10 Challenging Sex Positions from Behind to Shock Your Partner, Dare You?

Who doesn't love doing the doggy style? Certainly not me! Well, most people really love to do sex positions from behind. And when they do it – it's always the classic doggy style. In fact, doggy style is actually a favorite for a lot of guys. No doubt, it's the most common from-behind sex position, and one of the sexiest, too! Plus, you are free to engage in not just vaginal sex, but also anal sex with doggy style – you can even perform cunnilingus.

But let's admit, sometimes doggy style gets a little… repetitive and boring.

So let's spice things up! Penetrating, or getting penetrated (if you're a sub), from behind is so much more than the old classic doggy style. Because lo and behold, there are a lot of different sex positions to try that are so much more interesting than a doggy-style position. And that's what we are going to explore right now! Here, we are going to show you 10 challenging sex positions from behind to try with your partner!

Whether you want to add more challenge and thrill to your sex life or simply love to get hotter and wilder, this list of from-behind sex positions is a must-try. Having sex from behind allows you to experiment with different angles so that you can achieve deeper penetration and hit the vaginal g-spot. That is why you must not miss our list of best sex positions from behind for you to explore!

And we even added a bonus for you: we recommended a sex toy for each sex position that you can also incorporate so that you get the maximum pleasure in this exciting experience!

So get yourself ready, because all the best challenging positions that we listed down here are definitely hard. Do you dare to try it?


1. Apex


If you're thinking of changing your environment a bit, maybe try adding a high chair to the mix! The Apex position incorporates a piece of high furniture into the scene, be it a ladder, a stool, or any furniture that is stable enough to support your (or your woman's) body.

How to do it: The woman is going to stand in front of the furniture and put her palms on it to support herself. Then, the man will stand behind her and take her by the pelvis. The man will lift her while she wraps her legs back around his hips and presses her feet against his buttocks.

Why it's hot: This position is perfect if you want to penetrate (or get penetrated, if you're the sub) deeply. Since the man is holding the woman by the hips for support, he also has control of his thrusts! It is also a challenging position for both the man and the woman, forcing you to get more intense and wild!

Perfect toy to partner it with: Even though this position is quite a challenge, don't let that discourage you from using sex toys to spice it up more. The Naughty Collection is the perfect partner for the Apex position. The vibrator head is interchangeable, so you can switch up to any shape of the vibrator to help you work with different angles and explore what makes you scream in delight!


2. Juicy ass

Juicy ass

Are you a guy who loves to watch your woman's butt as you thrust into her? Then the Juicy Ass position is perfect for you! You don't have to use any extra props here – just get her on the edge of the bed and let your hot, steamy passion get you through the night.

How to do it: The woman will position herself next to the bed and gets on her outstretched arms. Then, she will bend her legs then places her feet on the bed top. While she holds this position, the man throws his leg over her shin to get behind her. He will hold her by the waist as he leans his body forward and pushes his penis inside her vagina.


Why it's hot: Not only that it gives the man full control in this position, but it also gives him a perfect view of his lover's buttocks. It is also a perfect position for deep penetration, which makes it so juicy – just like its name!


Perfect toy to partner it with: Now, if you want to make it juicier, partner it up with Adele! Since the woman's arms are used to balance her body in this position, then this is a perfect opportunity for her partner to tease her with Adele vibrator. It is a g-spot stimulator and clit vibrator, which is a perfect formula for juicy orgasms. Make her tremble until she squirts!


3. Pinwheel


 If you want to expose your wildest side with different sex positions, then you ought to try the Pinwheel position with your partner. It's a wholly different position from the usual doggy style and you'll do it on a sofa, so it's going to be a different environment for you to do it – which makes it exciting!


How to do it: To do the Pinwheel position, first the woman has to lie on her side on the sofa. Her head should be placed on the armrest so that she would not hurt her neck. Her free hand should be taken behind her back and then both her legs are bent at the knees. One of her legs is on the seat supporting her body, and the other one is raised up on the backrest of the sofa – so that her legs are spread apart. Then the man is going to sit on the backrest and spread her hips further apart. His feet should be on the armrest next to the woman's head and near her knee.


Why it's hot: This position puts the woman in a bold position and allows the man to have a great view of her woman's face and boobs, making it so hot and sexy. This can even be made sexier by looking each other in the eyes and talking dirty to each other!


Perfect toy to partner it with: What's sexier than pleasuring a woman through anal penetration, vaginal penetration, and clitoral stimulation all at the same time? Well if you wanted to do just that, then get the help of Joi! This gorgeous love toy gives your lover a 2-in-1 stimulation of her g-spot and her clit. But what if you used this on her while doing the Pinwheel position for anal sex? Then she'll get the wildest, naughtiest, most powerful orgasms she could ever have!


4. Satyr


 If you're looking for a from-behind sex position that puts the man in a dominant position, then the Satyr position is the best! This position is inspired by Greek mythology, where satyrs are male nature spirits that have insane sexual appetites and seduce nymphs and mortal women. So if you can get enough of dominating your woman (or getting dominated by a man, if you're the woman), then do the Satyr position!

How to do it: To do the Satyr position, you will need to have a chair. The woman will stand on her outstretched arms and bends her legs at the knee, then she will put her knees across the chair. In this way, her buttocks are raised and give her man access to enter her from behind. The man should step over her legs and position himself by her buttocks.


Why it's hot: This position puts the man in a dominant position because the man has control of the movement. But that doesn't mean the woman can't have control! Since her hands are on the floor, she can lean back and forth and use her upper body to take charge of the pleasure. This position also gives the man a nice view of the woman's buttocks and it is perfect for deep penetration.


Perfect toy to partner it with: This position is perfect for either vaginal or anal sex, but you can also have both! A remote control vibrating anal plug like Doro Plus is the perfect partner for this from-behind sex position because you can either enjoy double penetration (if you're a woman) OR you can also enjoy being stimulated from your anus (if you're a man!). Hand over the remote to your partner and enjoy the intense pleasure that you'll experience.


5. Mountain creek

Mountain creek

 If you want to do something more challenging, then do the Mountain Creek position! It's a wholly different variety of from-behind sex positions, and it looks nothing like the famous doggy style – but that's what makes it fun! It's new, it's spicier, and it's wilder than the usual doggy style.

How to do it: For this position, you would need a sofa. The woman lies down on her belly at the foot of the sofa and rests her hips up against the seat so that her buttocks are raised up. The arms are bent at the elbows and placed in front of her head so that she's more comfortable. Then, the man will stand over his partner with his knees bent a little so that his penis can reach his partner's vagina (or buttocks, if you're doing anal sex). He will take his partner by the shins and lifts them up so that he can place her feet on his thighs.


Why it's hot: This position is anything but boring! If you and your partner are having great sex on the sofa, you can do the Mountain Creek position in the middle of your steamy passion! The woman can just crawl down the sofa and assume the position. This makes your intercourse spicier!


Perfect toy to partner it with: What's better than spicy sex with this bold position? Doing it with a good vibrator, of course! The Elda is a perfect addition to induce more powerful orgasms than ever, especially since it stimulates both the g-spot and the clit. So what happens if you use it while doing the Mountain Creek position? You'll get the most pleasurable sex ever!


6. Bomb


If you're a man and you're looking for ways to surprise your partner with explosive orgasms, do the Bomb! This position is best done on a sofa where the man can reach both armrests. If you're looking for a more challenging from-behind sex position than the previous ones, then try this one.

How to do it: For this position to work, the woman has to lie on her belly on the sofa and place her hands under her head. Then, she will raise her buttocks by slightly bending her knees. While she is in this position, her man will position himself on top of her while he rests his feet against the armrest and his one hand against the other armrest. He will put his other palm on his partner's back for support while he enters her from above!


Why it's hot: This position is such a bomb! The female partner here is entirely at the mercy of her man, and she is left with no choice but to anticipate the man to enter from behind. It builds up the excitement and makes everything sexier!


Perfect toy to partner it with: If you want to achieve more explosive orgasms, then Alvina will help you. This is perfect for the female partner to use while her man enters her from above. With clit licking vibrators like Alvina, she will surely experience the most intense orgasms ever!


7. Passive doggy

Passive doggy

Who said that from-behind sex positions are just for male doms? The passive doggy position is perfect for female doms! Unlike the previous positions where the man controls the rhythm and power of sexual intercourse, the passive doggy style gives the woman this privilege. It's the woman's time to take the reigns, now!

How to do it: To do the passive doggy style, the man has to lie on his back and slightly raise his head. Then, he will lift his legs and presses them tightly to the torso by holding his knees. Once the man is in position, the woman will get on her hands and knees. She will spread her legs and put his penis in her. From there, it's entirely up to her to keep their passion going!


Why it's hot: The other from-behind sex positions give the male partner control over the sex, but in the passive doggy style, things are different. The female partner has control of the pace, rhythm, and power of their movements, and she can work with amazing angles to make the sex juicier!


Perfect toy to partner it with: The Pomi Wand is a perfect addition if you're doing the passive doggy style. With this position, using a vibrator with a handle like Pomi Wand is like hitting two birds with one stone – both the male and the female partner are stimulated. Whether you're doing vaginal or anal intercourse, you can never go wrong with the Pomi Wand.


8. Snack


You better enjoy your snack (or enjoy being a snack) in this position! This style lets you enjoy each other's tastes on a whole different level. Grab a table and a chair, then bon appétit!

How to do it: Prepare for a snack! To do this position, the man should sit in a chair facing a table – be it a study area or even a dining area (a proper place to eat a delicious snack like your partner!) The man should sit with his back straight and his legs pressed together so the woman can sit on his lap. Once the woman has taken her place on the man's lap, she will bend her knees and takes them back behind her male partner's body, while she outstretches her hands and places her palms on the tabletop. In this way, her torso remains stretched and still as her male partner enjoys her body.

Why it's hot: This style can't get any sexier! It gives the man the perfect position to stimulate his girl through breast touching, holding her buttocks, touching her clit, or even kissing and licking her back. It also gives the woman a perfect chance to control their steamy passion through the pace and power of her movements.


Perfect toy to partner it with: If you're in for more stimulation while doing this from-behind position, the Scioness is a perfect partner for clitoral stimulation OR to tease her nipples! It's easy to use especially in this kind of position where the woman's torso is upright.


9. Sea horse

Sea horse

Looking for a weirder and kinkier way to enjoy sex? Then I guess the Sea Horse position is for you! This one indeed requires a lot of flexibility and balance – and if you want to try it out, remember to be careful and not injure yourselves.

How to do it: To do this Sea Horse position, you would need an armchair. The woman would stand on the floor and bend over the armrest and have her arms outstretched over it. Her palms should be rested on the seat to balance her body. Once she is in position, the man will climb on top of her buttocks. His legs are placed on the armrest while he holds the back of the armchair with one hand to stabilize his balance. Then with his free hand, he will grab the woman's buttocks, and the rest is entirely up to the couple how to enjoy their steamy night!


Why it's hot: This position is much, much different than the previous ones, and definitely more challenging too! That is why doing it is so hot and sexy – you can do this to satisfy your kinks and fantasies, no matter how wild and dirty they are.


Perfect toy to partner it with: Let's be honest – pulling off this kind of position is quite a feat and it may be really challenging to do penetrative sex here for a long period of time. So if the male partner can't balance atop his lover but they are still hoping to enjoy penetration longer, then a self-thrusting sex toy is a perfect addition! Try to do this position and use Fiona Plus. Not only that it is a thrusting egg vibrator, but it also has a clit licking stimulator. It doubles the pleasure and makes this challenging position more fun than difficult.


10. Ebony


Sometimes, vanilla sex is not enough – you have to be creative in your sex positions to hit the right spot. That is why we have the Ebony position. So if you're looking for other ways to perfectly hit that sweet spot, then maybe you would consider the Ebony position.

How to do it: This position has to be done on a sofa, where the woman gets on her elbows and bends her knees while she's on the seat. Her knees should be pressed to her breasts and her feet on tiptoes, in that way, her buttocks are lifted up. While she holds this position, her man will stand on the sofa and position himself behind her. His legs are spread wide apart so that the woman's body is between his thighs. His palms will be placed on her back as he enters her from behind.


Why it's hot: This wild position allows the couple to explore the right angles to hit their sweet spots! It may look challenging, but the Ebony position is indeed different from the classic doggy style – which is perfect if you want to spice things up to a whole new level.


Perfect toy to partner it with: In case you and your partner want to make this more interesting, then the Seduction is a perfect addition to this from-behind sex position. Suction vibrators like Seduction will make you go insane with overwhelming pleasures in no time, especially since it mimics oral sex. So imagine, oral sex plus getting a wild ride with the Ebony position? *Chef's kiss*


How to make sex from behind more enjoyable?


Now that you have seen our Top 10 Challenging Sex Positions from Behind and our recommended sex toys to make your night wilder, there is still one thing that you need to know to make rear-entry sex even more enjoyable. And that is: communication.

Just like any form of sexual activity,  you should communicate with your partner and lay out your expectations, what actions you like, and what you don't. In fact, Shamyra Howard, an AASECT-certified sex therapist and sexologist, advised having a "safeword" or checking in on your partner from time to time to make sure that everyone is having a great time during the experience. This is important especially if you want to try any of the challenging positions that we have listed. Because let's be real, some of these are a bit strenuous on the body.

So if you want to try any of the positions here with your partner – ask them first! Remember, sex should be fun.

Tina Young

Tina Young has always been passionate about exploring sexuality and empowering others to explore and express their own sexual desires. She is an experienced sex toy reviewer, examining people’s relationship with pleasure and the expression and fulfillment of their desires through sex toys. Tina is also a sex coach, helping individuals understand, express, and become comfortable with their own sexuality.