Here’s How To Use Your Vibrator Discreetly When You Live With Other People

We’ve all been there – aroused but nervous that if we turn on a vibrator, someone in the next room will overhear. Whether you live with roommates or parents, a very valid concern of yours may be: how do I mask my vibrator’s insistent buzzing sound?

Luckily, Honey Play Box is here with some answers:


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Look for a quiet toy when you’re buying. Read the description of the toy and the reviews other people have left. Here at Honey Play Box, the Kandy Mini Wand Vibrator and the Jubilee Clitoral Licking Butterfly are two good options.

Position your bed closer to walls you don’t share with other people. I know I’m suggesting a room redesign but honestly, it’s worth it for your peace of mind. If your bed is pretty close to your bedroom door, move it to the other side of the room.

Block the gap underneath the door with a towel. This is also what college freshmen do every time they smoke so that a wandering RA doesn’t catch them. Same thing.


Play music or put on a TV show. You can still watch or listen to porn using headphones but the music will mask the buzzing. And paired with an already quiet toy, this one works really well.

Get a really thick sheet/comforter. I recently purchased a new comforter that’s so thick, I feel like it adds an extra three inches of height to my bed. And it does a lot to muffle louder toys!



Bring a waterproof vibe into the shower/bath. Honestly, this one’s hard for me because I’m lazy. I typically want to use my toys and then immediately pass out. But if all of the above is not possible, the Irresistible Clitoral Stimulator and the Risque Licking Rabbit Vibrator are wonderful options for shower-time play.

And finally, you could just get comfortable with someone hearing your toy. I know, it’s probably not what you want to hear, but masturbation is self care! And if someone hears what you’re doing, it’s a reflection of your willingness to treat yourself with compassion and love.