Why is Warrior One of the Best Male Thrusting Masturbators?

Most men wouldn't have their fingerprints and palm lines rubbed clean off if there were automatic thrusting masturbators back in the day.

With Warrior, the same guys would probably masturbate twice or thrice a day, the same way they'd do their girlfriends. Ask them with their eyes closed (and swapping their girlfriends with a fully automatic male masturbator), and they'd swear that they're boning a real pussy!

Male thrusting masturbators have brought the act of masturbation to a whole new, high-tech level. However, this is only reserved for the best male strokers in the market. Warrior boasts this claim by ticking off the boxes of what makes a top male masturbator so special.

If you've discarded product after product in search of the perfect toy, Warrior is for you. Let's take an in-depth dive into the curious world of thrusting masturbators.


Thrusting Masturbator

What is a Thrusting Masturbator?

If you've ever tried a pocket pussy before, you'll know how it feels better compared to your usual left or right hand.

An auto male masturbator does the same thing as a pocket pussy, but with all the thrusting and grinding done for you. If a pocket vagina or a fleshlight is a 4 or 5 on the self-pleasure scale, then an electric male masturbator would rank an 8 or 9.

It's safe to say that once you've gone automatic, you won't jerk off any other way. It doesn't break the illusion of doing the dirty deed with another person, e.g., that boss's secretary that has an amazing set of curves (if this is your fantasy) since you won't be doing the stroking. You can even lay back on the couch or bed, close your eyes and imagine that you're getting a blowjob from a hot Instagram celebrity (hence the term ‘male thruster''), then open your eyes after you've cummed all over her face.

If you ask me, there's nothing like slamming a real pussy hard and feeling her body shiver and shake as you both orgasm, but a male thruster is pretty close to the real thing. That said, you shouldn't limit yourself to a single vagina if there are several available. If your partner is open to a ‘threesome', then it's safe to say that you can bring a masturbator with you to the bedroom. He or she wouldn't mind, and it will be a whole new experience for everyone.

So in hindsight, a male masturbator toy is a sexual device that simulates penetrating a juicy vagina (or a mouth, or an anus). With the help of the right lubricant, you'd be sliding your cock into a tight pussy and riding until you ejaculate. An automatic male thrusting device is one that rotates or goes up and down to experience the feeling that someone is stroking your manhood to kingdom come.

And yes, a male auto masturbator will require several more upkeep compared to a regular fleshlight, specifically the need to charge via USB and ensure that the moving parts are free from unwanted debris.

Why Does a Thrusting Masturbator Feel So Good?




Graduating from a fleshlight to a masturbator machine will make you wonder, ‘why didn't I buy this sooner?' Because damn, the sensations you'll get will be out of this world!

Regardless of whether you're waxing philosophical or just thinking about what makes a product the top male masturbator, here are five possible reasons why you're sure to get a sexual kick out of an automatic thruster.

Feels Like a Real Vagina

A real vagina is still considered the holy grail for men, but male thrusters like Warrior are bridging the gap in terms of realism.

Masturbators live or die by the canals and the sensation it offers, and what better than to copy a real pussy? The top manufacturers use ‘skin' that feels amazing to the touch, and folds that give your cock the grip and slide that's similar to fucking a real woman.

So in effect, using a thrusting masturbator is nearly the same as going to bed with a real person. Entering a tight, tight pussy is awesome, and it's the same when you power an electric male masturbator on.

Hits All the Right Spots

A man's penis has ‘special areas' that are more sensitive than the others. When a woman hits them right, the guy gets extra pleasure, and he tends to orgasm at a higher level.

Having a masturbator work your cock will certainly feel awesome, since it has a high chance of hitting your pleasure spots with its rhythmic up-and-down motion. Also, when the toy is designed to feel like a virgin or oral sex and manages to convince you of exactly that, then it will have done its job of giving satisfaction to the user.

No More Manual Stimulation

My personal opinion of why a male thruster works so well is that it eliminates having to use your hands to rub one out. I mean, if men could have someone who jerks them off every day then they'd be happy as heck!

Manual sexual stimulation feels so antiquated, and with these kinds of sex toys who wouldn't want to dive into a different kind of self-pleasure? The mechanism is simple- just prep the device, make sure it's charged and you have some lube on. Then, press the button and sit back as you get your manhood stroked to kingdom come.

More Variety Than You Can Shake a Pussy Pocket At

Instead of the usual boring self-stimulation, you can try different varieties with a rotating male masturbator.

Most advanced auto-masturbators nowadays have speed settings, as well as a blow, rotate, and thrusting mechanisms to simulate a blowjob or handjob, for example. Depending on your mood, you can have your toy do a straight-up ‘missionary' or ‘doggystyle' mode, or a cowgirl where you lie down on the bed and let the masturbator work on your behalf.

You can also tune in to porn and simulate a sloppy blowjob or edging handjob, with the male masturbator attuned to the rhythm and speed. All these things will make you want to try your toy over and over again.

100% Designed for Self-Play

Male thrusting devices are fully designed to stimulate your cock in the best way possible. Therefore, it makes total sense that the best male masturbators are also the ones that give you maximum pleasure.

If you get more value out of a sex toy then it's usually worth the price you paid. Besides, there are only a few devices that would emulate a girl giving a blowjob, riding you on top, or giving you a quick handy whenever you need it.

Why is Warrior One of the Best Thrusting Masturbators?

Warrior is your best friend when it comes to self-play. It's the best male masturbator around, with several notable advantages over the competition.

Get Warrior and you won't be lacking or looking over the side of the fence to see if there's a better automatic thrusting masturbator. The sex toy is the result of extensive research on what makes a male thruster great, featuring a quiet motor, ultimate portability, ease of use and cleaning, and a length that everyone will enjoy.

I've had my partner try Warrior, and watched as he worked the device. Suffice to say, his mind was blown as to what auto male masturbators can do now and how it's very improved over traditional ejaculation cups. One advantage of Warrior over its bigger toys is that you can bring it with you on business trips and vacations, and no one will suspect a thing. It's discreet and yet can literally do the job if you're horny and up for some sexual release.

Warrior's Advantage Over Other Male Masturbators



Warrior's Advantage


High-Powered Thrusting Action

We all have preferences when it comes to how hard we want to be stroked- at first, you'd want it to be slow and sensual, then build up and gain some steam after a few minutes. Then, at the height of orgasm, it has to be hard and fast so you can achieve a satisfying climax.

Warrior is not lacking in the power department as the male-thrusting masturbator offers seven settings depending on what you want. The highest setting will actually make you cum faster than expected if you're not prepared for the waves of sexual pleasure that follows.

Quieter Than Most Masturbators in the Market

Warrior doesn't have that fantasy-breaking noise associated with huge devices. The motor is rather impressive, given its thrust and rotating aspects and how it can deliver the stroking of your life. The icing on the cake is that you won't hear it in the background, especially if you play soft music, a porn video, or moaning sounds.

Super Easy Disassembly and Cleaning



Easy Disassembly

When the time comes that you need to care for your male masturbator, it doesn't have to be an exercise in frustration. With Warrior, all you need to do is disassemble the pieces, clean out the individual parts with gentle soap and warm water, then air dry it before using again.

The device has a patent for easy cleaning and disassembly, and everything is spelled out for you. In just a few seconds, you should be able to put it back together. This level of intuitiveness in an electric masturbator is unlike anything you've seen, which makes Warrior one of the best automatic male masturbators around.

The sex toy earns extra props because of this feature. Yeah, the sex can be amazing but what about the cleanup afterward? Warrior solves this problem so you can continue banging with minimal downtime.

Longer and Thicker for Maximum Pleasure

Warrior is made to accommodate a wide range of penis sizes. It may not look like it, but the sleeve is longer and thicker than most, so you can pound with impunity. There's nothing quite like the feeling of putting your whole cock inside a vagina, and the Warrior is meant to do exactly that.

A thicker yet skin-like material delivers the pleasure extremely well. It doesn't have that weak give other products have. You'd be confident enough that you can insert your whole penis and still have the motor running at optimal speed.

Warrior Best Male Thruster FAQs

Is Warrior Male Masturbator Rechargeable?

Yes, Warrior has a lithium-ion battery that's rechargeable via USB. You can have a power bank handy if you need to charge it for later use. Just insert the cable and up to the device port, then wait until it's fully charged.

What are the Materials of Warrior?

Warrior is made of silicone, TPE and ABS, all of which are safe for the skin. Inside is a whisper-quiet motor and a penis sleeve that delivers sexual pleasure. On the exterior are buttons for turning it on or adjusting the speed and rotation.

How Long Can I Use Warrior Before Needing a Charge?

Warrior is an impressive male masturbator that works a long time. A single full charge can give you up to three hours of use, and that includes setting the speed at max and with rotation enabled. That's roughly about 10-15 sessions depending on how long you last and how hard you want the auto-stroker to work.

Do I Need to Use Lubricant?

We definitely recommend using a lubricant before you play with Warrior, especially if it's your first time using the product or a male masturbator. In fact, you should always have a lubricant on hand with male strokers if you don't want to suffer friction burn.

Buy lubricants that work well with Warrior and its sleeve type so you can have a great time.

Warrior is a Top Male Masturbator Worthy Of Your Attention

If you're looking for a top-notch automatic male masturbator with all the right features, then Warrior should be an excellent fit. It has a quiet motor that won't make you feel like you're using a sex toy, and a long sleeve that fits a wide range of penis sizes. Turn it on and you'll fall in love with the variable speed and rotation settings that give you the sexual workout of your life!