgasm or not. Make sure to pull him back when you see him at the edge by stopping stimulation or slowing down. Making him feel the sense of edging over and over again is the key to healing. Remember to discuss this topic and have mutual consent, as this is the key to a successful edging massage.


Take him over the edge

Finally, you can let him taste orgasm. The pleasure will flow through his entire body, which brings him a mind-blowing experience. During the climax, wrap your fingers around the base of his scrotum, then pull down to stimulate an orgasm without ejaculation. Now, if he wants, you guys can move to the subsequent step love making; or give him some space to feel his body energy and be himself.



Penis pump

The most common product on the market might be a penis pump. The product design gives the penis the sense of being tightened, which will cause the corpus cavernosum of the penis to puff and congested to inhibit the blood flow. Once lower the speed of blood flow is, the duration of the ejaculation will be longer.


Cock ring

Cock ring is another standard product usually seen in the market, which aims to reduce blood flow by trapping circulation to men's balls and penis, to make men more long-lasting and improve the level of hardness.


Penis massager

For people who don't want to cum too quickly, a penis massager will be recommended. Lengthen the duration by stimulating the upper side of your penis and the bottom of the glans; this will help you to improve your sensitivity.


Penis-friendly foods

You probably didn't think before about improving your sexual health by what you eat and diet. Tiffany La Forge stated that People could take nutritious whole food to help their blood deliver nutrients to their penis, prostate, and other sexual organs. Spinach, coffee, apple, avocado, chili peppers, carrots, oats, and tomatoes might boost your sexual health and function (Forge, 2021) if you're concerned about low testosterone levels, erectile dysfunction, or prostate health.

Penis-friendly foods


Spinach is known as a blood flow booster; hence it is rich in folate, an element that plays an essential role in male sexual function. Also, the magnesium it contains stimulates blood flow and boosts testosterone levels.



Tiffany La Forge indicated a study of over 3,000 men found that people who intake the highest daily caffeinewere less likely to report erectile dysfunction than those with the lowest caffeine intake.



"An apple a day, keep doctors away," we all know the healthiness of apples. Still, only a few people know apple peels contain the active compound ursolic acid, which a test-tube study notes that ursolic acid may prevent the growth of prostate cancer cells.



Avocados are full of vitamin E, which may improve the quality of a male's sperm with infertility.


Chili peppers

The opinion that men who preferred spicy food might have higher testosterone levels than those who chose milder flavors was found in a study.



Ultimately, it's important to regard penis massage as a full-body healing process from the mental to the physical outside. It makes you relieve stress throughout the body, improve sexual stamina (extension of ejaculation), and gain more spiritual and sexual experience. Also, recommendations of toys and food that can provide extra help were mentioned. Just pick whatever you think might be helpful for you. Try this out, and start a healing journey with your partner to enhance your relationship.


Wrote by: Cher L. 

Honey Play Box Editorial Team





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