Honey Play Box Launches New and Improved Male Adult Toy 'Sky'

Sky - Intense Suction & Vibration Blowjob Machine

Honey Play Box recently unveiled 'Sky', a fully automated blowjob machine that’s sure to satisfy every self-play desire.

"Sky is designed to be the ultimate male masturbator, with a host of features that are unlike any other sex toy in the market", according to a Honey Play Box rep. "From its outside appearance to the myriad internal pleasure settings, Sky is poised to be every male user’s best friend!"

Boasting a 1,000mAh rechargeable internal battery and a run time of a full hour, Sky is portable enough to be brought anywhere and discreet enough to be mistaken for home decor. The slightly twisting design, the Honey Play Box rep says, was inspired by the Canton Tower.

The male masturbating machine packs cutting-edge air-sucking technology that pressurizes the inside for a realistic tightening sensation. It’s similar to a vaginal and anal penetration experience, and there are four suction patterns and twelve vibrating patterns to spice things up. Sky has strong sucking technology and an interior mechanism with dual bullet vibrators for earth-shaking pleasure. All in all, the newest Honey Play Box male sex cup offers up to 48 unique combinations and 16 preset programs for users to enjoy.

"We took male masturbators to the next level by adding an industry-leading sleeve, packed into a grip-optimized tunnel" the rep mentioned. "You can play around and explore a range of self-play modes, from gentle teasing to edging".

Measuring 9.13 inches in length and 3.23 inches in diameter, Sky can accommodate virtually any male size and girth. The sex toy only weighs about 1.4 pounds and can be easily hidden in a closet, or brought along in a suitcase or bag. Operation is also simplified, as users will only need to apply lube and press the power button to get started.

"Sky will be your best friend in the bedroom, a new and improved version of every blowjob machine in the market", the rep says. "The powerful air-sucking technology, coupled with the tight squeeze you get when you play is unlike any other. Sky is sure to impress and blow the mind of every user!"

Visit the official Honey Play Box website at honeyplaybox.com to get more information about Sky and other premium adult toys.