Honey Play Box Released New Product LILI, Its First App-controlled Adult Toy

Honey Play Box recently released its latest product development named 'Lili', which features an app-controlled egg vibrator that packs tons of power while giving out interactive functions that can be great for partners who are looking to spice up their sex lives.  

lili app vibrator honey play box

"With the latest development of Lili, we have taken interactive and technological feats to a whole new level. There are tons of ways to use this toy and it's easy to store and clean as well as remaining true to our hallmark of offering convenient yet practicable devices." says the Honey Play Box representative."It is one of our newest toys this year and we hope to start 2023 on a great note with this product."

Lili is referred to as Honey Play Box's first intelligent and app-enabled vibrator. You can connect the device through the HoneyPlayBox app and control it from there, no need for manual or awkward positions as you can just lay down comfortably and have everything controlled at the palm of your hand or your partner’s.

In fact, the device is great for long-distance relationships as the device in itself can be controlled from anywhere in the world as it does not require any proximity for it to be used. Distance is clearly not a barrier for pleasure!

lili remote vibrator honey play box

Compared to other similar products in the market, Lili is made from a much thicker and softer silicone model. Its shape allows users to not just target one spot at a time as it creates rumbling vibrations that penetrate deep and spread widely. It is definitely created with high-quality pleasure in mind. But it doesn't stop there, Lili also has 9 unique vibrating patterns that you can mix and match to create the perfect sensation for you. In terms of clean-up, the device is waterproof making it easy and practical in terms of after-use care.

"Lili will definitely be a top choice for anyone looking for a starting toy whether for individual or couple play. It has strong vibrations and with the added thrill of being allowed to be controlled anywhere, anyone's mind is the limit when it comes to what they want to do. Lili will surely be a great addition for anyone looking to increase the fun!".

Visit the official Honey Play Box website at honeyplaybox.com to get more information about Lili and other premium adult toys.