Honey Play Box - The 2023 Las Vegas AVN Show Debut That Left Everyone Wanting More

LAS VEGAS, USA - Honey Play Box has done it! “Honey Play Box definitely got us amped and excited at this year’s AVN show, especially JOI and LILI, the products they debuted that I think are next-level awesome. Can’t wait to use them and see what else this company has to offer,” said one show attendee who was impressed by what she saw at the Honey Play Box booth.

The show kicked off on January 4th, 2023, and was wrapped up on January 7th, 2023. Dozens of brands came through and showcased their products.

showcased their products

Honey Play Box has been known, for the years it has been in the sexual health and wellness game, to be a producer of innovative and game-changing products that always wow customers.

Its catalog features phenomenal sexual health and wellness products that have proven to be of top-notch quality throughout the years. Most of their products have garnered positive feedback and five-star ratings among other things.

From the highly sought-after best-sellers like LILI, JOI, CRAVE, WARRIOR, POMI WAND, and FIONA PLUS, to other highly-arousing toys and vibrators that have left many moaning and squirming, Honey Play Box just seems to keep on living up to their hype.

Honey Play Box showcased a number of its sex toys at its booth, including LILI and JOI, the two superstars of Honey Play Box’s current product catalog. The debut of these two products at the show got people raving and a hot welcome from attendees.

Honey Play Box

JOI received best-seller status upon its launch, which continues to attest to the professionalism and high-quality products Honey Play Box offers.

LILI, the first app-controlled Honey Play Box sex toy, also left a sweet taste in the mouths of the attendees of the show. It debuted at this year’s AVN show, and its unmatched features and functions attracted the praise and welcome of everyone.

LILI is an app-controlled egg vibrator that is currently at the pinnacle of Honey Play Box’s catalog. Being app-controlled makes it more convenient for users and adds to the memorable experience they will have when they get LILI into their hands.

sex toys

“The show was a huge success for us, and with how people got amped about our debut products LILI and JOI, the future looks sweet. I urge everyone to be on the lookout because Honey Play Box has plans to bring more sweetness to the sexual health and wellness space. Brace yourselves for what’s to come,” said Joreail, the USA Marketing Manager of Honey Play Box rep.

With that said, all we can say is, keep your eyes and ears open because Honey Play Box is about to take your sexual health and wellness to a whole new dimension.

Get to know more about Honey Play Box here, or contact info@honeyplaybox.com for any queries.