Water-based lube is the most understated way to upgrade your sex life. Shop for Lube in Sexual Wellness. Discreet & Free Shipping.
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Toy Cleaner Spray - 3.38oz/100ml - Honey Play Box

Toy Cleaner Spray - 3.38oz/100ml

Ground shipping, continental US only An effective, alcohol-free cleaning formula designed to clean and sanitize personal massagers, vibrators, dildos and other pleasure products. The Honey Play Box Toy Cleaner is...
Water Based Lubricant in 1oz/30ml (US Only)

Water Based Lubricant in 1oz/30ml (US Only)

Friendly reminder: Lubes and liquid products are US only Water Based Lubricant in 1oz/30ml The water-based lubricant was engineered for better viscosity and slickness as well as quick and easy...

How do I use lubes?
It's fairly easy to use lube! It just takes popping open the cap, squeezing it onto your palm and spreading it generously wherever you need – vagina, penis and anal included! There should be no shame in using lube either as it's something that can help most especially individuals who can't produce enough lubrication on their own. It can also help individuals and couples lessen discomfort if it happens during masturbation or sex. It's such a versatile tool that it's actually a must-have in your closet! Honey Play Box offers water-based lubes in different sizes as well as a Hemp Desensitizer Spray when you need that added numbing during sexy time.

What do I need to avoid in lubes?

There are a few ingredients that you need to avoid in lubes such as glycerin, nonoxynol-9, petroleum, propylene glycol and chlorhexidine gluconate as these can irritate or inflame the area applied to. You also have to avoid ingredients that are higher than your vagina's pH level. Normally, it's at 3.5 to 4.5 so your lube should have the same level of pH. Fair warning though, some brands don't disclose pH levels so you might have to go the extra mile just to put it through a home-made litmus test. Don't worry, this will ultimately keep your vagina and surrounding areas from potential trips to the emergency room.

Is there a universal lube for all?

Nope! There is water-based and oil-based lube and using either depends on whether or not your toy is made of non-porous body-safe silicone.

Can I use baby oil as lube?

Nope. While baby oil is good for the skin as a moisturizer, you're not meant to introduce that to your vagina or inside of it as it can put you at risk of vaginal infection and break down latex condoms.

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