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ADELE Clit Licking Tongue Vibrator with G Spot Stimulator - Honey Play Box Official

ADELE Clit Licking Tongue Vibrator with G Spot Stimulator

Elegant Double-End Sex Toy Tongue Vibrator Elegant and delicate, beautiful and fairy-like, Adele blends vintage styles into modern looks, dedicated to you with good taste. Adele is a double-end licking...
SEDUCTION Stimulation Suction Vibrator - Honey Play Box Official

SEDUCTION Stimulation Suction Vibrator

Tongue-like stimulation: The small but mighty tongue of Seduction delivers precise and powerful oral-like sensations to your sweet spot, igniting endless possibilities for your foreplay games and taking your pleasure...
RAHIM Self Thrusting Dildo Machine Remote Control - Honey Play Box Official

RAHIM Self Thrusting Dildo Machine Remote Control

Rahim – Portable Remote 6.5-inch Thrusting Dildo Machine Are you in a long-distance relationship? Is your partner not by your side? Have you been feeling single for ages? Meet Rahim,...
DORO PLUS Remote Control Vibrating Anal Plug - Honey Play Box Official

DORO PLUS Remote Control Vibrating Anal Plug

REMOTE CONTROL VIBRATING ANAL PLUG Doro Plus is a fine-tuned, upgraded, ultimate vibrating anal plug with a wider base. It guarantees your safety and pleasure and is stylish and discreet...
ALLURE Wearable G Spot Vibrator with Clit Stimulator - Honey Play Box Official

ALLURE Wearable G Spot Vibrator with Clit Stimulator

Wearable Clit Tickler & G Spot Vibrator There’s nothing more pleasurable than a dual massage inside and out of your most erogenous sweet spots. With Allure clit stimulator and g...
vibrating egg with remote control

Ma Chérie - Egg Vibrator with Remote Control

The cutest little gentlethem. Don't be fooled by it's small size, the Mon Cherie Vibrating Egg packs a punch with intense, rumbly vibrations. This insertable Kegel egg vibrator is soft...
male masturbation egg sex toy kit

MAGIC - Male Masturbation Egg Sex Toy Kit

Made of environmentally friendly soft medical grade silicone with super smooth texture. Flexible and representational orifice that has dozens of tiny bumps throughout the sleeve for extra sensations. Be sure...

Brief Introduction

Robbie Williams once said: "Sex is good. Everybody does it, and everybody should!"

We're not saying this for the sake of it, we're saying this because having sex has positive effects on the body and mind.

You heard that right! It's scientifically proven that engaging in sexual intercourse – whether that's solo play or with a partner, plays a huge role in reducing the risk of heart disease and increasing your self-esteem.

Not just that, orgasm itself also has a significant impact over bonding. You're able to connect more with your inner self and with your partner solely because we have revealed the naked truth.

In a world where it's rapidly shedding many of its prejudices, there is no better time to explore what makes you feel good.

One of the ways you can discover what makes you moan, is through experimenting with sex toys.

Think of them as your assistants in your journey to paradise – they have the capability to help you reach your most sensitive spots and touch them with great care and explosive pleasure.

If you're reading this, then you've come to the right place! Honey Play Box has a wide assortment of sex toys ranging from vibrators, strokers, dildos, butt plugs, massagers, cock rings, rose toys and toys for couples.

Allow us to guide you with each one and how they can fit into your sexy life.

Sex Toys

These are your classics.

These are the ones you see in movies, novels, hentai and porn.

These are the ones that may not look intimidating but when you put them inside you, they can take your breath away and throw your head against the pillow.

There are the dildos – phallic-like toys that you can put inside your mouth, vagina or anus. They take many forms like realistic dildos, silicone dildos, thrusting dildos, vibrating dildos, anal vibrators, anal beads, prostate massagers and butt plugs. Each of these have the capability of filling you up and giving you a delicious, hands-free experience, much like when an actual human is thrusting into you with their cock.

It sounds exciting, already! But remember, because this is going inside of you, there must be considerable effort made in maintaining it. You must use the proper lube! For example, if it's made of silicone, water-based is suitable. You must also store it at cool temperatures to avoid breaking the material down, and last but not the least, you must also clean it well after every use.


Another classic enters the building.

These are capable of utilizing vibrations to stimulate your intimate parts.

So, if you're still shy about using a dildo, this is perfect for you because oftentimes, these are used to stimulate your clit and vagina, so there is no penetration required.

Moreso, you can use vibrators beyond a female's sensitive parts as these can be used to stimulate your partner's penis and balls!

Want to know what truly blows your mind about these toys? They can also be used to play around your nipples and anus! All because its absence of penetration allows it to pleasure more areas of the body!

If this is calling out to you more, then might we suggest these amazing babies such as: clitoral suction, clitoral vibrators, rose vibrators, g-spot vibrators, tongue vibrators, rabbit vibrators and bullet vibrators.

But, if you're the type to really consider your options, you might be skeptical of vibrators because you're used to seeing dildos take the spotlight in making you orgasm.

Allow us to change your mind. It's widely studied that vibrators are more effective in helping you achieve orgasm. It's most probably because it takes away the added pressure of having to thrust and find the perfect angle with dildos.

So, if you want to just sit back and relax, our vibrators' got your back!

Clitoral Vibrators

We mentioned this one before, but we're giving it more spotlight because this is specially made for your clitoris.

It's common knowledge that the clitoris plays a major role in turning you on, getting you wet and driving you to orgasm. It's the most sensitive part of the vagina so it's natural that it will be the key to your eye-rolling pleasure.

That's why we created a variety of clitoral vibrators to fit your every need. There's the Pomi Wand – the small but fierce vibrating wand massager that is similar to the Hitachi Wand. There's also The Scioness, the sucking and licking vibrator with tongue that can make you feel like someone is eating you out like a five-star meal. Then we have Alvina, who is much like the Scioness but a pocket-sized clit-licking tongue vibrator!

Whether you're in the privacy of your own room, or feeling a little frisky in public, our clitoral vibrators can help you discreetly fulfill your fantasies.

G-Spot Vibrators

Now this is where we deviate a little bit. While we did say that vibrators don't need penetration, there is a need for it when it comes to the g-spot.

But even if you need to put it inside, you don't have to move it in-and-out in order to feel good.

Because a g-spot vibrator uses its vibrations to massage it and bring you to sweet release.

It's basically doing the work for you while you just lie there taking it all in.

With us, these come in many forms such as: Joi – a rotating head g-spot vibrator and clit licker, Elda – a g-spot vibrator and rubbing clit stimulator and Succion – a 3-in-1 clit sucking g-spot vibrator and clit licking tongue.

They're here to help you go the extra mile to feel the pleasure deep and strong, as if it's taking over your entire body.

As with any other toy, please practice proper hygienic methods to keep your toys safe, clean and long-lasting.

Male Strokers

We often associate sex toys with women, but did you know that there are male sex toys too?

That's right, as the world evolves, so do the things that touch you in all the right places and in all the amazing ways.

Which means that there are now toys specifically made to pleasure a male's private parts such as their penis and balls.

Like our male strokers! They're designed to mimic a vagina in terms of shape, feel and movement, or a mouth when it's giving a toe-curling head. It's great for single and coupled men alike as a form of masturbation and roleplay, respectively.

At Honey Play Box, we also have an assortment of strokers to fulfill every desire like Kai – an automatic male blowjob masturbator, Hayden – a 3-in-1 sucking, rotating and thrusting masturbator and Sky – an intense suction and vibration blowjob machine.

You can amp up your stroke game with our male strokers. Who knows? Come time when you do get a partner, you'll be so good, the sex becomes unforgettable!


Let's dive deep into this classic. A dildo is one of the earliest sex toys ever made. It's shaped like a phallus to penetrate a vagina or anus and with self-paced thrusting, is able to provide a fresh approach to sex – one that relies on the willingness of the individual on whether or not to go extreme just yet.

Over time, it has evolved into many iterations such as: realistic dildos, suction dildos, silicone dildos, thrusting dildos, vibrating dildos, thick dildos and strap-on dildos.

Each of which satisfy different preferences in terms of material, size and added features. If you're the type to take charge then maybe the ones without remote-controlled movement are perfect for you. Meanwhile, if you want to free your hands for other things, then having pre-programmed movements is your kind of jam.

Our personal favorite? The thrusting dildos.

But don't let us dictate what you want, explore and choose what calls to you best!

Butt Plugs

Ah, an intimidating sex toy.

Which is understandable because it inserts through the anus – a relatively uncommon area for masturbation or sex.

That's understandable! We assume that it may hurt more than it feels good, or worse, it might get stuck and you'll have to wheel yourself to the emergency room.

But there is a method to the madness! Butt plugs are designed to flare out at the bottom to avoid making your nightmares come true. It also has a handle right below it to make insertion and pull-out easier.

Adding lube on top of that will make things so much easier.

Although, there are a few things to remember: You can't just choose any butt plug. You must pick one whose size is proportional to your anus to avoid tearing the skin around it. You also have to consider the material since these come in metal and silicone. Metal provides more weight and a smoother slide so this might be better if you're already used to anal play.

Finally, you must also keep things clean on both sides. Your butt plug shouldn't be the only one getting the full wash-down, your anus should too – just to avoid any oopsies along the way.

Prostate Massager

Prostate massagers are the G-Spot vibrators for males.

You heard us right, a male's prostate is considered an erogenous zone and it can be stimulated to provide a different kind of pleasure that's aside from the penis and scrotum.

Just like its female counterpart, using this involves a certain level of penetration but the difference is that it passes through the anus.

The thought of it sounds scary but there is a way to build yourself up to it. For example, you can use a butt plug as a stepping stone to getting used to the sensation of being filled from behind before you can switch to a prostate massager.

The key to unlocking the promised pleasures of this toy is patience and time – patience to find the perfect way to slide it in, and time to discover what level of intensity makes you arch your back.

Cock Rings

A cock ring is one of the first sex toys for men ever made and its function is simple yet impactful – it delays the male orgasm.

The size is created to fit quite tight around the base of the cock and imitate the feel of someone's hand squeezing you there. The feeling is frustrating and breathtaking at the same time because the delayed gratification is making you beg for more.

It makes people curious because it's quite the opposite of what they think is pleasure, leading them to partake in using cock rings whether alone or with their partner.

This growing interest has inspired different innovations in the cock ring like our Bestie – a vibrating scrotum and testicles stimulation cock ring, Roxy – a licking sex toy and vibrating dual penis ring and Robbie – a rabbit vibrating cock ring.

There's so many things you can do with this! From roleplay to grinding it out, you'll be sure to have the best delayed orgasm of your life.

Rose Toys

Maybe you've seen this go viral on Tiktok.

Or maybe you've seen it displayed on the shelf of your best friend's apartment.

Regardless of how you discovered it, the rose toy is a pretty and discreet sex toy that makes you bloom into endless moans.

Like its namesake, this toy is shaped like the passionate flower to hide the secret at the center – a clit licking tongue.

Looking at it now, you might wonder how to use it. It's actually quite simple! You press the rose against your vagina and let the tongue settle in front of the clit. Then, with the push of a button, its different vibrating and licking patterns will focus on driving your sensitive spots to maximum until, like a flower, you open up and spill onto the sheets.

It comes in different forms too. There's one called Fiona Plus – a rose clit licking stimulator and thrusting egg and Rhea – a rose clit licking stimulator and g-spot massager.

"That which we call a rose, by any other word would smell as sweet." Is what they say because whatever you'll choose, you'll be sure to fall in love.

Sex Toys for Couples

If you're a couple looking for a new way to spice up your sex life, then you've come to the right place!

Honey PlayBox offers couples sex toys for all kinds of love – may it be gay, straight or bi.

Our Taste the Forbidden Fruit Bundle is curated with an egg vibrator, a cock ring and water-based lube. Its remote-control function allows even long-distance couples to feel love from afar.

Lesbian Bond is made for the lesbians with a clitoral stimulator and a 12-inch vibrating dildo that's sure to make the most intimate act more intense and memorable.

Mateo is made with the flexibility of catering to a straight or gay couple because this is a dual-ended cock ring whose purpose is to stretch and bend to please all the right spots whether inside or outside.

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