Rabbit Vibrators

If there’s anything Honey Play Box can impact on your sexual discovery, it’s that rabbit vibrators are perfect for first-time buyers!
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ELDA G Spot Vibrator & Rubbing Clit Stimulator

ELDA G Spot Vibrator & Rubbing Clit Stimulator

Curved shaft & flexible arm: The ergonomically-designed shaft in the shape of a finger works together with the vibrating external arm, providing sensational blended stimulation. Extra-tender and elastic tip: Made of...
SNAIL G-Spot & Clit Stimulator Rabbit Vibrator 

SNAIL G-Spot & Clit Stimulator Rabbit Vibrator 

G-SPOT & CLIT STIMULATOR RABBIT VIBRATOR Rabbit vibrators never go out of style, they’re practical for double pleasure delivery and for their ability to deliver pleasure to the two most...
rabbit vibrator with bunny ears

Hypnotic Bunny - Rabbit Vibrator with Bunny Ears

Smooth and rounded, the head of this dildo vibrator is ergonomically angled to hit your spots with ease. Stimulate your clit simultaneously for a blended orgasm. This rabbit vibrator is...

Rabbit advice for first-time buyers
If there's anything Honey Play Box can impact on your sexual discovery, it's that rabbit vibrators are perfect for first-time buyers!

It's versatile — it's capable of giving you vaginal and clitoral stimulation whether using one or both at the same time!

It's customizable — it has multiple vibration settings which means that you can try out each one and find out the perfect intensity to make you bend your back and moan out loud.

It's also easy to use — despite its ability to provide you with dual stimulation, it does do so while allowing you to do it with just one hand through a streamlined, ergonomic design.

It's travel-friendly – which means you can take this to the bed, to the office, to the park, or to another country if you decide to go on vacation and need to bring a companion with you. For certain, this will keep you entertained from the second morning until the night ends.

Which rabbit vibrator is best for you?

Just like what we say for the rest of our toys — it depends on what you're looking for!

In the case of rabbit vibrators, it's important to consider the size, power source, range of vibrations, range of functions, noise, and whether it's waterproof and safe to use.

If you were to ask us, we'd say that our favorite is the Magnolia because of its capability of delivering twice the touch and twice the pleasure. If you're down for it, it can even be used to reach a blended orgasm – which is a simultaneous orgasm of the clit and g-spot.

Our favorite rabbit vibrators

But if you're looking to take away the research and head straight into trying out a rabbit vibrator, then we'd suggest our favorites:

The Magnolia is a dual-powered rabbit vibratory that has multiple modes that aim to stimulate your g-spot and clit with body-safe and waterproof dual-independent motors.

The Neon Holic is a thrusting rotating beads rabbit vibrator that performs like a g-spot digger — it digs, digs, and digs until it finds your spot and hammers down on it. Meanwhile, the clit vibration uses multiple thread-like tongues to drive your happy button crazy. Both of these bring you to double the fun!

Should I use lube?

Yes, definitely! As with all Honey Play Box toys, you should definitely use lube to ensure a smoother glide inside your love spot. One of the best types of lube we can recommend is our water-based lubricant. It provides the glide that you need without having to dread the clean-up process later.

What are they made of?

They are made with body-safe and waterproof silicone! Despite it being made with these high-quality materials, you should practice consistent maintenance of the toys in order to keep them in tip-top shape! So always make it a point to clean it under hot water and dry it off with a towel before storing it in a cool place.

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