Bullet Vibrators-A Beginner’s Guide!

A bullet vibrator is exactly what you’re picturing in your mind right now, a small compact device in the shape of a bullet, offering precise stimulation, discretion, and intense yet gentle sensations. Their small design makes them among the best sex toys for newbies and pros alike, as you can take them everywhere, and they are usually quiet and easy to use; this toy is excellent for both men and women looking for some fun time—a must-have toy.

Buying your bullet vibrator

When shopping for your first toy, in this case, your first bullet vibrator, the most important thing you need to think about is the features that you might need, for example

  1. Power source: when it comes to bullets, you have two kinds: the vibes that use batteries and those that can be charged using a USB cable. We need to understand what it represents to get either-or. Let’s check the pro and cons of each one,

    • If you get a USB-powered bullet, you don’t have to change batts, it’s convenient for traveling, and you can use it any time if you charge it. However, the cons are that it can take a while to set up and recharge, and the cables can get lost or damaged quickly if not properly stored.

    • If you get a battery-powered bullet, it will be ready immediately after putting the batteries,  so keep yourself supplied with them; now, the cons are that they run out of power quite quickly depending on how often you use the toy. You’ll have to buy batteries reasonably regularly. Also, most people believe battery-powered toys are less powerful than a USB rechargeable bullet. It could not be so cost-effective.

  1. Material: This is incredibly important to consider when buying any toy; we have some made from silicone, ABS plastic, and stainless steel. My recommendation here is to narrow your search by only looking for those made with body-safe materials.

  1. Functionality: as with any toys out there, bullets come in different presentations, we have the one-speed on/off function, and some vibrators have a range of speed and pattern variations. If you are new to this rodeo, I strongly suggest you buy one with different speeds this might help you to understand what you like and how you feel comfortable, as with one speed it could be either too strong or too weak, so you better be pleasured than sorry, am I right?

  2. Design: bullets usually have the same design; they are shaped exactly like a bullet; however, there might be different designs such as some being longer or shorter, colors, easy to hide, if they come with a controller or a sleeve, all of these are things that might not look like something you should consider but in the end will make your experience even better.


  1. Budget: a personal piece of advice is to set up a budget before starting to look for a bullet or any toy, for that matter. Doing this will help you get a suitable toy considering the abovementioned factors without taking a toll on your pocket.

Time to orgas-err to use your bullet!

Okay, folks, this is the moment where we spice things up and talk about the best ways to enjoy and use our bullet vibrator. Simple tips to enhance your experience, whether you’re a newbie or an experimented sex toy user, will be helpful for everyone!

  • Safety

Before using the toy, please read up on the safety instructions included in the guide that comes with your toy; this will ensure that you properly know how to use it. Clean the toy with warm water and dry it with a clean towel before using it; even though the toy is new, it is always necessary to clean it; this will also help you to spot any malfunction. For your safety, do not insert the bullet into the vagina or anus, as most bullet vibes are not designed to be used internally due to their size. Let’s avoid a visit to the ER.

  • Explore

Bullet vibrators are typically used to stimulate the clit or around the anus. Their shape is perfect for it, you put the tip of the bullet against your clit or the entry of your anus, and it feels like heaven; however, don’t use only the tip. One fantastic thing about a bullet vibrator is that it vibes all over because of its compact size; if you hold it sideways or press it all over your genitals, you will be pretty sensitive and love the feeling.

Try pressing the bullet against other erogenous zones; these include but are not limited to: the nipples, the nape of the neck (use your imagination as if someone is kissing you into your neck), around the butt cheeks, the perineum (the skin between your vagina/testicles and the anus), the vulva, the penis, the testicles and the area around the anus.

But again, I want to emphasize how important it is that you keep external bullet vibrators that don’t have a flared base or anything stopping them from going too deep and getting lost.

  • Don’t rush

There is a common disbelief that in order to have a good masturbation session, you need to reach the orgasm first thing, but that is not true. Typically, people will go directly to penetrate their vaginas or stroke their penises to reach the climax faster. Generally, when you are preoccupied with having an orgasm, it takes longer because your mind is focusing on rushing to the finish line instead of enjoying the moment. Orgasms are so much better if you relax and play with yourself. Taking things nice and slow, exploring your body, starting with the lowest settings, and increasing the pace will help you build more satisfying orgasms and get to the climax even faster, and what feels good will feel out of this world.

  • Share the fun

Bullets are one of the best toys as they are entirely gender-neutral. You can find ways to use these toys in men and women alike; bullets aren’t just toys for solo sessions; they are ideal for sharing with your significant other. It can be used as foreplay or while having the action, caressing other body parts while performing the main act. Both men and women would love to feel stimulation on their nipples and perineum; some men may like a slight tingle on their testicles or even their shafts. Bullets don’t require penetration, so cis men or even new to sex toys people would not have an issue with these toys.

  • Lube and more lube

Please, pretty please, do NOT use water as a lube; water is too thin; therefore, it gets dry quickly, and you can get hurt. The use of lube does not mean that you can get wet on your own; it just means the toy will work better, and you will feel better, trust me on this one, whether you want a quickie or a full session, lube is an essential part of the moment, the vibration will feel more intense and more comfortable too. Remember, our genitals are the most sensitive part of our body and can get irritated faster than any other part, so you must take good care of them while self-pleasuring or partner playing.

  • Sleeves and other toys

Did you know bullets are great partners to other toys? That is correct bullets can be partnered with toys that have a slot for a bullet vibe, such as penis rings, anal toys, g-spot toys, dildos, and even male strokers; many of them come with a way to incorporate a small vibe so that you can use the bullet with another toy or on its own.

  • On the go

Since these toys are so small and have many sleeves or other toys you can partner with, they are the perfect traveling companion. They have a superb and discreet design, so spotting them as sex toys is not easy. They’re portable enough to slip into your purse, bag, or pocket and go unnoticed. Also, most bullets are designed to feature a remote control for even more naughty fun allowing you to slip the bullet into your panties, go out in public by yourself or with your partner, and turn a date outside into excellent foreplay, so don’t be afraid to try new things.

Cleaning time!

Treat your toys with respect, take care of them, clean them before and after every use, and keep them well stored; if you want your pleasurable friends to keep you company for years to come, you must keep them well taken care of; Bullet vibrators are no exception.

 If your bullet vibe is waterproof, you can wash it well with soap, water, or sex toy cleaner. If not, give it a good wipe-down with a cloth and a little soap or cleanser. Make sure not to come into contact with any electrical parts. You can also use a high-quality toy cleaner to wash the vibrator, then store it in the bag it (likely) came with to prevent dust or other contaminants from collecting. That way, it’s clean and ready to enjoy the next time you want to play with it.

My bullet recommendations from honey Play Box

Here I will list some of the best bullet vibes featured on the Honey Play Box website for men and women.


Wrote by: Kat A. 

Honey Play Box Editorial Team